Fix SD Card Error on GoPro Hero 5 Black, 5, 4, 3

This article offers solutions to all GoPro Hero 5 SD card errors. Follow this detailed guide to get the problem fixed when you see 'SD ERR' or 'NO SD' error message on GoPro Products like Hero 5 Black, 5, 4, 3. If the card is corrupted and not accessible, let EaseUS file recovery software help.

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Workable Solutions Step-by-step Troubleshooting
Fix 1. Check the Connection Remove and reinsert battery and SD card...Full steps
Fix 2. Reformat GoPro SD Card Restore GoPro data and format the SD card...Full steps
Fix 3. Check Bad Sectors Run CHDKSK to fix SD card bad sectors...Full steps
Fix 4. Use Another Card Replace the old SD card with a new card...Full steps

GoPro Hero 5 Black says 'SD ERR'

"I have a GoPro Hero 5 Black and use a SanDisk Extreme SD card. But recently, the device refused to work and reported SD card error for unknown reasons. Now, I am not able to record movies or take any pictures because every time when I was trying to do this, it does nothing but shows 'SD ERR' error message. Is there any fix?"

In general, the GoPro SD card error we discussed here is either 'SD ERR' or 'SD ERROR', except that the third error form is 'NO SD' on a camera's LCD.

How to fix GoPro Hero 5 SD Card error

No solutions are helpful unless you know exactly what caused the specified error codes. Let's get a clear mind before proceeding to the troubleshooting.

Is GoPro SD card error special?

We're all familiar with SD cards because they are quite common to see on mobile phones, cameras, and many ultra-portable digital gadgets. Whatever devices you're using the SD card for, you shall know that the errors associated with the SD card are pretty much the same. So the GoPro camera SD card is out of exception. Though it might send special error messages, the inner causes are likewise.

What does SD card error mean?

When you describe an SD card error, you're telling us that the SD card is either logically damaged or physically damaged. You can fix most of the logical errors on your own with an appropriate tool, such as an invalid RAW file system while trying to access photos or videos stored on the card, or you received the warning 'the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable', etc.

How do you mend a corrupted SD card?

There are manageable ways for you to take care of a failing SD card, which are applicable to almost all the involved digital devices including a GoPro camera as well. Windows quick format usually goes first for most SD card errors. Additionally, it's also advised to scan file system errors, inch bad sectors and repair. 

4 solutions to GoPro Hero SD card error

Except for GoPro Hero 5 Black, there are many users have encountered similar SD card error on the other versions of GoPro Products like Hero 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. The issue usually comes with the error message 'SD ERR' or 'NO SD' and can happen due to several reasons. Next, we will talk about it in detail and give you our advice on how to fix SD card error on GoPro cameras. 

GoPro SD card error - 'SD ERR' or 'NO SD'

Solution 1. Check if the SD card is correctly inserted 

If you're experiencing either an 'SD ERR' or 'NO SD' message on your camera's LCD screen, it means that your camera can't properly communicate with the SD card. So make sure that you're connecting the SD card to the camera. You can try to remove and reinsert the battery and SD card to make sure that the SD card is fully inserted in the camera. It is also the first advice from GoPro to help you deal with the issue.

Solution 2. Reformat GoPro SD card to fix the error 

Another possible reason that makes GoPro camera reports 'SD ERR' or 'NO SD' error is that the SD card is corrupted or improperly formatted. So, we recommend you to reformat the SD card to check if it helps. 

Formatting will erase all the data on the card, so, if you have important pictures or videos saved there, please make a backup first. If the card is corrupted and not accessible at the moment, download EaseUS file recovery software to get them back.

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Step 1. Select the SD card to scan

  • Download and install EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your Windows PC.
  • Use the proper way to connect your SanDisk/Lexar/Transcend SD card to the computer. 
  • Open EaseUS SD card recovery software. All connected drives will display here. Select your SD card and click "Scan".
select the sd card and click scan

Step 2. Check for scan results

  • Wait for the scanning process to complete.
  • Click "Filter" and specify one or several file types to show up, like Pictures, Word, Excel, PDF, Videos and so on.
  • Click "Preview" to check if they are the wanted files.
find wanted sd card files

Step 3. Recover SD card data

  • Choose desired files and click "Recover".
  • Choose a different location to save the recovered files instead of the original SD card.
recover sd card files

Solution 3. Check and repair SD card bad sectors

You got multiple choices to repair the SD card with bad sectors, which prevents you from opening the GoPro camera normally. Windows inbuilt disk check and repair tool is hidden in the hard drive' Properties, and the Command Prompt for administrators are keeping in the background. If you're unfamiliar with both tools, here is a third-party free SD card repair program for you to use.

EaseUS CleanGenius is a user-friendly computer fixing tool that is both safe and lightweight. It's a perfect alternative to CHKDSK command. Use this one-click tool to fix the damaged file system easily.

Step 1. DOWNLOAD EaseUS CleanGenius on your computer and complete the installation.

Step 2. Run the software. Click "Optimization", and then choose "File Showing" . 

select the file showing option

Step 3. Select the drive with a corrupted file system. Tick the "Check and fix file system error" option and click "Execute".

fix file system

Step 4. Wait the tool performs the repairing task. After that, click the "here" button to check the drive.

fix file system

Solution 4. Use another SD card with higher read and write speed

Have you gone through all the above steps but GoPro SD card error still appears on the screen again? You might consider a replacement due to the fact that the SD card can be incompatible with the current hardware. One clue suggesting an incompatibility issue is that the card read and write speeds aren't fast enough. So, our suggestion is to use another SD card with higher read and write speed. Here, for your information, the Lexar1000x Professional card seems to have good reports on the forums.

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