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How to Record Video on Mac with External Camera

Vanessa Chiang Updated on Jun 24, 2021| min read

Taking a video with the built-in iSight camera is the most convenient way for most Mac users to record the webcam. However, for people whose built-in camera can't be used as normal, recording videos using an external camera is the most efficient alternative. 

How to record video on Mac with external camera? Which is the best recorder on the macOS system? All the questions you may be interested in are included in this post, come and get the answers right now. 

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How to Record Video on Mac with External Camera 

For Mac users, it's quite necessary to plug in an external camera to record their videos when the integrated one is broken. Therefore they have to carefully select the best hardware device as well as the recording software. We will now talk about two of the best recorders on Mac compatible with an external camera.

EaseUS RecExperts for Mac

This is a lightweight Webcam recorder that enables Mac users to take videos on Mac with the external and built-in camera. If you are a novice at Webcam recording, this software might be the most suitable one for you since you can quickly find the tool you need on its simple and elegant interface.

How to use an external camera on Mac? First and foremost, you need to connect it to a MacBook using a cable, then select it as the video source from the list of options in the Photo Booth program. 

After that, you can launch this screen recorder and start recording a video on Mac with an external camera. You can freely select the audio source during the recording, which means you can record computer audio, microphone audio, and both.

Main Features:

Download this rich-featured recorder to record Webcam on Mac now!


Method of Recording a Video on Mac with External Camera:

Step 1. Open EaseUS RecExperts, and choose the "Webcam" button on the main interface.

Main interface

Step 2. Then the inbuilt camera will open automatically, and you can see the recording window on the desktop. If you want to record the webcam with audio, click on the "Sound" icon at the bottom left to select the audio source.

Select audio source

Step 3. Click "REC" to start your webcam recording, and you can choose to pause, resume, or end the recording by clicking the two buttons on the left side. At last, the recording will be saved on your Mac.

Start webcam recording

QuickTime Player

This is a multimedia application developed by Apple. This classic media player supports various common formats of video, audio, picture, and panoramic images. 

QuickTime Player can work as a video editor to trim, rotate, split, and merge video clips because of its multifunctionality. Besides that, you can also use it to record what is happening on your screen. If you want to upload your recordings to various platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, and Facebook, you only need to click several buttons. 

record video with external camera quicktime


  • Support playing high-quality videos
  • Upload videos to social networks directly
  • Support elemental video editing functions

How to Record Webcam Mac:

Step 1. Insert your external camera. Launch QuickTime Player, click on the drop-down "File" menu, and choose "New Movie Recording."

Step 2. Click on the red "Record" button to start your recording. 

Step 3. Click on the stop button to end the recording. You can crop your recording into a short one if it's necessary. 

Step 4. Select "Save" from the drop-down "File" menu. Save the video file to wherever you want.

Mac Record Video from External Camera Online 

If you are not willing to download and install software on Mac, some optional online Webcam recording tools can help you. You can open those pages in an Internet browser and utilize them directly.

Record a Webcam with Veed

Veed is a powerful one among all the online webcam recorders, for it supports adding many kinds of elements to your videos. You can add subtitles by uploading subtitle files automatically or entering the words manually. Progress bar, sound wave, Emojis, and shapes are all available when editing the video you recorded. 

The different layouts give you the ability to arrange your videos' content according to your different needs. Moreover, this online tool will not limit the number of videos you can record, although it's free to use. If you plan to upload the video you recorded to social media, you can use Veed to optimize your works.

record with external camera veed


  • Easy-to-use for even beginners
  • Add layers, images, audio, and subtitles
  • Review your webcam recording instantly all online
  • Provide unlimited retakes

How to Record Video Mac Camera Online: 

Step 1. Open the page and select "Webcam" from the list of layouts. 

Step 2. Click on the red button to start the recording process. If you finish your recording, click that button again.

Step 3. Review the video you recorded, edit it if you need that, and click the "Export" button to get your video file. 

Try: https://www.veed.io/screen-recorder

Record a Webcam with Webcam Test

This famous online recorder is also very full-featured. Before you start the recording, you can decide if you want to record only videos or record voice from your microphone, too. It can detect the maximum camera resolution to create videos of the best quality. 

Webcam Test Recorder is a background video recorder that allows you to switch between tabs or minimize your browser during the recording. If you have no idea about how to record video using Webcam on Mac, try to use this online tool to do that.

webcam test 1


  • Manually specify the bitrate for video and audio recording
  • Free to use
  • Take snapshots with it 

How to Record Camera Mac Online:

Step 1. Open the page and select the Webcam Recorder Options according to your needs. 

Step 2. Click the "Start recording" button. 

Step 3. Choose "Stop recording" and review your video. You can choose to download it or retake a new video. 

Try: https://webcamtests.com/recorder

Bonus Tips: Record External Webcam on Windows 

For Windows users, you have too many choices when selecting the best recorder to create a recording with your plugin camera. EaseUS RecExperts for Windows can be considered the most powerful and rich-featured one among all these applications. 

This external Webcam recorder is designed for beginners as well as professionals. Apart from capturing the webcam,  It also offers you options to record your screen, capture audio and gameplay with simple clicks.

If you are a huge fan of computer games, you can use this best game recording software to record your operations and share them with your friends. If you love to watch videos on YouTube and download them, this YouTube recorder can also help. 

Key Features:

Download the best screen recording software right now!

Steps to Record with Webcam on Windows:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts on your computer, and you will see two "Webcam" icons on the main interface. Click on the "Webcam" button next to the "Audio" button to continue.

webcam recording mode

Step 2. Now, in this webcam recording mode, click on the lower-left button to select the audio source. The options allow you to capture system sound, microphone, or both two.

Record Webcam

Step 3. Click on the other "Webcam" button and select the camera that you want to use in the recording. Then, tap on the "REC" button to start recording.

webcam preview

Step 4. During the recording process of the webcam, you will see the following interface. Click on the two buttons on the right side if you want to pause or stop the recording. Finally, the recorded video will be saved to your computer.

stop record camera


To help people who are not familiar with recorders, we introduced some practical tools and how to record video on Mac with an external camera using those recorders. 

There is no doubt that EaseUS RecExperts is the most powerful recorder for Windows users through all those analyses above. Download it and try to record videos on Mac with an external camera.

FAQs About How to Record a Video on Mac 

If you have more questions about how to record video on Mac, those answers may help you.

1. How to use external camera on Mac?

How to use camera on MacBook? This is not a difficult question. But fewer people know how does Mac record video from external camera.

First of all, you need to connect the external webcam to your MacBook with a USB cable and wait for several seconds until the Mac recognizes the external camera.

Then, launch the Photo Booth program, choose Camera from the options at the top of the screen, and select the external camera as the options list's video source. Now, you can use the external one instead of the default iSight webcam.

2. How to take videos on Mac with audio?

To record videos on Mac with audio, a powerful recorder is necessary. We take EaseUS RecExperts as an example. First, you need to download and install it on your Mac, then choose the appropriate recording mode, such as screen recording or Webcam recording.

There will be a menu for you to select the audio source. You can choose from system audio, microphone audio, and both of them. Click the Rec button to start recording, and click the stop button after you capture all the contents you need, the recorded video with audio will be saved on your Mac.

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