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EaseUS EverySync Section

My computer/Network shares

Choose Click to select a folder option. In the prompted window select the original folder which contains the contents you want to sync.

Choose the Bidirectional Mode or Unidirectional Mode to keep your files synchronous.

Click the circle at the left to select the location of the target folder, which can be a local or external drive. NAS and other network drives also supported.

The default target folder will be named as EverySync. After you select the folder you want to sync, a new subfolder with the same name as your original folder will be automatically generated under the target folder.

Note: if you change the location of the target folder, this subfolder will not be automatically generated. All the files under your original folder will be directly saved under the target folder.

Click Start sync when you are ready. 

A new window will prompted up with the details of your target folder.

1. A list of all the synced files with their original names, last modify time and availability. You could drag files from computer to this window directly to sync.

2. Right clicking on one or multi files you will get Open, Open the location, Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename, Delete and Properties options.

3. Here shows the location and name of the original folder.

4. Properties Settings where you can view and modify the location of original and target folder, sync mode and plan settings. See screen shot below.

Plan settings have two options: Execute sync every X minutes and Execute sync at regular time. If you need to sync real-timely, we strongly suggest you choose Execute sync every 0 minutes.

5. Settings offers you the option to go to the Activate, Help, About and Settings Page. In the setting page, to modify the Language, default sync path, enable Check the Upgrade Automatically, Start EverySync automatically when Windows startup.

6. Create a New Sync task. If you keep the default sync path, every sync task will generate a new subfolder to save the synced files.