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[Solved] How to Record Lync Meeting with High Quality

Jane Zhou Updated on Apr 20, 2021|   min read

Microsoft Lync is one of the most popular platforms for holding online meetings. With Lync, you can send messages, hold online meetings, or make video/audio calls with your friends and partners effortlessly. Sometimes when you fail to attend an online meeting and want to know the content or view later, then the best solution is to record Lync meeting. If you don't know how to do the task, you will learn the best solution here.

How to Record Lync Meeting in Lync Online

If you have enabled recording, you can record the Lync meeting within this app. You can capture the audio, video, presentation, and whiteboard in simple clicks, but how to do the task? After recording the following content, you can complete it efficiently.

Step by step to record Lync Meeting within the app

Step 1. Join a Lync conversation or a meeting, then click on More Options > Start Recording.

Sometimes, the recording option may be dimmed, and your audio might not be connected. Here you can click the microphone/phone icon to connect audio and try it again.

Record Lync meeting

Step 2. While the recording is in process, you can choose to pause, resume, or stop the recording by clicking the controls at the bottom of the window.

Start recording Lync

Step 3. Once done, click the Stop Recording button. Then the Lync will save the recording in MP4 format automatically. (Recordings are saved in the Videos/Lync Recordings folder on your computer)

How to Record Lync Meeting on Windows 10

Lync just allows you to do simple conversation/meeting recordings. If you want to make an annotation or highlight something in this meeting, you'd better use an excellent screen recording software, like EaseUS RecExperts.

EaseUS RecExperts for Windows is one of the best free screen recorder software. Using it, you can capture the Lync meeting easily and quickly. While recording, you can use Zoom and Spotlight features to highlight the key points of the meeting. Besides, it offers you many options to enhance and enrich your recording with text, lines, arrows, text, and images. Recording Zoom meetings, Skype, Google Hangout, etc., this screen capture software can simplify your daily tasks.

Key features:

  • Support recording the full screen, part of the screen, or a locked window flexibly
  • Record screen, audio, webcam, gameplay with high-quality outputs
  • Allow you to schedule recording 
  • A versatile video streaming recorder to capture different live streaming videos
  • Export the recording for more than 10 formats like MP4, MP3, AVI, and many more

Want to get such a great Lync meeting recorder? Click the below button to download it now!

To help you use EaseUS RecExperts better, we offer you detailed tutorials to record Lync meeting on Windows 10 PC.

Step 1. Configure the Screen Recording Options

Open EaseUS RecExperts on your computer and click "Record Screen". On the following screen, click "Custom" and choose the area on your screen that you want to capture. Then, select an audio source from the "System & Mic" option. Click the "Webcam" option and add an overlay of your webcam footage to your screencast.

Choose recording options

Step 2. Specify Recording Settings

Once you have configured the basic screencast options, you might want to configure the advanced options. Click the cog icon at the top to open the settings menu. On the following screen, select a format for your screencast and specify other options as you feel appropriate.

When you are done, click "OK" at the bottom to save your settings.

Adjust recording settings

Step 3. Start and Stop Making a Recording

You should now be back to the main interface. Open up the screen that you want to make a screencast, and then click "Rec" in the software. The software will start recording everything that is displayed on your screen.

When you are done with the recording, click the stop button to stop and save the recording to your computer.

Make a screencast with EaseUS RecExperts

Step 4. View All Your Recordings

This software keeps all your screencasts at a single location for you to view. From the main software interface, click the option that says "Video list" to view all of the screen recordings that you have ever made with this program.

View screen recording files

How to record Lync Meeting on Mac

Apart from Windows users, there are still a great many users working on Mac computer. In this part, we will share with you two reliable methods to help you capture Lync meeting on Mac with ease.

1. EaseUS RecExperts for Mac

As a screen recorder without watermark, EaseUS RecExperts can assist you in recording Lync effortlessly. 

With a simple yet powerful workflow, EaseUS RecExperts for Mac is friendly to all levels of users. To capture your Lync meeting, you just need to open it, select the recording area and audio source, then click on the Record button to begin your recording. That's it!

This best screen recorder on Mac can also help you capture your screen flexibly, record internal audio on Mac without downloading other software, and even record internal or external webcam and record your iOS devices with high quality. Most importantly, it will not leave a watermark on your recordings.

If you are searching for such kind of screen recording software, you can not miss it!

Key features:

  • Full-featured Mac screen capture
  • Record system sound on Mac easily and quickly
  • Make iPad or iPhone screen recording wirelessly
  • Export recording in MP4, M4A, and GIF

Now follow the steps to record Lync meeting on Mac, before that, download EaseUS RecExperts for Mac first.

2. QuickTime Player

Another way to record Lync meeting on Mac is to use QuickTime Player. This built-in software can not only play media files but do basic screen recording activities on your Mac. In only a few steps, you can capture Lync meeting successfully. Now let's take a look at how to capture Lync meeting with QuickTime Player.

Step 1. Launch QuickTime Player and join a Lync meeting on Mac.

Step 2. Click File > New Screen Recording, then click on the downward arrow to select the recording options based on your needs.

Record Lync with QuickTime

Step 3. Once done, click the Record button to select the recording area and begin your recording. To finish the recording, click on the stop button, which is near the WiFi button.

Step 4. After all done, click File > Save to name and save your recording on Mac computer.

Export the recording


On this page, we have shown you four methods to record Lync meetings, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • For those who just do simple recording activities, QuickTime Player and the built-in screen recorder can meet the needs.
  • For users needing to add annotations or do other editing work, EaseUS RecExperts is the best choice. With full features of recording, it can satisfy almost all of your needs and simplify your tasks.

Record Lync Meeting FAQs

1. Can you record Skype meetings?

Yes, you can record Skype meetings on your computer and mobile phone. To get the work done, you'd better choose a useful screen recorder.

2. How do I share a Lync recording?

Step 1. Click Tools > Recording Manager to play the Lync recording.

Step 2. Click Browse to locate it, then copy the file to post on a shared location. If you cannot post the recording, make sure you have enough space on the page.

3. Where is Lync recording stored?

Your Lync recordings are stored in the Video/Lync Recordings folder on your computer.

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