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Top 11 Skype Video Recorder on Windows/Mac

Jane Zhou Updated on Dec 14, 2021| min read

Among video conferencing applications, Skype has gained massive popularity as people regularly use it with friends or family.

An active Skype user might be willing to capture some important moments during a Skype call. To get that done, a competent screen recorder who can record a Skype call is necessary.

Which is the best Skype video recorder, and how to utilize it? You can find all the answers in this post.

Top 1. EaseUS RecExperts 

Compatibility: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 and macOS

EaseUS RecExperts is a competent video and audio recorder that can enable you to capture video and record audio on Windows and macOS. You can use this recorder for various uses, ranging from recording voices and Skype calls to capturing podcasts and interviews.

It can record various audio recordings, such as record sound from computer and the user's voice synchronously. With this powerful recording tool, one can even capture a video conference on Skype. If you need to process the recorded file,  there is a built-in editor for trimming it, changing volumes, and much more. 

EaseUS RecExperts

  • Record part of screen and the full screen
  • Record video and audio simultaneously
  • Support schedule recording to record video automatically
  • Offer a built-in video/audio trimmer to edit the recordings
  • Export recordings in your desired format

Moreover, this recorder supports most of the frequently-used output formats so that you can export your recordings freely. And you can also use it to record Webex meeting. If you need this versatile skype video recording software,  you can click on the button to download it.

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Skype recorder

Top 2. TalkHelper Call Recorder 

Compatibility: Windows

TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype provides one with all the ease of use they have hoped for with a simple, smooth, and intuitive interface. It's a reliable Skype recorder with a dedicated audio/video recording mode.

Additionally, you won't lose any voicemails because this app catches them, too. Unlike many other applications, audio is captured in stereo mode and different channels to differentiate the parties concerned. 

talk helper recorder


  • Streaming audio recorder
  • Free Skype video recording tool
  • Auto call recording
  • Record voicemails
  • Supports audio recording in stereo mode


  • No notification sound feature
  • Take a lot of storage space

Download: www.talkhelper.com

Top 3. Pamela 

Compatibility: Windows

Pamela for Windows is a free Skype recorder that boasts durability and ease of use. One can capture Skype calls and chats when there's a need. It also allows one to schedule recording and records audio in either mono or stereo mode based on a user's preference.

The software offers a lot of control and customization in capturing calls and controlling the background of chats. To ensure that one doesn't miss a Skype audio or video message, there's support for an automatic call recording function that operates without the need for your interaction.

pamela for skype


  • Support for automatic call recording
  • A lot of customization options
  • Advanced answering machine


  • Not compatible with Linux/Mac
  • Certain limitations in the free version

Download: www.pamela.biz

Top 4. Evaer Skype Recorder 

Compatibility: Windows

Evaer Skype Recorder is its kind application offering users a range of modes that you can use to capture Skype video calls, including PiP, a side-side window, different files, remote-only webcams, local-only webcams, and save in either MP4 or AVI format. Additionally, video and audio calls will be captured automatically for the users, ensuring no risk of losing a crucial call.

It also has options for one to preview the footage while the Skype video recording process begins. There are many parameters to adjust, such as video codec, resolution, frame rate, and aspect ratio concerning Skype video call capture.

evaer skype recorder


  • Support for automatic call recording
  • Preview footage
  • Options to record audio, either central, distant, or both sides


  • Take some time to load up
  • Tools might be confusing for beginners

Download: www.evaer.com

Top 5. Athek Skype Recorder 

Compatibility: Windows

Athek Skype Recorder is one of the most sophisticated Skype video and audio call recording applications that provides nothing less than the highest standard. It also offers a free trial period to test the features available in the paid version.

There's a secret mode for privacy and hidden access that allows users to capture any part of the Skype calls on your Windows PC without anyone ever recognizing them, so there's parental control. The application further can be used in both commercial and personal modes without any restriction whatsoever.

athek skype recorder


  • Record both sides of the conversation
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Support for automatic call recording


  • Record videos only in AVI format

Download: www.athtek.com/skype-recorder.html

Top 6. DVDSoft Free Skype Recorder 

Compatibility: Windows

DVDVideoSoft is a Skype call recording software with minimalistic experience and limits at all. One will experience high-quality video and audio recording with the application, along with a user-friendly GUI. With this free skype recorder, one can open up to more than one recording mode, including a PiP, video from the person at the other end, audio from both sides combined, and more.

Additionally, one has complete control over the recording process, particularly because there's a pause and play button while recording. For ease of playback, videos are normally stored in MP4 format, while normal audio-only calls are stored in MP3 format.

dvdsoft skype recorder


  • Support re-recording the Skype call
  • Support for PiP mode
  • Record Skype calls in video format as well


  • No support for automatical call recording
  • Only a few advanced features

Download: www.dvdvideosoft.com/products/dvd/Free-Video-Call-Recorder-for-Skype.htm

Top 7. Amolto Call Recorder 

Compatibility: Windows

Amolto Call Recorder is another free Skype video recording tool that guarantees one infinite Skype recording time without losing quality. This software is best suited for a user who requires reliability and efficiency while recording Skype calls anytime and anywhere.

While one may prefer the manual method of capturing Skype calls individually, this software can make the process much simpler by automatically recording them for you.

amoloto call recorder


  • No certain boundaries or limitations
  • Simplified process of recording calls


  • Crashes randomly on certain PC's

Download: amolto.com

Top 8. Call Graph Skype Recorder 

Compatibility: Windows

If you tend to be part of Skype podcasts and interviews, CallGraph Skype Recorder could be a good option to capture Skype calls more effectively. Audio calls can be captured in either MP3 or WAV format and accessed on any video platform out there. Additionally, It is also completely free to use for personal and commercial purposes without any charges, conditions, or limits.

There are quite a few small options in this application that some other applications don't offer. For example, you're free to choose where you want your recordings to be saved, unlike other software that preset the directory for you.

callgraph call recorder


  • Suitable for recording Podcasts and Interviews
  • Support manual call recording


  • Not support changing the file format

Download: scribie.com/free-skype-recorder

Top 9. Ecamm Call Recorder 

Compatibility: macOS

As one of the best free Skype video call recorders for Mac, Ecamm Call Recorder provides direct and automated recording while also providing users with access to the usual "Record" and "Pause" keys. 

Besides, File conversion features are also offered at your fingertips. Its unique ability to transform calls to MP3 equivalents for certain podcast moments or video clips for video sharing platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube is a bonus. A free trial is available, which could help you test the functionality before making up your mind to get a paid version.

ecomm call recorder


  • Built-in editing tools are available
  • Support to backup recordings
  • Customization options


  • Only for macOS
  • Require a costly subscription

Download: www.ecamm.com/mac/callrecorder

Top 10. QuickTime Player 

Compatibility: macOS

QuickTime, known for its ability to play media files on a Mac, has many other features that only a certain number of people know about. QuickTime can capture the whole screen along with the audio from the microphone, which can help you record Skype calls without much trouble.

Also, this free video recorder for Skype can produce a reasonably large file. Ensure you save the recorded call from a Skype conference, interview, or podcast in high resolution. Coming built-in without costing a dime, QuickTime is one of the best Skype Recording applications for Mac.

quicktime screen recorder mac



  • Recorded files are huge
  • It might be not very clear for some people

Top 11. CallNote 

Compatibility: macOS

CallNote is an effortless Skype call recorder software for Mac with a concise and straightforward user interface without any constraints whatsoever. Users can record both the audio or video simultaneously during a Skype call or a Mac meeting. The application can also convert the recorded speech to be translated to text transcripts as an additional bonus.

The built-in editor can refine the recorded meeting/call to improve the captured audio and video. It can also easily share files to websites such as  YouTube, Facebook, and more.

callnote skype recorder


  • Free Skype video call recorder
  • Built-in editor to refine the recordings
  • Support quick share
  • Many other tools are available


  • Work only on Mac
  • Text transcription doesn't work smoothly

Download: callnote.net/skype-video-call-recorder


There are many excellent Skype video recorders for recording Skype calls on Windows and Mac, and all tools come with their own set of features and advantages.

However, considering all the tools and ease of access, EaseUS RecExperts is the best choice. It offers exhaustive effects to improve audio, professional-level editing tools, and the option to export the files in multiple formats.

FAQs About Skype Recorder App

If you still have problems finding a free Skype video recording app, those FAQs would be helpful for you.

1. Can you record a Skype video call?

Yes, you can record Skype video calls with a powerful Skype call recorder, EaseUS RecExperts, compatible with Windows and macOS. This free Skype video recording allows you to capture video, audio, and webcam at the same time, or you can only capture one of them. This powerful Skype recording software supports selecting audio sources freely, and whether you need to capture the system sound or the microphone audio, it can always help.

2. Which is the best Skype Recorder for free?

Here are the top 11 Skype video recorders on Windows and Mac:

  • 1. EaseUS RecExperts
  • 2. TalkHelper Call Recorder
  • 3. Pamela
  • 4. Evaer Skype Recorder
  • 5. Athek Skype Recorder
  • 6. DVDSoft Free Skype Recorder
  • 7. Amolto Call Recorder
  • 8. Call Graph Skype Recorder
  • 9. Ecamm Call Recorder
  • 10. QuickTime Player
  • 11. CallNote

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