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EaseUS Partition Master Section

Split Partition

Split Partition feature enables to split a large partition into two partitions. Only NTFS, FAT12, FAT16, and FAT32 partitions are supported. This operation will not affect the data on the original partition, and it will create a new blank partition.


To split a partition:
1. Select a partition and click Split Partition from the Feature List.
2. Resize the size of the two split partitions if you need.
3. Click OK when ready. All the introduced changes to the disk layout will be pended until applied in Pending Operation List.

EaseUS Partition Master supports split partition on basic disk only. It cannot split the dynamic volume.
◆ Only the non-hidden partition can be split.
◆ The unused space of the operating partitions should be more than 5% of the total partition space.