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Disk Copy

  • What shall I do if my cloned disk failed to boot up?

    Users are recommended to contact the EaseUS technical support to help solve the issue.

    To accelerate the troubleshooting procedure, users are recommended to send the following information to the support email address: [email protected]

    1. How did you connect the source and destination disk to your computer while cloning, e.g. via internal SATA cable or external USB enclosure?

    2. Which feature of the Todo Backup did you use, e.g. Disk Mode or Partition Mode?

    3. Could you please kindly send us a screenshot of both your source disk and destination disk in Windows Disk Management?

    For how to take the screenshot of Disk Management, please refer to: https://kb.easeus.com/art.php?id=90006

  • How can I properly clone and replace my laptop disk when I do not have enough internal cables to connect the disks?

    For laptops, users are recommended to create a bootable media of the Disk Copy tool, get an external USB enclosure and follow the steps below:

    1. Place the target disk inside the laptop.

    2. Connect the source disk via external USB enclosure.

    3. Boot up the system from the bootable media of the Disk Copy.

    4. Perform a Disk Clone from the source disk to the target disk.

    5. Check if you can normally boot up from the source disk. 

  • I do not have enough cables on my laptop. Can I connect both my source and target disks to another workstation to clone the disk?

    We are afraid that if both disks are connected to a third system as slaves, the boot files on the destination disk might not be properly updated and it might result in a non-boot clone.

  • If I clone the partitions of my system disk one by one using Partition Mode, will my clone disk boot properly?

    We are afraid that when using the Partition Mode to clone the disk, the necessary boot files might not be updated correctly. We would recommend users use Disk Clone option to help get a proper bootable copy.

  • When will I need the Partition Mode of the Disk Copy tool?

    Partition Mode is very useful when you want to duplicate a data partition on a new disk. 

  • What does the “Check the option if the target is SSD” option do?

    The “Check the option if the target is SSD” option will apply a 4K-Alignment on the target disk to optimize the performance of the target disk. 

  • When cloning to a larger disk, how can I use the extra space on the new disk?

    Users can adjust the partition layout on the target disk during the clone procedure to make full use of the space on the target disk. 

  • Can I clone to a smaller disk using Disk Copy tool?

    Disk Copy tool is able to help you clone to a smaller disk as long as the target disk capacity is larger than the used space on the source disk. 

  • I would like to clone to replace my system drive. What are the recommended steps?

    To clone a bootable copy of your system, it is recommended that users boot up from the source system, install Disk Copy tool, connect the new disk internally, use the Disk Clone mode to clone the whole disk to the target disk. After the clone completes, please shut down the system, remove the source disk physically and see if you can normally boot up from the new disk.

  • I have a few bad sectors on my hard disk. Will Disk Copy tool properly clone my disk?

    If users are to clone a disk with bad sectors, it would be recommended that they create a bootable disk of the Disk Copy, boot up the system from the bootable disk and use a sector-by-sector method to clone the disk. 

  • Can I clone my current system to external USB drive?

    Technically, Disk Copy can help you clone your boot disk to the external USB drive. However, please kindly note that due to hardware restriction, in most cases, Windows can not directly boot up from an external USB connected drive. For backup purpose, a dedicated backup tool will be more recommended. 

  • Can I clone to SSD using Disk Copy?

    Yes, the Disk Copy tool supports cloning to SSD. Users are recommended to connect the SSD with internal connection when doing the clone.

  • How long does it take to clone my disk?

    It mainly depends on the following factors:
    1. The amount of data that needs to be cloned.
    2. The I/O speed of both disks.
    As reference, it would take about 3 hours to complete the clone to clone a 1TB SATA disk full of data whose I/O speed is considered around 100MB/s.

  • What is the maximum disk size that Disk Copy supports?

    Disk Copy supports disk size up to 16 TB.

  • Can I use Disk Copy Pro license code on a Windows Server system?

    Disk Copy Pro is a single-seat licensed product for non-Server system only. To properly activate the EaseUS Disk Copy tool on a Server system, users will need a Technician version license instead.