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EaseUS Backup Center Section

Backup Options

Some advanced parameters can be specified before backup task created. The section below has a detailed description of each parameter. 


Performance includes Compression, Priority, Backup splitting and Net transfer speed.


A backup file can be compressed. Unfold the option to determine the compression level. In most cases, images with High compression is in a smaller size than the ones with None or Normal compression.


Windows is a multitasking operating system that supports simultaneous running of multiple applications. Backup runs faster with Priority checked.

Backup Splitting

To accommodate different storage medium, images require to be split into small pieces with Backup Splitting.

Automatic - Image size is automatically split by file system type of destination storage device with Automatic checked.
Manual - Image size is manually split with Manual checked, which requires a minimum size of 50MB.

Network transfer speed

It is 0 Mbps by default. In this case, EaseUS Todo Backup is unlimited to utilize the network and disk I/O resource.

Backup with High compression level is not supposed to generate a small image. The reason is some files that have been compressed won't be repeatedly compressed any more, such as .jpg, .pdf and .mp3, etc.


To protect images with password, please check Enable Backup Encryption. The password adopts AES256 algorithm, which should be less than 64 characters.

Make sure the password is properly saved. EaseUS is unable to get encrypted images decrypted.

E-mail Notification

You may monitor backup status with Logs and E-mail notification. Here is how to set an email notification. For more details, please click here.

Custom Commands

You may set any commands to be executed before or after a backup plan. For more details, please click here.

Offsite copy

To better protect images, you may set offsite copy. Images will be automatically duplicated to FTP with the completion of backup.

Basic settings:

FTP address - Specify the FTP address with subdirectory included .
Port - Specify a port number for the FTP connection.
Username and Password- Input the username and password to log in the FTP.

Check Anonymity when there is no FTP password or user name or FTP is accessible to everyone.

Additional settings:

Retry- Set the retry times. EaseUS Todo Backup automatically retries to connect to the server as many times as it is specified in case of FTP connection failure.
Passive mode - FTP has two working modes, PORT and PASV. The default mode is PORT.
Test connection- Test parameters for FTP to make sure FTP is accessible before backup.

Backup Mode

Sector by sector backup - All the data sectors and blank ones are to be backed up with Sector by sector backup checked. It is useful when file system error occurs. It slows down backup speed with a relatively larger image compared with normal backup.

File Filter

File Filter is to exclude unnecessary files/folders or just back up added file types.

Exclude files that meet the following conditions

To add new files/folders to be excluded, please click ADD. To delete added files/folders to be excluded, please select the files/folder and click Delete.

Image Check

Image Check is to automatically check the new backup images and further ensure the created backup images can be restored.