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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why the sync task is lost after switching the user?

    The sync task for each user is independent.

  • Why I cannot switch the sync mode under the subdirectories of a 'My computer/Network shares' sync task?

    Currently, it only allow you to switch the sync mode under root directory in this product.

  • Why I can find some redundant files like abc(1).txt generated in EverySync after processing a synchronization?

    To avoid a file confliction, EverySync will rename a file has the same name as another file under the same directory.

  • How to set the time interval of the auto-sync?

    You could set it under the “Properties” of the sync task.

  • How to synchronize files manually?

    Regretfully, the current version is not able to sync files manually. Currently, it can only do the auto-synchronization.

  • In which side should the files in the list showing in the right side of the program locate?

    They are the files that have been synced between both sides. (Similar to the file display mode of a Cloud program)

  • How to create a new sync task if you already have one?

    You can click the 'Create New Sync' in the lower-left corner to create a new one.

  • Do I need to purchase upgrades for later version if I have purchased EverySync 3.0?

    No need, you are able to enjoy free upgrade for later versions. 

  • Is it year or perpetual license of EaseUS EverySync?

    It is perpetual license. You are able to use it lifetime after purchasing.

  • I have purchased one license of EverySync, how many computers can I activate the license to?

    One license can only activate one computer.

  • What sync options does it include in EaseUS EverySync?

    There are 3 sync options including network <--> computer, computer <--> FTP, and computer <--> free cloud (OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox).

  • My computer doesn’t connect to internet, can I activate EaseUS EverySync on my computer?

    EaseUS EverySync can be activated using offline activation method. You need to send us the "eusoftinfo.bin" file first, our technician will edit the file then email it to you. After that, you can use the file to replace the original one to offline activate EverySync.

    Here are the details for locating the "eusoftinfo.bin" file: 1. Press "Win" + "R" key on your keyboard at the same time to open Run. 2. Input "%appdata%" in the Run box, then click the "OK" to open the "C:\Users\.....\AppData\Roaming" file directory. 3. Access the “EaseUS/eufsc" folder to find the "eusoftinfo.bin" file.

  • Which port is being used by EaseUS EverySync?

    EaseUS EverySync uses the port number 62208.

  • EverySync has crashed/is hanging! How can I help with trouble shooting?

    Please locate the errReport.exe file in ‘bin’ folder under the installation directory of EverySync, run the errReport.exe to send the error report to [email protected] and describe the details in your email.

  • Can I create a scheduled sync instead of real-time synchronization?

    Yes, you can create schedule sync using EverySync, the option can be located in Properties Settings.

  • What is the difference between the free and paid edition of EaseUS EverySync?

    The free edition can only create one sync task for free, it will become to trial edition if you add more than one sync task, and the trial edition can be used within 30 days for free. The paid edition doesn’t have the limitation.

  • Which operating systems does EverySync support?

    EverySync Supports operating system Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Window Server 2012 R2, Window Server Home Server, Window Server 2008 R2, Window Server Small Business 2003.

  • How can I report bugs or suggest new features?

    It is highly recommended that you send your email to [email protected] You could also contact us via the LiveChat option on our website.

  • Are there limitations on the number of files to synchronize?

    EverySync imposes no artificial limitations on how many files you can synchronize. Practically speaking, the only limiting factor for extremely large sync jobs is the amount of free memory available: For each 1 GB of RAM, EverySync can synchronize roughly 1.7 million file pairs at a time.

  • Do I need to uninstall EverySync before installing a newer version?

    No, you can safely install a newer version of EverySync over an old version. EverySync will recognize the previous installation and clean up thoroughly.

  • Where can I find information about EaseUS EverySync advanced features?

    Please refer to Online Manual for more information about EaseUS EverySync. If internet access is not available on this computer, you could click here to download an offline version of the manual.