Exchange Backup

Exchange Server is the physical/virtual server with Microsoft Exchange installed. It is a server product from Microsoft. Its main features include electronic mail, calendaring, contacts and tasks; supports for mobile and web-based access to information; and supports for data storage. With the current version of EaseUS Todo Backup, you may select the storage group and individual mail folder as the basic backup unit.

EaseUS Todo Backup supports the following Exchange versions: 
Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Start backup

Please ensure the Exchange server is mounted before executing the backup task.
Then click Other Backups > Exchange backup in backup area to start the process.

1. Specify the task/plan name and Description. 

2. Select the backup source. Now there are two ways to backup Exchange.

Storage group mode

EaseUS Todo Backup Exchange Backup

Mailbox mode

EaseUS Todo Backup Exchange Backup

3. Specify where to save the image file. A Local disk, Network directory or Tape drive can be set as the backup destination. Click the Down Arrow to get the destination history.

4. Click Proceed to finish the setting. The backup will be executed immediately if the schedule is not configured.

Start recovery

This is a reverse process of Exchange backup. You can restore Exchange storage groups or mail folder with this feature.

1. Locate the Exchange backup plan and click Recovery.

2. Choose one History version of the Exchange images. 

3. Specify which storage group/mailbox to recover. It is unnecessary to choose the entire content if you just want to recover part of it, such as only choosing one storage group in an image file which includes multiple storage groups.

4. Confirm every detail about the current recovery, click Proceed to implement it.
EaseUS Todo Backup will automatically recover the storage group to its original location, so you don't need to specify the destination.

Existing mail will not be overwritten when recovering a mailbox