Edit a Created Backup

Users are allowed to edit a created backup/schedule, and these options give you the chance to correct an error or add some new rules to a current task to smooth your backup jobs.

All options can be done to a created backup are listed in the Home page. They are:


Restore the backup plan. For details, please click Recovery.


Choose to run Full, Incremental or Differential backup manually. For a schedule backup, this will not influence next scheduled auto backup.


Edit plan - All the changes made here only take effect for current plan, enable schedule, change backup options and add image retention rules can all be finished in this option. Please do not forget click Save to activate the changes just made.
Image manager - All the created images are listed here with their type included, they can be deleted manually.
Check image - Refer to Check image for more information.
Delete backup - Delete the task info only. Or delete all image files too by checking Delete related images.
P2V conversion - Convert system image to a virtual hard disk file, make it available for VMware Workstation or MS Virtual PC. Click here for detailed information.
P2V recovery - Directly restore a system backup image to virtual machine. Click here for detailed information.