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EaseUS Partition Master Section

Disk clone

Disk clone transfers all data (include operating system and program) on the selected hard disk to another. To ensure a successful and smooth clone, please confirm that the capacity of target disk is larger than the used space of source disk.


Here are the steps of disk clone:

1. Select a source disk.
2. Click the Clone.
3. Select a target disk.
4. Confirm to delete the partitions and data on the target disk.
5. Edit the partition size on the target disk and click the OK to initiate the clone.
6. If the data on destination disk is using by others, Partition Master will start a process of creating WinPE bootable disk then restart your computer to continue the disk clone in the WinPE environment. Otherwise, it is able to finish the clone in the Windows environment.

◆ In order to make the Windows Operating System bootable on the target disk, please do not directly start the computer from the target disk once the disk copy is finished, make sure that:
   1). Remove the source disk and shut down the computer after disk copy.
   2). Connect the target disk to the socket of the source disk to boot from it.
◆ All partitions and data on target disk will be overwritten.