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[2020] How to Record Video on PC in Windows 10 (6 Picks)

Tracy King updated on Oct 27, 2020 to Screen Recording Utility | How-to Articles

Can you screen record Windows 10 and create a video? Are you having this question "How do I record my screen on Windows 10 for free" on your mind? With the fast spread and improvement of streaming media, recording videos on PC, uploading and sharing videos online is becoming a popular way to among many people to express their thoughts and inspiration. People also record screen capture videos to expand their businesses, such as capturing video clips for online courses, record product demonstration videos, commercial marketing videos, etc.

So do you know how to record videos on Windows 10 PC? If you are looking for a reliable screen video recorder on Windows 10, continue reading, and you will find 6 practical ways classified into two parts, as shown below with detailed tutorial guidelines to help you record Windows 10 screen video with ease.

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Record Video on Windows 10 with Video Recorder

Applies to: Create screen capture videos for all levels of users (beginners, amateurs, professionals) on Windows 10 desktop computers and laptops. 

The easiest and most efficient way to record video on Windows 10 is to download a reliable video recorder for help. If you prefer a simple way to record a high-quality video on your computer, it's using video recording software. Here we have collected three screen recorders for Windows 10 that you can pick up any one of them and follow the tutorial guide to start creating your masterpiece. After recording, if you need to add some effects to the video, reliable video editing software - EaseUS Video Editor can help. 

# 1. EaseUS RecExperts - Best Recommendation

EaseUS RecExperts is a full-featured but lightweight free screen recorder to make professional-looking videos on your PC. With this video recorder, you can easily capture what's happening on your entire screen or just a selected Windows, and even create a scheduled recording task to record video on your PC. Moreover, this software enables you to record audio on Windows 10, webcam, and capture audio and video at the same time. If you are a gameplay lover, you cannot miss this video recorder, as it can help you record gameplay in 4K UHD resolution.

More stunning features about EaseUS RecExperts:

  • Simple and friendly user interface
  • Flexible capture any area os your screen 
  • Enhance video with texts, lines, arrows, images while recording
  • Saved the recording footage for more than 10 formats, like MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.
  • Export the recording to popular video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo

Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7

How to record video on Windows 10 PC with EaseUS RecExperts? let's check the following tutorials.

Step 1. Open the web page that contains the video that you want to capture. Then launch EaseUS RecExperts on your computer and click "Record Screen". 

Open EaseUS RecExperts

Step 2. Click "Full" and choose the "Select region" option to adjust the area of the screen that you want to record. After that, click "Microphone" to select the "System sound" option. 

If you need to leave your computer for a while, you can use the capture timer and the program will stop grabbing the video at the designed time. Just click on the "Task Scheduler(OFF)" button to set the start and stop time.

Set the area of the recording screen

Step 3. Once done, click on the "REC" button to start the recording. While recording the video, you can use the take screenshots, add texts, and highlight the important part of the video. If you like, you also can add arrows, numbering, and something else to your video.

Record streaming video

Step 4. Once you have captured the video from the web page, click the "Stop" button. The recorded video will be immediately saved to your computer. Then right-click on the recorded video on the Video list. You can choose to preview, compress, edit, or upload the video directly to sharing media sites like YouTube.

Record streaming video on Windows 10

#2. Icecream Screen Recorder (Free)

Icecream Screen Recorder is an innovative video recording software that supports users to record video on your Windows 10 PC or Mac computer. It helps to flexibly customize the window size - full screen, custom area, video resolution, etc.

Besides, Icecream Screen Recorder also supports recording Skype calls, games videos, video tutorials, live streams,  and more for free. 

Download Link: https://icecreamapps.com/Screen-Recorder/

Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7, macOS, Android

How-to Tutorial: Record Video on Windows 10 with Icecream Screen Recorder

Step 1. Install and run the Icecream Screen Recorder. Click the "Capture video" button and set the window size that you want to record on your PC.

Open Icecream Screen Recorder

Step 2. Drag the center of the recording window to the desired region on your computer. Click "Rec" to start recording screen movements on your computer. You can also reset the recording frame to other sizes, such as full-screen 1920x1080, 1366x768, etc.

Set Window size to recorder video

Step 3. When you finish the recording, press F8 or click the Stop button to complete the record. The recorded video will be automatically saved on your Desktop by default.

Note that the video recording feature has 5 minutes limit with watermark, and if you need to record long video, you will need to upgrade Icecream Screen Recorder to a pro version.

Limit of Icecream Screen recorder

#3. Flashback Express (Free)

Flashback Express is designed to offer free access for Windows users to record screen clips with ease. Users can apply this software to capture actions in any area on Windows PC. Flashback Express allows users to add webcam footage to the screen recording, record videos with no watermark. The recorded video can also be easily shared to YouTube. 

Download Link: https://www.flashbackrecorder.com/express/

Supported OS: Windows 10/7

Tutorial to Record Video on Windows 10 PC

Step 1. Install and run Flashback Express Recorder on your PC. Select the Record mode - Fullscreen, Region, Window, and click "Record" to start.

Open Flashback Express

Step 2. Adjust the window size and location, and click "Record" to start.

Record video with Flashback Express

Step 3. When you finish recording, click the red square button to stop. Click "Save" to save the recorded video. After this, you can play the recorded video on your computer with the Flashback Express Player.

Finish recording video with Flashback Express

#4. Camtasia (Paid)

Camtasia is produced by TechSmith for professional users to record onscreen videos and edit videos with annotations, behaviors, animations, cursor effects, etc., effects. With a built-in recorder, you can easily record videos on PC in Windows 10 with ease.

Download Link: https://www.techsmith.com/video-editor.html

Supported OS: Windows 10/8.1/8/7, macOS

How to Record Video on Windows 10 PC

Step 1. Install and run Camtasia, click "New Recording" to continue.

Open Camtasia

Step 2. Drag the window center to place it to the desired region, and adjust the window size, dimensions from the below pane. Click the red "rec" button to start recording.

Set to record video with Camtasia

Step 3. When you finish the recording, click the Stop button to complete. 

Finish Recording video on PC with Camtaisa

After this, Camtasia will load the recorded video, and you can play the video or add more effects to the video there.

Record Video on PC in Windows 10 with Built-in Tools & App

Applies to: Record video on PC in Windows 10 by using Windows built-in tools and app.

Another practical method that you can apply to record video on Windows 10 PC is to use the Windows 10 built-in tool or application for help. Here, we will mainly introduce two tools for you to follow and capture screen clips for free:

#1. Game Bar

Game bar is a pre-installed tool on Windows 10 for Xbox players to capture game screenshots, game videos, etc., for free. It is enabled by default.  If it's not turned on, Go to Settings > Gaming > Game bar to turn it On. 

Turn on Game Bar

Steps to record video on Windows 10 with built-in screen recorder

Step 1. Press Windows + G to open Game Bar. Click "Yes" if you see a prompt, asking if the highlighted application on your screen is a game.

Step 2. Click the Start/Stop Recording button or press Windows + Alt + R keys to start or stop recording. If you need to turn on the microphone, click the Microphone On button.

Record game video with game bar

Step 3. When you finish recording, click the Stop Recording button to complete. The video will be saved as MP4 in the Videos/Capture folder on your PC.

#2. Camera App with Webcam

If you have a webcam on your laptop or PC, you can also try to use the Camera app to record video on Windows 10. It's free and easy. The only thing that you should be aware of is that the video quality highly relies on Webcam resolution. The higher resolution on your webcam, the clear the video will be.

How to record a video on PC Windows 10 with Webcam

Step 1. Right-click Windows icon and type Camera in the search bar, click to open the Camera application.

Open Camera

Step 2. Click the Video button on the Camera app to switch the mode from photos to video mode. Click the Video button again to start record video.

Record video with Camera app

Step 3. The camera app will start recording video for you. When you finish recording videos, you can click the Red button to stop the recording.

Finish Recording Video with Camera app

Bonus Tip: Edit and Add Effect to the Recorded Video on Windows 10

When you finish the video recording process, you have got video footage on your computer. You can either choose to share it with your friends directly or adding more video effects to the video, beautifying it with better quality.

If you prefer to edit and add more video effects to the recorded video, making it like a professional tutorial, advanced video editing software - EaseUS Video Editor can help. It allows you to simply beautify the video with filters, overlays, transitions, and some special effects in only a few simple steps. 


This page covers six ways to assist Windows 10 PC users in recording videos on their computers with simple clicks.

  • If you prefer a video recording software, EaseUS RecExperts is the best option which supports users to take high-quality video on PC without watermark.
  • If you prefer Windows built-in application, Camera with webcam is a good choice.
  • If you want to add effects to your video for free, making it more professional, don't miss EaseUS Video Editor. It will make your video beautiful and professional in only a few simple clicks.

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