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Best 13 Webcam Recording Software - Desktop & Online

Jane Zhou updated on Dec 11, 2020 to Screen Recording Utility | How-to Articles

A webcam recording is needed for a variety of uses such as for online classes, recorded lessons, YouTube, or any other video introduction recordings where you need to introduce yourself to the viewers before you could show and explain things through your desktop or laptop.

Give that, you'll need a powerful webcam recording software, through which you can record or create your videos quickly and efficiently. There are many webcam recorders that can not only record the video properly but capture the audio with no background noise. Now Let's find out the top 13 free webcam recording software available for Windows, Mac, and online in this post.

Part 1. Best 4 Webcam Recording Software for Windows 

What is the best Windows webcam recorder? In this part, we will introduce you 4 popular and easy-to-use webcam recorder on Windows PC, and let's take a look now!

#1. EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts is a multi-functional webcam recorder, which offers not only recordings through webcam, but also screencasting, video editing, social media sharing, and many more. Using this software, you can choose to record screen and webcam simultaneously, or capture the webcam with audio in a few simple clicks.
What's more, this versatile software also supports for audio recording, screen recording, and gameplay recording. While screencasting, it allows you to record through the microphone or any other recording device added to the system, and can directly upload the recordings at YouTube/ Vimeo and DropBox.

Key Features:

  • A highly secured screen and webcam recorder
  • Provide unlimited recording facilities
  • It acts as a screen recorder and editor
  • Allow you to capture images and edit your video files while recording
  • Direct social media sharing can be done through the software without even saving the file on your PC

Want to explore more stunning functions about EaseUS RecExperts? Just hit the below button to get it on your computer.

Step by step method on how to record webcam using EaseUS RecExperts:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts on your computer, choose the "Record Webcam" option on the main screen.


Step 2. Before recording, you can customize the web camera, audio, and resolution settings. Here you can set the brightness, contrast, white balance for the video, or you can select to record system sound or the microphone.

Record Webcam

Step 3. When you finish setting, click the "REC" button to start recording, click it again to stop recording. The video recorded will be saved in the "Video List".

Step 4. Right-click the video recorded, you may preview, compress, edit, share the video, etc.

edit recorded video

#2. Bandicam

Bandicam is a very powerful webcam recorder for Windows, which offers screencasting, smartphone casting, capturing PlayStation gameplays, Casting IPTV, Apple TV, and HDTV screens directly on your PC. It supports H.264 codecs that accelerate the recording to very high speed and compressing the videos at the same time providing very high-quality output. Directly uploading to YouTube is also possible.

Webcam recorder


  • It is available for free
  • easy user interface
  • Powerful video editing tools are available
  • Secured cam recording software with powerful editing options


  • The free version of the software has limited features
  • While editing, you can add logos, but only in PNG formats
  • It doesn't support macOS

#3. Logitech Capture

It's a high-tech webcam recording software that not only records your files but also edits and shares them through online platforms of your choice. It allows immediate recording through multiple recording devices of different sources and live-streaming. The software also supports high-quality video recordings that are perfectly suitable for mobile phone views.  

Webcam recorder


  • It provides lightning-fast webcam recording facilities
  • High-resolution video output files are available
  • Directly sharing your content to any social media platform of your choice
  • record from multiple sources at the same time


  • It is quite expensive

#4. CamStudio

It's a very simple and free webcam recorder that can be downloaded for completely free, it has many features like simple editing, screencasting, screen annotations, and much more options. While recording your webcam, the software allows you to set and alter the size, file type, and the bitrate of the output video depending upon the requirements.  

Webcam recorder


  • It is 100% free software available to download for Windows users
  • Frequent updates taking place, continuous improvements are happening with the software
  • Very simple interface, and easy-to-understand functionalities


  • You can't watch SWF videos on Netscape or Mozilla Firefox
  • There are a few bugs in the current version of the software

Part 2. Top 5 Webcam Recording Software for Mac

Apart from Windows webcam recorders, there are also lots of webcam recording software designed for Mac users. If you happen to be a Mac user, you will find your desired webcam recorder in this section.

#1. ManyCam

ManyCam, simple yet powerful screencasting and webcam recording software, allows you to record high-quality videos in no time. An attractive interface with helpful features makes ManyCam one of the favorites where one can directly go for live streaming and share their videos. Looking for a professional background while you are recording a live training session or a webinar or meeting your clients online? Just try out Manycam.

webcam recorder


  • Multi screencasting and multi-recordings are possible at the same time.
  • You can do live streaming to Facebook and YouTube
  • Add 3D effects while recording the videos


  • The free version of this software has very limited features
  • There are no in-built editing tools present

#2. Debut Video Capture

Debut is a simple and basic webcam recorder having facilities to add external recording devices and allows screencasting. The software is available to download for free and has a simple user interface to create awesome video recordings. It is widely renowned and recommended to be used by beginner video makers who don't want to get involved with much technical stuff.

Webcam recorder


  • Very simple to use
  • Powerful editing features available
  • You can also do recordings with external recording devices


  • The free version of this software offers limited features
  • Sometimes the audio option doesn't work

#3. Webcam Toy

This is a powerful and free webcam recorder that is popular among most of the youngsters who spend most of their time on social media platforms. Selfies are the current trend-if you are a selfie expert, then add some more flavors to your selfies with the help of this amazing webcam selfie specialist tool. Adding emojis, special effects, and whatnot, surprise your friends with your creatives.

Webcam recorder


  • High-resolution output  
  • Powerful video and photo editing tools are available
  • Intuitive user interface


  • The free version of the software has limited features
  • Not perfectly suitable for novice editors

#4. Camwiz Webcam Recorder

It's a one-stop webcam recording software for Mac users where you change the video settings, color, brightness, and output format of your own preferences. It has a modular outlook giving users the advantage of having control over the recording-play, pause, autoplay, recording-all the options are available at one single click. Let's find out more about the software and its functionalities.  

Webcam recorder on Mac


  • Powerful editing options are available
  • Remote webcam monitoring facilities are available
  • It also supports USB webcams
  • Auto-stop recording timer is available


  • The user interface is not so simple
  • It doesn't support Windows

#5. Camtasia

It's a well-adorned powerful free webcam recorder and editor popular among millions worldwide. The software supports both Windows and macOS, and provides high-quality videos and recording through any sources. Camtasia software is very easy to learn and master as there are options available for both the beginner level video makers and professional video makers. Depending upon the level of skills, you may choose to use the free version and the premium subscription.

Webcam recorder


  • Easy user interface
  • Available for free
  • Watermark free output files even in the free version
  • Powerful editing features are available


  • The free version is available with limited features

Part 3. Best 4 Online Webcam Recording Software for Free

If you just record webcam occasionally, the online webcam recording software is the best choice for you. Here we will share with you 4 best online webcam recorder tools to help you capture your webcam in high quality for free.

#1. Web camera

It's a free online webcam recorder that you can use while having your PC with an internet connection. This powerful software comes with facilities such as an io cutter, video cutter, audio joiner, audio/ video converter, voice recorder, and some important PDF tools. But as you visit the official link, you'll find annoying promotional adverts covering the interface of the tool which is much disturbing to any users.

Free webcam recorder


  • You can make long recordings
  • High-quality output formats
  • Save your recordings directly on those cloud platforms and can access them from anywhere on the go


  • The interface is not user-friendly
  • It doesn't work with low-speed internet connections  

#2. Clipchamp

The powerful online webcam recorder allows you to record videos directly via the web browser and share the same through various social media platforms such as YouTube, Story Blocks, Giphy, etc. Editing the existing videos and adding test blocks are some great features of this tool and that makes video editing a simple task to perform. 

Free online webcam recorder


  • It has plenty of powerful features
  • You can record unlimited audio/ video files
  • You can directly share your recordings to social media
  • You can do screencasting and take screenshots at the same time


  • The free version of this software has limited features
  • You need to sign-up and create an account to use this software

#3. Fotofriend

Fotofriend is a user-friendly free online webcam recorder software through which you can record short webcam videos, create awesome short videos with more than 50 in-built effects, upload videos directly to YouTube, and much more. It's a free web recording tool that supports multiple platforms and quick recording setup. An easy interface with powerful in-built features is the main reason that this tool comes in our list of best webcam recorders.

Webcam recorder


  • Available for free
  • You can do webcam recording with special effects
  • Direct social media sharing of the files is possible
  • You can edit the recorded files using the in-built editing tools


  • limited editing options that you get have features where you can do only basic editing
  • Frequent upgrades take place 

#4. Webcam Test

It's a powerful webcam recording software available for free which gives you options to record any audio/ video through the web browser. All you need is just a device with a camera or a wireless camera to record any videos of any length. It can be a laptop with a webcam installed in it, it can be a mobile phone with a camera, or any other device, it supports all.

Online webcam recorder


  • It is available for free
  • Support all sorts of cameras that are connected with the device
  • It supports all types of file formats and codecs
  • You can change the bitrate of the recording and control the quality, size, etc. 


  • If you close the browser without saving your recorded video, you'll lose the recording
  • Some of the browsers don't support all types of file formats and codecs.

Final Words

Recording a video through a webcam is not a very difficult job, anyone can do that. But the mechanism behind this process is way too complex. Thanks to the technological advancement that we have got the webcam recorders in place to justify our dreams, make the videos get recorded quickly without any data losses or any background distortions.

You don't need to be a professional video creator to use that webcam recording software, especially the camcorder which tops our list, EaseUS RecExperts. This video making tool is equipped with awesome recording, editing, video-saving, and online sharing options. So what's stopping you still? Get EaseUS RecExperts installed on your Windows PC or laptop and give your video making activities a boost, a new direction!

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