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EaseUS Backup Center Section

Create Roles

There are 3 necessary roles to build up a backup centrally management system, Server side, Console side and Client side.

Server side - There should be at least one server side in a full system, which contains the database of client side lists, license info and backup tasks. All of these details are invisible for end users and can be only visited and modified by a Console side.

Console side - From which user could access a Server side machine and manage all the server data. It can share the same machine with a Server side, or user could set up multiple Control sides to manage from different locations.

Client side - Most of the machines in a system should be client sides. Which has EaseUS Todo Backup installed, receives backup tasks from a Server side and report the backup result back.

How to create the roles

While installing EaseUS Backup Center, user need to decide if current machine need to be a Server side or just a Console side, or both. Like the picture below shows:

And for a Client side, just ensure the option Component for centralized management ticked during installation process of EaseUS Todo Backup, then a client side waiting for a backup task will be created after the installation finishes.

The second part in this step is used to create an independent and specialized administrator account for centrally backup task deployment. 

It is especially useful when there are dozens of machines need to be managed, and each of them comes with a different administrator account or password to the others.

To be more clearly, EaseUS Backup Center requests Administrator privilege on every client side in order to correctly do the job. User will be asked to enter an valid Administrator account once a client added. So compare to managing different accounts from different clients, preparing a standard account for all these clients when installing EaseUS Todo Backup will definitely simplify the process of adding clients.

1. ETB Client is just a sample, there will be no any issue to define another standard account.
2. The password should be consisted of at least 1 letter, 1 number and 1 specific character.