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EaseUS EverySync Section



Q1: How to create a new sync task if you already have one?

A: You can click the 'Create New Sync' in the lower-left corner to create a new one.


Q2: In which side should the files in the list showing in the right side of the program locate?

A: They are the files that have been synced between both sides. (Similar to the file display mode of a Cloud program)


Q3: How to synchronize files manually?

A: Sorry, the current version of EverySync can only do the file synchronization automatically.


Q4: How to set the time interval of the auto-sync?

A: You could set under the "Properties" of the sync task.


Q5: Why I can find some redundant files like abc(1).txt generated in EverySync after processing a synchronization?

A: To avoid a file conflict, EverySync will rename a file if it detects there are files with same name under one directory.


Q6. Why I cannot switch the sync mode under the subdirectories of a 'My computer/Network shares' sync task?

A: Only switching the sync mode under root directory is supported in the current version.


Q7: Why the sync task is lost after switching the user?

A: The sync task for each user is independent.