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Partition Recovery

  • Can I recover lost volume from dynamic disk?

    Partition Recovery cannot recover the volume from dynamic disk directly. However, you can convert the dynamic disk to basic disk using EaseUS Partition Master, then you are able to recover lost partition from this disk. 
  • Can I recover partition from a damaged disk?

    Partition Recovery can only recover the lost partition from the hard disk which can be recognized normally by Windows disk management. It cannot help you if the disk is damaged and cannot be detected by Windows.
  • What is the size of the supported hard disk? Can I recover lost partition from 4 TB hard drive?

    EaseUS Partition Recovery supports the disk capacity up to 16 TB.  You are able to recover the lost partition from 4 TB drive.
  • Can I recover the lost partition from Windows Server machine?

    Windows Server operating system is supported by Partition Recovery. The supported server system:
    Windows Server® 2003
    Windows Server® 2008 
    Windows Server® 2008 R2 
    Windows Server® 2012 
    Windows Server® 2012 R2
    Windows Server® 2016 
    Windows Server® 2019
    Windows Small Business Server 2003
    Windows Small Business Server 2008
    Windows Small Business Server 2011