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Backup generally refers to creating copies of important data. With these copies, you can recover your data after an unexpected computer disaster. Therefore, the main purpose of backup can be summarized as an effective remedy for system failure or data loss.

The benefits to protect your system with a regular backup tool:

1. Backup can be scheduled (e.g. regular automatic backups that require no user interaction);
2. Backup changes can be appended incrementally or differentially (i.e. after a full backup, subsequent backups will take less time and occupy less space than the first one);
3. Backups allow you to keep several versions of the backed up data and you can restore to one of the previous versions (e.g. you can keep backups from one, two and three weeks ago on the same disk and you can recover the backup from the moment that you need);
4. Backup can be mounted and searched through (e.g. if you want to quickly find, view and copy a file from it).
User can easily get system running again after recovering a system image file to original drive even a new drive.

In order to ensure a rapid and successful backup process, please close all other applications before starting the operation and never try to save the image file to the partition/disk which you are backing up.

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