PXE Server Setting

The PrebooteXecution Environment can boot computers with network interface independently of data storage devices.

EaseUS Todo Backup PXE server allows users to launch EaseUS Pre-OS Environment on target machines with network booting. It is especially useful for bare metal recovery or network deployment.

This feature is available in EaseUS Todo Backup Server Edition, EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server Edition and EaseUS Todo Backup Technician Edition.

You just need to click "Enable PXE" in Tools to enable PXE option. Our product will configure boot image directory automatically.

Confirm the Network Interface Card of a client machine which supports PXE boot, please  choose "Network boot" in BIOS. If the network connection to PXE server is available, the client machine will boot from the network.

EaseUS Todo Backup PXE Server Setting

EaseUS Todo Backup PXE Server Setting

Make sure there is a working DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) in your network, so that the booting computers can automatically get IP addresses and boot into EaseUS Todo Backup PXE environment.