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How to Screenshot on PC Windows 10 Without Print Screen

Jane Zhou Updated on Dec 14, 2021| min read

The screenshot has become an essential part of work-life with all the technological advancements. Sometimes, the computer screen shows significant content that either needs to be saved or shared with others. Screenshots enable you to capture exactly what's being displayed on your PC screen.

There are many ways to screenshot on PC Windows 10, either with or without the print screen. Using Print Screen with the help of short keys, you have to spend a lot of time because it involves extra steps of finding, pasting, and saving the image file. To avoid unnecessary steps and time consumption, you need to download software on your PC once.

Here is a detailed procedure to take screenshots on windows 10 using software and the print screen function on your PC via short keys or snipping tool.

How to Take Screenshots on Windows 10 PC Without Print Screen

To capture a screenshot on PC Windows 10 without a print screen, you need fast software to do the task without consuming your time and energy. That software would be EaseUS RecExpert

It is an easy-to-use and quick screen recorder that can enable you to capture full screen and webcam. It has unlimited features and tools to make this screen capturing/recording process easier for everyone.

To your benefit, this software enables you to screenshot the entire screen, a specific part of the screen, and a webcam. Moreover, you can save the screenshots in GIF or PNG format as per your needs. 

The process of taking and saving screenshots has never been so smoother and faster as with this software. You have to perform some simple steps to get the desired results free of cost. Not compromising on the quality is what makes this tool the best one.

EaseUS RecExperts

  • Built-in free snipping tool
  • Flexible capture any area of your screen
  • Auto-stop and auto-split function
  • Create schedule recording tasks with one click
  • Edit the recordings with basic editing tools

Check the following tutorial to screenshot on your Windows 10 PC:

Step 1. Download and launch this program on your computer. You will see all features it offers, including Webcam recording, Audio recording, Region capturing, and other options like Settings and Full Screen recording.

EaseUS RecExperts main interface

Step 2. Click "Full Screen" or "Region" according to your need. The screen will go dim, and drag your cursor covering what you want to capture.

Select area to take screenshots

Step 3. Now press F11 or click the "Screenshot" icon to take screenshots.

Take screenshots

Step 4. The screenshots will be saved in the "Recordings" > "Pictures", where you can rename the screenshot with ease.

Preview screenshots

How to Screenshots on PC Windows 10 with Print Screen

If you don't want to install any software on your Windows PC, you may benefit from the below solutions.

#1. How to screenshots on PC with Print Screen

Print Screen Key is one of the most used and beneficial ways to take a Windows 10 screenshot. It is denoted as PrtScn on the keyboard. All you have to do is press this PrtScn key to capture the entire screen of the PC. 

The screenshot is saved in your Clipboard now. Insert the screenshot in any of the programs (e.g., Paint) that allow image insertion to save the file. 

  • Screenshot the entire screen

If you want to screenshot the entire screen and automatically save it to This PC > Pictures > Screenshot's folder, this option is applicable.

For this method, you need to press the Windows key + PrtScn. The PC screen will get dimmed on the press for you to select the only part you want a screenshot of. That is all, as easy as that!

  • Screenshot an active window

This method is useful when you need a screenshot of an active window you are working in. For applying this, press Alt + PrtScn. The screenshot is saved in the clipboard. Open it in any image inserting programs like Paint, and save it. 

#2. How to Capture Portion of Screen with Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is an excellent program for Windows 10. It is flexible and works swiftly and efficiently. You can use it when you want to take a screenshot and save it as a file. Impressively, it excludes the step of pasting the screenshot first into another program to save it.

Step 1. Search the Snipping Tool in Windows and open the program.

Launch Snipping Tool

Step 2. Then, in the Mode dropdown, select the type of snip you want. This tool offers you the following variety of screenshots:

  • Rectangle: draw a rectangle covering what you want to be in the screenshot
  • Free form: draw with your cursor, and it will become a screenshot
  • Windows: select a specific window
  • Fullscreen: take a screenshot of your entire screen

Select capture region

Step 3. Once you know what screenshot you want, click "New" at the top bar or press Windows + Shift + S. On this command, the PC screen will go dim. Draw with the help of the cursor. 

Take screenshots

Step 4. After taking the screenshot, it will open in a window where you can annotate, edit, and save it.

Edit the screenshots

Step 5. Click File > Save As to store the screenshot in the desired PC folder.


Taking a screenshot on PC Windows 10 is a daily need as the times are getting purely technological. Print Screen of Windows has a dedicated technique to screenshot your entire screen, a part of your screen, and a window. Snipping Tool is also a great help to screenshotting whatever you want to. 

However, these keys require you to open the image in a program with an image insertion tool and then save it. To avoid this and access a straightforward screen recording and process of the screenshot, get yourself EaseUS RecExpert. It is easy to download, has a user-friendly interface. Moreover, it supports many file formats like PNG, GIF, MP3, etc. It will enable you to record the entire or a part of the screen and then use many editing tools to make it per your demands.

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