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EaseUS Todo PCTrans Section

Data Rescue

1. Take out the system hard drive from your old computer and connect it to the new computer, then run the Data Rescue to click the Start.


2. Further check the Data Rescue steps and ensure you have done step 1 and 2 correctly, then click the Scan.


3. Select the system drive from the Old PC which failed to work properly then click the Continue.


4. Your programs, files, and accounts will be listed after the analysis.



Create a restore point for the operating system of the local PC ensures that you are always able to roll back your system to the status before transfer. However, enabling this option requires several minutes to finish the process.

5. Select the applications you want to transfer.


The Compatibility has four status: "Supported", "Likely Supported", "Unsupported" and "Existing":
Supported: the application is fully compatible with the new PC.

Likely Supported: the application may be compatible with the new PC.

Unsupported: the application is not compatible with the new PC.

Existing: the application already exists on both PCs, transfer is not necessary.

6. Regarding the Files option, all the root folders will be listed after clicking the edit button. You are able to check them for transferring.


Migration Settings include File Filter and Duplicate File.

File Filter —To add a file extension or file path for filtering them during the transfer process.

Duplicate File — You can select an option to replace, skip, or keep the transferred duplicate files.


The edit button can be used to redirect the selected files to a different location on the new PC by changing the target path.


Todo PCTrans only supports pointing to the drive letter of target partition for transfer.
Unlike the Files option, Applications will be transferred to the "Program" folder on a new PC by default. Usually, the "program" folder is located on C: drive.

7. User Accounts option lists the account on the source PC.


And you need to be authorized by entering the password of the account before selecting User Account and User data.


8. After completing all the settings above, please click the Transfer button to start.


When the transfer is finished, a reboot is required to refresh all transferred information.