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FIX: Toshiba External Hard Drive Not Opening Keep Asking Format

Posted on Nov 06, 2017 by Jean to Storage Media Recovery


Toshiba external hard drive not opening keep asking format? Try fixes here to quickly stop the formatting error message without having to format the external hard drive and let EaseUS drive recovery software protect data from being erased by disk formatting.

Toshiba 1TB hard drive asking to format

"My 1TB Toshiba external hard drive keeps prompting an error message saying you need to format the disk before you can use it when I plug it into my Lenovo laptop. I've tried several times of reconnecting but the results are the same. What to do if Toshiba external hard drive not opening keep asking format? I don't want to lose data."

Based on quite a few years of experience in the computer field, there are some situations in which your internal hard disk drive or external HDD, USB flash drive and memory card would fail with a formatting error message coming along. At this moment, you can neither open the disk drive nor access data in it. For example, external hard drive accidentally dropped onto a hard ground, virus infected, MBR corrupted, bad sectors and other hardware issues.

Now, you got two steps to fix Toshiba external hard drive not opening keep formatting error without losing data on it.

STEP 1: Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to access Toshiba external hard drive and recover data

Make hard drive data recovery your priority as soon as Windows asking you to format a storage device with important data on it. You have to believe that the sooner, the better. By downloading and installing EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, the top recommended hard drive recovery software by millions of worldwide customers on a healthy computer hard drive partition, you can start immediately to recover data from inaccessible hard drive.

First, select the Toshiba external hard drive in trouble and click Scan.

select toshiba external hard drive and click scan

Second, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will start a quick scan first. After the quick scan completes, a deep scan will automatically launch in order to find more files.

scan toshiba external hard drive

Third, choose the file(s) you want to recover by file types from the scanning results. Click Recover button to recover the selected files. You'd better choose a different location instead of the original hard drive to avoid data overwriting.

select files and click recover from toshiba external hard drive

To fix a failing drive that keeps asking to format without destroying data, data recovery shall come prior to the formatting behavior . However, for those who unknowingly perform formatting in advance, EaseUS Data Recovery could also help! See how to recover formatted hard drive.

STEP 2. How to open Toshiba external hard drive that needs formatting

With data being safely transferred to a safe location, now you're arriving at the troubleshooting step. To quick format a hard disk drive, there are multiple ways available, including Windows File Explorer quick format, Windows Disk Management and third-party free partition manager software.

All these mentioned methods are free to help without costing you a penny. After analyzing the usability in terms of ease of use, efficacy and performance, we pick you EaseUS Partition Master Free which facilitates the whole process of hard drive formatting. It's the best choice to format corrupted hard drive that developed too many bad sectors and needs to format before you can use it again.

First, open EaseUS Partition Master Free. Right-click the Toshiba external hard drive you want to format and choose Format partition.

select format partition to format toshiba external hard drive

Second, a mini window pops out, on which you can edit the partition label and choose a file system such as FAT/FAT32, NTFS, EXT2/EXT3.

select file system to format toshiba external hard drive

Third, click Apply to confirm to format the Toshiba external hard drive.

By going through the 2-step fix of Toshiba external hard drive not opening keep asking format, you can easily rectify the problem without losing anything important, meanwhile, you can then put the formatted external hard drive into proper use again.