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Android Data Recovery App

  • How many devices I can use the App version on?

    One license could be only used on ONE Android device. You need to order new license on another device.

  • Does the App version support SD card recovery?

    Yes. It can recover lost data from SD card.

  • How long will a recovery take with the App version?

    It depends on the data size on the device. Generally it would spend half an hour to scan an Android device with 30GB data inside.

  • Can I recover Snapchat messages with the App version?

    Snapchat message recovery is not supported by this tool.

  • Can I recover WhatsApp messages with the App version?

    Yes. It supports WhatsApp message recovery.

  • Can I recover lost data after factory resetting?

    Normally the factory resetting would wipe out the data in Android phone. So most of the lost data might be unrecoverable.

  • Does the App version support ROOT?

    Yes. It can root the phones with Android 6.0 and lower versions.

  • What's the limitation of free trial version of EaseUS MobiSaver for Android App?

    The free trial version of App allows to recover mp4 and jpg files for free.