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EaseUS Todo PCTrans Section

Backup & Restore

Data Backup

1. Launch Todo PCTrans, select Backup & Restore at the home page of EaseUS Todo PCTrans, then click the Start.

2. Select the Data Backup method and click the Next.

3. Confirm the image name and path for saving images.

4. Todo PCTrans will start enumerating all the applications and data that can be transferred. This process will take a while and the speed varies due to the amount of data and performance of the computer. Once the program finishes counting, you can see the size of Applications, Accounts, and Files. Besides, the edit button becomes clickable.

5. Click the edit button of Applications or Files, a window will pop out to let you make your choice. Tick the little boxes in front of data to decide transferring files, then click Finish to continue.

Migration Settings include File Filter and Duplicate File
File Filter —To add a file extension or file path for filtering them during the transfer process. 
Duplicate File —You can select an option to replace, skip, or keep the transferred duplicate files.


The Compatibility has four status: "Supported", "Likely Supported", "Unsupported" and "Existing":
Supported: the application is fully compatible with
new PC.

Likely Supported: the application may be compatible with new PC.

Unsupported: the application is not compatible with new PC.

Existing: the application already exists on both PCs, transfer is not necessary.

6. Click the edit button of Accounts.

And you need to be authorized by entering the password of the account before selecting User Account Settings, User data, Personalization and Power Options.

The password of the account on the destination PC is the same as the one on the source PC after transferring.

7. Click the Create to save the image file to the specified file directory.

Data Restore

At this step, there are two different operations:

If you are upgrading the operating system and wish to transfer the data in the image file in the new operating system, just run Todo PCTrans again, select Backup & Restore->Data Restore.

Suppose you are transferring data to a separate computer, please copy the image file to the target computer and run the program, select Backup & Restore->Data Restore.

1. Select Data Restore and click the Next.

2. Browse the location of your backup image and select the image to Restore. You could also click the Edit to only select a part of the items to recover.

Todo PCTrans only supports pointing to the drive letter of target partition for transfer.
Unlike the Files option, Applications will be transferred to the "Program" folder on a new PC by default. Usually, the "program" folder is located on C: drive.
When the transfer is finished, a reboot is required to refresh all the data.

By the way, the image file can also be opened by double-click, and the data files can be copied from the image directly.