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Solution: How to Restore Erased Photos/Videos from 3DR Solo Drone?

Posted on Apr 05, 2016 by Tracy King to Storage Media Recovery


Feeling good with your 3DR Solo Drone? Carelessly erased or deleted the photos or videos in your 3DR Solo camera? What can you do? Is it possible to unerase or restore erased photos/videos from 3D Solo Drone or Quadcopter? How? EaseUS offers effective methods to help you recover deleted files. Try it to fix such a problem with ease now.

Restore data from 3DR Solo Drone.

Help, my night shots are erased in my 3DR Solo camera.

"This is totally a nightmare! All my night shots are erased! About half a month, I spent almost every night on the roofs to capture some night shots of the whole city with my partner."

I was planning to get the camera off from the 3DR Solo, copy the photos into my PC and use them as some materials for my job. Everything seemed so great before problems happened. I erased all night shots! I took off the camera from 3DR Solo and tried to view those amazing night shots in the camera. We did took some fabulous photos with this Quadcopter. But I commanded a false operation that I formatted the camera! All night shots are erased. What can I do? Can you help me to get my half month work back from my 3DR Solo Drone? Help! "

How to restore or unerase data including photos/videos from 3DR Solo?

With the excellent features of 3DR Solo, users can fly this machine within very short time and take perfect aerial photos with ease. It also allows you to take night shots and even share photos timely into your phone. The LED light also makes it convenient for you to know what the drone is doing for you with different light color: taking photos or shooting videos. If you forget to take the controller, you can even control the drone to fly high with your phone via the app.

So how to restore the 3DR Solo data when they got erased or deleted? And how much do you know about data recovery in the 3DR Solo? Usually, taking photos or shooting videos have nothing to do with the 3D Robotic itself. It's all about the camera memory card. Most HD drone cameras carry memory card to store photos and videos. Therefore, when you lost photos or videos, all you need is to restore data inside the memory card. Here EaseUS software provides you effective solution to restore erased photos/videos from 3DR Solo camera with its professional data recovery software.

Recover photos/videos from 3DR Solo with EaseUS drone data recovery software

EaseUS Drone data recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard supports to restore photos, videos or other data from Drone camera with ease. Only three steps will do. You can free download this software and follow next steps to restore photos/videos from 3DR Solo camera now:

Step 1. Connect 3DR Solo camera card with PC. Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and select 3DR solo camera card location where you lost files and click "Scan".

Restore erased photos or videos from 3DR Solo Drone.

Step 2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will start a quick scan to find deleted 3DR camera card files;
After the quick scan, a deep scan will automatically start to find more files and data from 3DR camera card;

EaseUS helps to restore erased photos or videso from 3DR Solo.

Step 3. Preview and restore lost 3DR camera card files;
You can preview found data by file types, select found 3DR camera card photos/videos and click "Recover" to save them to another safe spot in PC/storage device.

Restore erased photos/videos from 3DR Solo with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.