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EaseUS Partition Master Section

Convert to FAT

This feature gives you the option to convert the NTFS partition to FAT32, which is used for any special purpose even it is not the most popular file system.   


File system conversion steps:
1. Select an NTFS partition
2. Click More > Convert to FAT 
3. The pop-up dialog box will show the original and target file system, click OK to proceed. 

◆ The source file system must be NTFS and the partition is non-hidden. 
◆ Make sure 3% free space at least on the target partition.
◆ The file encrypted in NTFS may not be available in FAT32.
◆ Only primary data stream files will be kept in FAT32.
◆ Symbolic links and Junctions won’t be reserved.
◆ Files in Recycle Bin won't be reserved.
◆ The FAT file system doesn't support files large than 4GB, please remove the large files to another partition before converting it.