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iOS Data Recovery

  • How do I get the EaseUS MobiSaver for iOS updated?

    Make sure the network connection is unblocked and click Check for Updates in the options on the top-right corner of the window. Then you are able to download the latest Trial version for replacement.

    For Mac version, Please click Check for Updates in EaseUS MobiSaver on the top-left corner of the Mac.

  • What’s the difference between Free and paid version?

    Free version only recovers 1 photo/video or 5 contacts at a time. Paid version breaks this limitation and you can recover as many files as you want.

  • Can I recover WhatsApp messages with this software?

    Yes, EaseUS MobiSaver for iOS supports message recovery of WhatsApp.

  • The program cannot complete the scan.

    If the scan get stuck after running several hours, please follow the methods below to solve the issue.

    1. Restart the iOS device and reconnect it, then run a new scan.

    2. If method 1 is not working, please make an iTunes backup and scan the backup to recover lost data.

  • Why I cannot see my iCloud backup?

    Please check the version of your iOS device. The technical limitation of iOS 11.2 or higher versions makes the iCloud backup unreadable by third-party tools.

  • What should I do if the software prompts “Scan stopped due to unstable connection”?

    Please check or change the USB connection of the iOS device. If it cannot be fixed, run iTunes to backup this device and confirm the backup result. You could also scan the iTunes backup to get lost data. The results to scan this iTunes backup and the device are actually the same.

  • Can I recover photos or other attachments in the lost messages?

    The attachments will be recovered along with the messages as long as the lost messages are not corrupted.

  • Can I recover lost photos or videos from the iOS device?

    No iOS data recovery tools could make a authentic photo/video recovery from iOS device. It's also caused by the technology limitation of Apple.

    Currently, only the photos/videos in Recently Deleted could be recovered by our software.

  • Can I recover or save the found data back to iOS device?

    It's forbidden to recover the data back to iOS device due to the technical limitation of Apple. However, we have a data transfer tool to transfer some files from computer to iOS device.

  • I’m asked for a password when running a recovery.

    You may be in any of the following cases.

    1. You made an iTunes backup with password protection. Please input iTunes backup password to continue the the recovery.

    2. The screen of the iOS device is locked. Just unlock the screen and keep the screen on, then run the recovery.

  • Is there an 100% guarantee that my files can be recovered?

    No company can make such a guarantee. However, as long as the files are not damaged or overwritten, our product can recover them.

  • How long will a recovery take?

    It depends on the data size on the device. Generally it would spend half an hour to scan an iOS device with 30GB data inside.

  • Does it work on an iOS device with broken or black screen?

    Only if the iOS device has trusted the computer by default, you can scan this device with our product. Otherwise, you have to recover lost data from iTunes or iCloud backup.

  • Can I recover FaceBook data with this software?

    FaceBook is not supported by now.

  • Can I recover Snapchat messages with this software?

    Snapchat message recovery is not supported. We currently offer WhatsApp and Kik message recovery.

  • Can I recover lost data if the iPhone went into Recovery mode?

    If the iOS device cannot exit from the Recovery mode, you have to scan the iTunes or iCloud backup to recover lost data.

  • Can I recover lost data after factory resetting?

    The data is still intact and recoverable if you didn’t tick the option for data wipe during the resetting. Otherwise, the lost data cannot be recovered at all.

  • How can I recover data if the iPhone is disabled?

    There is no way to get access to the data on disabled iOS device, our software can not help you recover the files from the device directly. You should get data back from iTunes or iCloud backup.

  • What should I do if the program crashed?

    Open installation folder and run PDRReport.exe, click Send Error Report. Our technical support team will reply you in 18 hours.


    For Mac version, Click Go -> Go to Folder and input /Applications/MobiSaver.app/Contents/MacOS/ to access Pr.log under this folder. We need this file to further analyze this issue.