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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Section

Data Protection

Data Protection is a functional feature to help you avoid accidental data loss. There are two optional protection modes, Simple Protect and Complete Protect. There are two ways to get access to Data Protection.

1. Click the lock icon at the right side of the partition.

data protection 1

2. You may also click Protect here to get access to Data Protection when S.M.A.R.T Monitoring is on.

data protection 2


Simple Protect

Simple Protect protects data element only. It saves disk space. If there is any new data written to source drive, the lost protected data might be accidentally overwritten, resulting in permanent data loss.

data protection 3


Complete Protect

Complete Protect actually makes a copy of your protected data. It uses more disk space. But you may still be able to retrieve the lost data from the backup copy provided that new data is saved to the original drive after data loss.

data protection 4