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How to Easily Record Game Commentaries Audio on Windows

Game commentaries videos are more and more popular on YouTube. The plenty of game commentaries videos released that will attract massive people to watch. Such as some hot steam games, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, Red Dead Redemption 2, Satisfactory and more. The game video bloggers get a lot of fans from game commentaries videos.

So, do you know how to record a game commentary audio on Windows? Next, I will show you the best three game audio software.

Before you start recording game audio, you need to prepare the following equipment:

Part 1. Top 3 Best Game Audio Recorder on Windows

If you area Windows use, do you notice that in Windows 10 has a built-in audio recorder?Named Video Recorder.

#1. Video Recorder

Video Recorder is a straightforward application to record audio. This software is free for Windows users, and you even do not need to download any software that you can use. If you want to use it, you may first make sure this software is installed on your Windows. If not, you need to open Microsoft Store and click the "Get" button to install it on your computer.

video recorder

Key Features:

  • Support recording audio
  • Support Windows user free to use
  • No need to download software on your computer

The steps of recording game audio using Video Recorder:

Step 1. Open the Start Menu and search the Video Recorder software, click it to open.

Step 2. Click the "Record" button to start recording or use the default keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + R" to open it.

Step 3. When you finish recording, click the "Stop" button to stop recording and save the game recording audio file on your computer.

In the end, before you use this software to record your game audio. In order to not waste time, you may need to make sure the microphone is open. Generally speaking, the microphone is enabled by default. If it's not open, you can follow by "Setting" > "Microphone privacy settings" > "Voice Recorder" to turn it on.

Video recorder microphone setting

But this software does not support editing your recording audio file, and if you need to crop some audio part, this software may not help you a lot. You may help with the third-party software.

#2. EaseUS RecExperts (Our Recommend)

EaseUS RecExperts is an all-in-one screen recorder, you can use this software to record video, audio, webcam, and game. Whether you use this program to record YouTube videos or record webinars, this software is qualified to satisfy your recording needs. If you have no idea about how to record zoom meeting, just try to use EaseUS RecExperts, it's really easy to get started with. 

And this software not only supports recording game audio but also supports recording game screens and audio commentaries simultaneously. When you finish recording your game, this software has an advanced editing function that you can edit your recording files. And then, you can directly share the video on YouTube or other platforms.


  • Support recording gamely audio and video at the same time
  • Support recording full game screen and part of the game screen
  • Support advanced editing
  • Support adding texts, lines, arrows, and other real-time editing works

About EaseUS RecExperts, here still have some information you may concern:

System requirement: Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10
Supported video/audio formats: Video - mp4, wmv, avi, FLV, mpeg, vob and more
Audio - wav, mp3,aac and a lot more
Supported image formats: bmp, jpg, png, gif, tiff and more

How to record game audio using EaseUS RecExperts:

Step 1. Launch the game you want to record and then the open the EaseUS RecExperts. Click the "Record Game" button to get in the game recording.


Step 2. Then, you can select the recording frames rate, and record sound type. Such as you can select to record the system sound, microphone voice, or system sound and microphone.

Select the recording game audio types

Step 3. When you finish editing, click the "REC" button to start recording

Step 4. After saving the recorded gameplay video, you can directly save the video to a local disk or upload it to cloud storage, YouTube, Vimeo, and many other platforms.

video file sharing

#3. OBS Studio

obs main screen

OBS Studio is a free and open-source video recording software. You can use this program to record video and streaming live. Whatever you are a Windows, Mac, or Linux that you all can download or install this software on your computer. So, if you want to use this software to record game audio, this software will help you a lot.


  • Powerful and easy to use configuration options
  • Set hotkeys for nearly every sort of action
  • Support recording game commentaries audio

How to record game audio using OBS Studio:

Step 1. Launch this software, and setting the part of the screen record and audio.

Step 2. Setting the game sound to make sure your voice and the game sound at the right levels. And then start recording.

Step 3. When you finish recording, click the "File" button that you can find your game recording audio.


To sum up, on this page we are talking about the best three game audio recording software. You can choose the one you need. Although these programs all have their features, here, we still suggest you choose EaseUS RecExperts. Because, this software not only supports recording game audio and game video, but also supports an advance editing function that you can edit your game audio and video. EaseUS RecExperts is a worthy choice, and you do not miss it!

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