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Merge partition

Yes, you can. Please refer to Move & Resize Partition section.

Move & Resize Partition

The Move & Resize Partition function allows the user to modify the size and position of partitions on the hard disk keeping all on-disk information intact.

In order to Resize/Move a partition the user should take the following steps:

1. Select a partition on the Disk Map.

2. Call the Resize/Move Partition dialog to define appropriate settings. There are several ways to do it:

Select in the Main menu: Partitions > Resize/Move partition.

Call the popup menu for the selected partition (right click of the mouse button) on the Disk Map or on the List of Partitions, then select the menu item: Resize/Move partition.

3. Define parameters of the operation with the Resize/Move partition dialog.

Partition preview. The disk map displays the resulting disk layout after the move/resize operation is completed.

Partition size. Define the size (in Mb) of the modified partition.

Unallocate Space Before. Define the position (in Mb) of the partition relative to the beginning of the available range of disk space.

Unallocate Space After. Define the amount of trailing free space (in Mb) at the end of the available range of disk space.

Partition size and position may also be defined by using the drag-and-drop technique. To do that, just carry out the required operation on the Disk Map. The virtual operations are to be available.

When resizing a FAT16 partition beyond the 2GB limit (maximum file system size), the partition will be automatically converted to FAT32.

4. The operation will be performed immediately after confirmation.

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