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Backup Center

  • What credential should I input when I set up the Backup Center and try to login for the first time?

    The default credential for the Backup Center Console is listed below.

    User name: admin

    Password: admin

  • Can I restore the backup from the Backup Center?

    Currently, the Backup Center mainly works as a console to help users create and deploy backup tasks to clients. The actual backup and restoration tasks are executed by the Todo Backup clients. When users would like to restore a backup, they’ll have to log on the client to execute a restoration.

  • In case a client backup task fails, how do I troubleshoot the issue?

    A brief log will be auto-created on the Backup Center Logs section. To help our support to get more information, users are recommended to log on the client and send the EaseUS Todo Backup client error report to our support to solve the issue.

    For how to create the error report on the client, please refer to:



  • How can I add a client?

    Users can add a client by Full Name or IP address on condition that the Todo Backup client and the related management component are both installed on the client.

  • Which type of backup tasks can I create and deploy via Backup Center?

    EaseUS Backup Center can create and deploy tasks including System Backup, Disk/Volume Backup and File Backup. Although users can not create and deploy SQL or Exchange Backup tasks though Backup Center, they can create and run advanced SQL/Exchange Backup tasks on the Todo Backup clients activated via EaseUS Backup Center Advanced Server or Technician version.

  • Can Backup Center manage the tasks created on the clients?

    Backup Center can only manage the tasks created and deployed through the Backup Center. 

  • Can EaseUS Backup Center manage clients over WAN or it works only for clients in the same LAN?

    EaseUS Backup Center is mainly designed to manage clients in the same LAN. If users would like to use the tool to manage clients over WAN or clients in another LAN, please refer to:

  • Do I need to install Backup Center on a Windows Server system?

    Although EaseUS Backup Center works as a server to help manage the backup tasks, it does not have to be installed on a server system. Users can install it on a powerful workstation in the LAN.

  • Which ports does the Backup Center tool use to communicate with the clients?

    The Backup Center communicates with the clients on ports 4700 and 4698 by default. Users are recommended to keep these ports idle to ensure the clients can communicate smoothly with the Backup Center. 

  • What type of storage is supported by Backup Center?

    Local disks and network share storage are both supported by Backup Center.

  • How does Backup Center license work? Do I need to purchase both EaseUS Todo Backup license and Backup Center license?

    EaseUS Backup Center license will auto-activate the client being added to the Backup Center.
    For example, if a user have 6 workstations and 1 server to manage through the Backup Center, he/she will need to get a six-seat Backup Center for Workstation license and an one-seat Backup Center for Server license.

    For any further license inquiry, please start a live chat with our pre-sale tech team or email to [email protected]

  • What is Backup Center?

    Backup Center is a supplementary tool of EaseUS Todo Backup to help you manage the backups centrally. Users can deploy backup jobs to multiple clients through the Backup Center to save time for backup management.