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Top 7 Free Streaming Audio Recorder for Mac & Windows

Isla updated on Sep 30, 2020 to Screen Recording Tips | How-to Articles

Ever thought how you can record music or a podcast you listen to on your Computer? I am sure you must have, but then you also would have considered that it is almost impossible to download as most of the services stream audio without an option to download. While one can record any audio using a microphone and speaker, you will never get the original quality. In this post, we will share the top seven free audio recorders for Mac and Windows.

Here is the list of the top free streaming audio recorder which can be used on Windows, Mac, and Online.

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Some of the tools offer full package by including advanced editor while others only allow you to save as an MP3 file. Make your selection based on your need.

1. EaseUS RecExperts (Recommend)

It's a professional screen recording software that is capable of recording system sound, Microphone, and both. Primarily the software is built for screen recording along with webcam. Since here the streaming audio has to be recorded, you can use the software to record without using the speaker.

If you are wondering how it works, then it's simple. Anything that you stream from the internet passes through the Computer to the speakers. That is where the software can capture the sound, and that at its best audio quality.

Screen Recorder mainscreen


  • System sound recording make sure the quality of streaming audio is precise as the original
  • The output format can be MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, WAV, and FLAC
  • The maximum Supported Bit Rat is 256 KBPS
  • Post recording, audio can be edited by cropping part of the sound
  • Record Desktop and mouse actions along with voice
  • Built-in editor to remove parts of the video
  • Built-in task scheduler to record audio and video at a set time and date

If those features can be helpful for you, don't hesitate to download it!

How to record streaming audio on the Computer:

Before we go ahead, make sure the audio you want to record is either playing or is ready to play. It will help you quickly start recording with less post-editing work. Also, make sure to click on the settings icon and select the best audio quality configuration.

Step 1. Launch the software and select the Record Audio option. 

Step 2. The default selection of source for audio recording is the System and Mic option. Click on it, and switch to System sound. Unless you are planning to Karaoke, you don't need the Microphone.

Streaming Audio Recorder

Step 3. Click on the big red Rec button to start recording. The default mode gives you 3 seconds if the audio is on pause, and you want to start playing it.

Edit and Recorded Video and Audio

Step 4. When you are sure that's what you needed to record, click on the stop button to complete the recording. The recorded audio is available on the video list.


Platform: Windows

2. SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder

It's a professional streaming audio capture that records streaming audio by using s special kernel driver, which makes sure the quality is preserved. Along with audio streaming recording, you can also choose to record a microphone if you plan Karaoke or voice over. It also works with third-party software and messenger system, which is used in Business meetings. When setting up VRS, make sure to check the configuration to set up the code. You can also choose the audio output type and quality. Other than that, if you are using any specialized hardware, make sure to change the input device.

SoundTap Streaming Audio Recoder


  • Record internet radio webcasts, audio conferences, podcasts, and more
  • Convert audio from uncommon formats to WAV or MP3
  • It can also record streaming audio directly to the VRS Recording System for enterprise database system use
  • Create a podcast with audio recorded from Skype calls


  • Multiple ways to share recorded audio file
  • Convert and Burn audio files into USB drive or DVD
  • Built-in backup of files into a network folder


  • No option of basic audio editing available
  • Most of the additional features showcased on the software work with another tool that has to be downloaded
  • Outdated interface

3. Audacity

Audacity is a versatile video audio editor which also comes with recording feature which can record both system audio and using a microphone. It is especially useful if you do not have a Stereo Mix option in your Computer. That said, you will have to configure the software to record if you use it for other purposes. If all you want to do is record streaming audio, then you can set it and forget.

To record, you will have to change Host to WASAPI host, and loopback device. Once done, make sure to monitor sound, and then start recording with the red button.

Audacity Recording Streaming Audio


  • Configurable host to record quality audio
  • Powerful editor to remove anything extra from the audio
  • Pure digital recording


  • Not easy to configure for the beginners
  • Overly complex user interface
  • Editing can be overwhelming because of too many options

Platform: Windows, macOS

4. StreamSour

If you are looking for a portable audio recorder that can record anything from the internet without using the internet, then StreamSour is a perfect solution for you. It's a non-nonsense audio recorder that can record any streaming audio from your PC and save it as a WAV or MP3 file. It can also Microphone, input lines from the external mixer, audiotape, and more. The software used directly to disk, which allows it to record unlimited broadcast or streaming in WAV file format or mp3. If you want to record in MP3, you will need to use Lame Mp3 Encoder.

StreamSour Sound Recorder


  • Automatic detection of input and out to record audio
  • Wav file recording makes it easy to play it on almost any platform
  • Completely free to use for both personal and commercial usage


  • Third-party encoder required for Mp3 recording
  • No editing tools
  • No way to set up the audio quality

Platform: Windows

5. Movavi Screen Recorder

It's a pure screen recorder with no option to record only audio, but it can record system sound. So when it comes to recording audio streaming, you will have to choose an area, and then record the whole thing. It will finally save it as an MP4 file from which you need to extract the audio. That said, the software is free to use, and you can edit the audio files once the video is recorded. That said, you can also capture separate streams i.e., record screen and audio simultaneously or separately. It supports the following output format MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, GIF, and other images.

Movavi Screen Recorder


  • Option to choose the best audio quality
  • Can use Microphone while recording audio
  • The timer can be set to automatically start recording


  • No Option to save as MP3 file
  • MP4 file should be converted to MP3 using third-party software
  • Limited free version

Platform: Windows

6. Chrome Audio Capture

It's a free extension for Chrome, which allows you to capture audio playing on a particular tab. If the streaming audio can be played on the browser, the extension can capture twenty minutes of sound in the MP3 format. That said, using the extension is very simple. Once you have installed it, open any streaming service, and then click on the extension, and then click on the Start Capture button. It will instantly start recording. Once done, click on the stop, and it will encode the audio. You can then save it as an MP3 file.

Chrome Audio Capture Tool


  • Supports keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + S/ Ctrl + Shift + X) to start capture on current tab or stop it
  • Encoding is high-speed, keeping in mind it's a browser-based tool
  • No need to install additional software


  • No audio editor is available
  • Cannot record system audio
  • It only saves in the MP3 file

Platform: Windows, macOS, and any OS where Chrome is available.

7. Cinch Audio Recorder

If you love to record music from online streaming services, then it is the perfect streaming audio recorder to use. The software can record not only high-quality audio but also captures all the information about the music, including the title, artist, and the album name. That said, since it uses system-level recording, you can record silently without connecting to the speaker or even with volume down. The software is also capable of removing any advertisement delivering a perfect audio recording tool.

You can also use this as your audio player as all metadata is available, and you can also add album cover.

Cinch Audio Recorder


  • Create Ringtone from recorded audio files
  • Finds metadata i.e., ID3 tags for the audio file which you can also manually edit
  • Built-in search to find any audio you recorded earlier
  • Auto Split large audio files


  • No audio trimmer available
  • Only Mp3 format is supported
  • No Audio convertor


Now that you know about so many streaming audio recorders, I am sure you have understood the power of a tool that offers both audio and video. EaseUS RecExperts provide an excellent combination of audio and video recording. You can choose to only record audio, which is not available in every screen recorder tool. Along with that, you can also trim audio files or use their Advanced Video Editor to further amplify it.

Streaming audio recorder FAQs

1. Can you record a streaming audio?

Yes, you can record any streaming audio using any audio recording tool. As long as the software can intercept system sound, any podcast, music streaming, and even video recording software can be used.

2. How do I record streaming audio on Android?

Any screen recording tool should be able to record streaming audio as part of the internal sound. The concept is the same, and hence quality should be equally good.

3. How can I record save records or download streaming audio for free?

You can use any recording tool to first record the streaming audio file, and then choose to save it as MP3 files. There are many free audio streaming recorders available, such as EaseUS RecExperts, which can record or download them on the Computer.

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