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How to Repair Damaged Micro SD Card?

Posted on Nov 23, 2015 by Tracy King to Storage Media Recovery


EaseUS software provides reliable and secure method to help you fix how to repair damaged Micro SD card problem. Now you can effortlessly repair damaged Micro SD card with ease and protect data securely.

How to fix Micro SD card damaged problem?

Do you know any methods that can help fix Micro SD card damaged problem? Last Friday, my friend borrowed my Micro SD card to copy some tiles and I got it back this morning. I connected it with my computer but I could not access the card. And I've tried every means that I know, I still could not access it. Is it broken or damaged?

I don't know how to fix this problem? And do you know how to repair damaged Micro SD card? If you have any suggestions, please help me.

Repair Micro SD card with professional methods

Method 1: Repair Micro SD card at manual repair shops

If your computer cannot recognize the Micro SD card, you may need take your card to the manual repair shop to test whether its physical damaged. If it's physical damage, you can get it repaired at the manual repair shop for data recovery.

Method 2: Repair Micro SD card and data with data recovery software

If your Micro SD card can be recognized by computer but you cannot access data inside the card, you'll need micro SD card recovery software or tool to help you restore data.

1. Download data recovery software and restore data.

The first thing that you should do is to use micro SD card recovery software and restore data inside the Micro SD card firstly. Here we'd like to introduce you EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard which allows inexperienced users to restore data within only 3 steps. 

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard guides to repair damaged Micro SD card.

2. Save data in a safe spot and format SD card.

After you've restored data, you should save the found data in a safe spot. Then you can format the Micro SD. After this, your Micro SD card should be reusable again. Now you can move found data or files back to your SD card again.