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Todo PCTrans

  • What transfer method should I use to transfer the apps and data from the old pc to a newer one?

    If your two computers are on the same network, then we suggest that you use the network transfer method. Otherwise, you can use the image transfer method.

  • Does EaseUS Todo PCTrans transfer the operating system?

    No, EaseUS Todo PCTrans transfers apps, data, user accounts as well as some relevant settings.

  • What is the difference between Easeus Todo PCTran Free and EaseUS Todo PCTrans Trial?

    The Free version can transfer 2 apps and 500 MB data but cannot transfer the accounts. The Trial version can show you what exact things you are able to transfer but requires a license to execute a transfer.

  • How to use the system restore point created in EaseUS Todo PCTrans?

    If you are not satisfied with the transfer result, you can find the system restore feature in the search box under Windows and choose to restore the system restore point.

  • Will I be entitled to the lifetime upgrades after purchasing the EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro?

    Currently, we have Professional version and Lifetime Upgraded version. You will be entitled to free upgrade the product if you purchase the lifetime upgraded version.

  • What I can do if EaseUS Todo PCTrans crashes frequently?

    Please click the ErrorReport.exe in the Bin folder of the program and send the report to [email protected] Besides, please describe what exact operation did you do  before the product got crachsed.

  • How to obtain a log file in EaseUS Todo PCTrans?

    Please run “%temp%” and send the file “todoPCTrans.log” to [email protected].

  • Do you have an introduction video?

  • Why does EaseUS Todo PCTrans do the transfer so slow via network?

    The network transfer speed mainly depends on the computer network environment, hardware environment and whether the other programs interfere. If it does work slowly, we suggest that you use the image transfer instead.

  • Can I still use the source computer after transferring the apps and data to the new one?

    Yes. Unlike the cut and paste, our product uses a copy and paste method to migrate the apps and data. After the transfer, the source computer still can be used as it was.

  • Can I access the image file created by EaseUS Todo PCTrans?

    Yes. Our product will create a .PCT image file which can be opened with a double click.

  • What can I do if the computers cannot be connected via network transfer?

    Please make sure that both computers are on the same LAN and have our product installed.

    And then turn off the antivirus tool and the firewall to retry the transfer.

  • I am prompted to enter a password while trying to transfer the user account. Does it refer to the password for the account I select to transfer?

    Yes, you will need to enter the password of the account to get the rights to transfer it with our product.

  • As the EaseUS Todo PCTrans transfers the data along with the accounts, does it mean that I won’t need to transfer the data separately?

    The account transfer only includes the data saved in that account folder. You will still have to manually transfer the data saved in another location if needed. And our product will reduplicate the data if they are both selected in the account transfer and the file transfer.

  • Does EaseUS Todo PCTrans support domain transfer?

    The domain transfer is not supported in the version prior to 10.0. It will be added in the incoming 10.0 version.

  • Does EaseUS Todo PCTrans support QuickBooks?

    Yes, our product is able to transfer Quickbooks.

  • Does EaseUS Todo PCTrans support AutoCAD?

    Currently, only Auto CAD 2017 version is supported in our product.

  • How can I fix the issue if the transferred office apps do not work?

    Please right click the apps in the control panel and choose “Unistall/Change” to fix the transferred apps.

  • Does EaseUS Todo PCTrans support Mircosoft Office and Adobe sets?

    Yes, our product supports transferring Mircosoft Office and Adobe sets. We have tested those apps and it worked without any issue.

  • Does EaseUS Todo PCTrans support transferring the app license?

    Different software developer adopts different ways to authenticate the activations. I am sorry we cannot ensure whether or not the transfer process will migrate your license along with the program pack. We also have no idea if this is an action against their license agreement. So, basically, what you got after a transfer is all that our product can do for you.

  • What does the four compatibility status mean in the app transfer option?

    There are 4 Compatibility status: "Yes", "No", "Likely" and "Existing":

    Yes: the application is fully compatible with new PC and our product.

    No: the application is not compatible with new PC and our product.

    Likely: the application may be compatible with new PC and our product.

    Existing: the application already exists on both PCs, transfer is not necessary.

  • Does EaseUS Todo PCTrans support customized enterprise apps?

    We cannot 100% guarantee the customized apps are compatible in this product. You are suggested to run a free test with our free version that are free for transferring 2 apps:


  • Does EaseUS Todo PCTrans only support the apps listed on the website?

    Due to the diversity and variety of Windows Apps, we still have no chance to test all kinds of apps. Generally, most recent apps are supported in our program.

  • Can I transfer the apps to an external hard disk on the same pc?

    Yes, it is doable to transfer the apps to an external hard disk on the same pc. It is a new feature added in the 9.10 version.

  • Can I specify a destination to transfer the apps to another pc in EaseUS Todo PCTrans?

    No, the apps will be transferred to the C drive on the target computer by default. Currently, it is not doable to speficy a destination to transfer the apps to in this product.

  • Can I specify a destination to transfer the data to in EaseUS Todo PCTrans?

    Yes, you can click ”Edit” button to choose a location to transfer the data to.

  • How to uninstall the product if it says “I have a previous version installed”?

    We suggest that you use a 3rd-party uninstall tool like Revo Unistaller to completely uninstall the previous version and reboot the computer. If it still fails, please manually delete the following folder from Windows Registry and then try to install the new version

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\EaseUS Todo PCTrans_is1

  • What is the difference between the EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro and Technician?

    They work exactly the same on app/data transfer, the only difference is that Pro can only be used on two computers.

  • Is EaseUS Todo PCTrans Technician a yearly-subcription product?

    Yes. Currently, we have 12-month, 24-month and Lifetime Technician license.

  • Can I transfer the EaseUS Todo PCTrans Pro license to different computers?

    The Pro license is a single license that is registered on a pair of computer. Please purchase a new license if you want to use the product on more computers.

  • What can I do if it says invalid license while activating the EaseUS Todo PCTrans?

    Please make sure you have entered the correct license first(copy and paste is recommended). If it still fails, please contact our support to reset the license via the livechat button on our homepage.

  • Can I use EaseUS Todo PCTrans on an offline machine?

    Yes, it supports the offline activation. You can use the product on the offline machine.