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EaseUS Backup Center Section

Software Requirements

Every single machine that need to be managed by EaseUS Backup Center should have EaseUS Todo Backup workstation/Server/Advanced Server 8.6 and later versions installed (paid or 30 days' trial both works).

In addition, version number of EaseUS Todo Backup should be same with that of EaseUS Backup Center. (e.g. EaseUS Backup Center 9.2 only supports to manage EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation/Server/Advanced Server 9.2. Note, EaseUS Backup Center 5.0 supports EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation/Server/Advanced 8.6, 8.8, 8.9, 9.0)

The Port ID used to communicate is 4700 and 4698. so keeping the 2 ports unused before a task deployment is necessary (in most cases, they are always free for use).

LAN network connection is stable, and EaseUS Backup Center should be in the white list of all the security tools. For WAN environment, as long as the client machine can be reached with Windows PING command, our product can manage it as well.