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5 Methods | How to Record Audio from YouTube Easily

Jane Zhou Updated on Sep 30, 2021| min read

When watching an MV or a fantastic YouTube video, the background music may appeal to you the most. However, if you look for the touching song on the internet, you may find it unavailable. How can you get the heart-touching music easily and quickly to add it to your playlist for offline enjoying?

There are many reliable solutions to do the task. This post will show you five simple yet efficient methods to help you record YouTube audio. Just take a quick look below.

Method 1. Record YouTube Audio with EaseUS RecExperts (Win/Mac) 

As the best streaming audio recorder, EaseUS RecExperts is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. This part will offer users guides on how to record audio from YouTube on Windows and Mac, respectively.

#1. Record YouTube Audio with EaseUS RecExperts for Windows

EaseUS RecExperts for Windows is a YouTube audio recorder that has attracted plenty of attention since it launched. This software allows you to record sound from YouTube with simple clicks. After recording, you can save the recorded YouTube audio in MP3, AAC, AAC, FLAC, WAV, WMA, or OGG format effortlessly.

Apart from being a YouTube audio recorder, it is also an excellent screen recorder that lets you record a screen or various live streaming videos in high quality.

Stunning features:

  • Flexible capture any area of your screen
  • Record screen and webcam simultaneously
  • Save your recording files in multiple formats
  • Record Instagram live, internet radio, etc. efficiently
  • Support schedule recording to begin capture automatically

Now click the below button to get this excellent YouTube audio recorder on your computer to start recording. 

Steps to Record YouTube Audio Using EaseUS RecExperts for Windows:

At first, you need to open the YouTube video from which you want to record the audio.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts and click on the "Audio" button to start the audio recording mode.

audio recording mode

Step 2. If you want to customize the sound source, click on the icon in the lower-left corner. If you need to record the streaming audio, only turn on the "System sound". If it's necessary to capture your voice at the same time, select "Microphone and system sound" and adjust the volume in "Options". Then, tap on "REC" to start the recording.

Streaming Audio Recorder

Step 3. During the recording, you will see this toolbar on your screen. When you want to stop recording, click on the red button.   

stop recording

Step 4. Then, a media player will appear, and it will play the audio just recorded. There is a built-in tool for you to trim the audio freely.

play recorded audio

#2. Record Music from YouTube with EaseUS RecExperts for Mac

Mac screen recorder supports capturing audio from several sources. Take YouTube audio as an example. You can select "System sound" as the audio source and record the audio when playing it. If you need to add something more, such as your voice, to the recording, this YouTube audio recorder can also help. As this recorder supports many popular audio formats, such as MP3, FLAC, AAC, etc., you can freely choose from them.

Apart from that, the Mac screen capture allows you to record your screen and even record screen with audio on Mac with ease. The built-in video/audio player and editor enable you to view and trim the recordings with only simple clicks.

Don't miss this all-in-one recorder. You can click on the button below for a free download to get it on your Mac.

How to Record Music from YouTube with YouTube Audio Recorder on Mac:

Step 1. Download and launch EaseUS RecExperts for Mac, and click on the "Audio" option.

launch recorder

Step 2. Click the "Sound" icon to select the audio sources.

capture audio

Step 3. Two buttons enable you to record system sound, microphone audio, or both of them. Click on "OK" to confirm your choice and click "REC" to start recording.

select audio source

Step 4. Once done, you can stop the recording, and the captured audio will be automatically saved on your Mac.

stop recording

Method 2. Record YouTube Audio with Audacity 

Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio recorder and editor for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems. It can record streaming audio through a microphone or mixer or digitize recordings from other media. Audacity can also capture streaming audio with some sound cards and on any recent version of Windows.

record youtube audio with audacity

Steps to Record MP3 from YouTube with Audacity:

Step 1. Download and install Audacity, then open Audacity and hit "Edit > Preferences" from the top menu.

Step 2. In the Devices section, locate the "Recording" section. Next, click the "Stereo Mix" option under the Device section.

select stereo mix

If the option is not available, you can follow the steps to enable it:

  • Open Control Panel, and go to "Hardware and sound > Sound > Recording."
  • Right-click with the mouse on the blank space, select "Show Disabled Devices."
  • The Stereo Mix device should now be visible. Right-click on it and select "Enable."

If the Stereo Mix option is still unavailable, it is likely because your computer has an integrated sound card. Stereo Mix is not available with built-in sound cards, and you cannot download streaming audio from a YouTube video. You'd better try another solution in this post.

Step 3. Click OK to save the new sound settings. Then, open the Audacity again to work with the Stereo Mix option.

Step 4. Open your YouTube video and hit the record button. When the process completes, click "Stop." The file can be exported and saved to the wanted device with the MP3 file format.

Method 3. Record MP3 from YouTube  with Online Video Converter 

For those who don't want to download any software, an online YouTube audio recorder is the best choice. It does not require much technical know-how, and you don't have to install anything on your computer. Here, I'd like to let you know how to use the sites to record and convert YouTube audio. A couple of websites offer this service; the most important thing is to find a trustworthy online application. Take Online Video Converter, for example. This free tool promises that every video you record by their service will have the original, top sound quality available.

record youtube audio with online youtube audio recorder

Steps to Record YouTube Audio with Online Video Converter:

Step 1. Go to the YouTube video page and copy the video URL you want to save as an MP3 audio file.

Step 2. Open Online Video Converter on the internet, then paste your video URL in the text field available at the top of the website page.

Step 3. Below the text field, make sure Format: .mp3 is selected in the drop-down list.

Step 4. Click the "Start" button. When the process completes, you will get a download option. Select "Download" to save the YouTube video as an MP3 audio file.

Try: https://onlinevideoconverter.pro/

Method 4. Record Music from YouTube with Free Sound Recorder 

Free Sound Recorder is an excellent audio recorder that can help you capture sound with ease. It allows you to record music from any online music site like Grooveshark/YouTube. Most importantly, you need to pay nothing for tons of newly released songs and classic albums. Now, enjoy the recorded online music on your music player!

record youtube video with free sound recorder

How to Record MP3 from YouTube with Free Sound Recorder:

Step 1.  Download and Install Free Sound Recorder.

Step 2. Click the "Record" button to activate the online music recorder. Click "Show mixer window" to choose the sound source from the "Recording Mixer." Then, select the proper recording device, "Stereo Mix," from the "Recording Device" drop-down menu. Adjust the volume and balance.

Step 3. Go to "Options > General Settings," choose an output format. 

Step 4. Play the YouTube video you want to record. Click "Start recording" to start. 

Step 5. Once done, you can stop the recording and export it with information about the artist and the song.

Method 5. Download YouTube Video and Convert to MP3 

Another way to get songs from YouTube videos is by downloading the video first and converting it to MP3. The easiest way to download YouTube videos is by using a free YouTube downloader - EaseUS MobiMover. With it, you can do the following things:

  • Save online videos to iPhone/iPad without iTunes or jailbreak
  • Download videos to a computer (PC, Mac, laptop) with high quality
  • Download videos in MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, and more formats
  • Download videos from any popular website, including YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

download youtube video

Steps to Record a YouTube Video with EaseUS MobiMover:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS MobiMover, go to "Video Downloader," and choose to download YouTube videos to your computer.

Step 2. Copy the YouTube video URL, paste it into the bar, and then tap the "Download" button.

Step 3. Then MobiMover will quickly analyze the URL and download the YouTube video to your computer.

After downloading, you can convert YouTube video to MP3 for free with a free MP4 to MP3 converter - EaseUS Video Editor. This professional video editing software can edit Windows videos easily and comes with an auxiliary function of extracting audio from any videos. By the way, you can detach the sound from the video if you want to get the audio quickly.

To Sum Up

You can always get help with the five efficient audio recording methods with the best free YouTube audio recorder. Or you can also download YouTube videos and convert them to wanted audio formats.

Record YouTube Audio FAQs

1. How to download songs from YouTube?

To download songs from YouTube:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS MobiMover, go to Video Downloader and choose to download YouTube videos to your computer.

Step 2. Copy the URL of the YouTube video, paste it into the bar, and then tap the Download button.

Step 3. Then MobiMover will quickly analyze the URL and download the YouTube video to your computer.

Then, convert the video to MP3 format with ease.

2. How to record a YouTube video?

To record YouTube audio:

Step 1. Go to the YouTube video page and copy the video URL you want to save as an MP3 audio file.

Step 2. Open Online Video Converter on the internet.

Step 3. Paste your video URL.

Step 4. Make sure Format: .mp3 is selected in the drop-down list.

Step 5. Click the Start button. When the process completes, select Download to save the YouTube video as an MP3 audio file.

3. How to convert YouTube video to MP3?

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Video Editor, Import target file by clicking Import or dragging it into EaseUS Video Editor.

Step 2. Right-click on the target file you would like to convert and select Add to project.

Step 3. Click Export to start converting the target file. Select the desired audio format such as MP3 or AAC for the target file, rename it, set the output folder.

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