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An easy-to-use screen recording utility to record and capture everything for any occasion.

  • Capture a full or a certain area from the screen
  • Record audio like system sound, microphone, or both
  • Record zoom meetings, YouTube videos, live streams, etc.

How to Record Game and Face for Free

In recently, game commentaries videos are most popular in the video playing platforms. This kind of video is consist of gameplay screen and face webcam. If you want to record a game and face video, you may need to with the screen recorder’s help. So, on this page, I will show you the best five screen recorders to help you to record the game and face.

Part 1. The Beat Game and Face Recorder on Windows 10

In this part, I will show you the best game and face recorders on Windows 10, they are:

1. Game Bar

Xbox record gameplay

Game Bar is Windows 10 built-in screen recorder, which is designed for gamers in Windows 10. you can use this software to record your computer screen, record the game on your screen, and more. Using this software, you do not need to download or install any software on your computer that you can free to use. Although this software is easy to use, the facecam function does not support this software. You only can use this program to record the game screen. If you need to record the game screen and face, this software may not help you a lot.

For this reason, next, I will show you a powerful screen recorder to satisfy your need.

2. EaseUS RecExperts (Our Recommend)

EaseUS RecExperts is an all-in-one screen recorder. You can use this software to record video, audio, webcam, and game. Since last month, this software has published, which has attracted plenty of people’s attention. Except for these basic recording functions, this software also supports recording the game screen and face at the same time. If you want to record a game commentaries videos, this software is the best choice.

With this software, you can also record a zoom meeting, record a part of or full screen, and other functions are waiting for you to discover. If you want to know more about this software, you can click the following link to download it and have a try!


  • Support flexible capture any area of your screen
  • Support recording audio and video simultaneously
  • Support recording gameplay and face video
  • Support advanced editing your recording video
  • Support adding text, lines, arrows, and other real-time editing works

The steps of recording game and face using EaseUS RecExperts :

Step 1. Download and install EaseUS RecExperts on your computer, then launch it.


Step 2. In the main screen, choose the "Record Screen". Before you start recording, you need to make sure your camera is driving, and then click "Webcam" to select "USB Video Device".

select camera webcam

Step 3. You will see the recording area appear in your webcam window. And you also can select the recording area on your screen. Click the REC" button to start recording, and your face will show up in the corner of the screen.

recording webcam and screen

Step 4. If you finish recording, click the stop button, the recording video file will save on your device. You can also right-click the video recorded that you can preview, compress, edit, share the video, and do more.

edit recorded video

3. Ezvid (Windows)

ezvid main screen

Ezvid is an ease screen recorder on Windows. You can use this software to record video, audio, gameplay video, and more. And this program is very easy to use, whatever you are a beginner or professional that you can use this software. With one click, you can record your screen. This program also has a special function that is you can record your gameplay video with your face. If you need to record a game commentaries videos, this software can help you a lot.


  • Support recording the drawing in the screen
  • Support recording the game and face video
  • The built-in video editor can help you to edit your recording videos

Part 2. The Beat Game and Face Recorder on Mac

acethinker main screen

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is an important screen recording software for Windows and Mac. Whatever which system you use that you can use this software to record your game and face as a video. You can easily use this software to capture and save any activity happening on your computer screen. Such as video gameplay, web videos, webinars, and more. Especially this program support adding webcam overlay function, this function is very useful in the recording gameplay video.


  • Support adding webcam overlay function
  • Support adding text, highlight, arrow, rectangle, and more during the recording
  • Support sharing the recording video to YouTube

Part 3. The Beat Game and Face Recorder on Phone

game recorder facecam main screen

Game Recorder with Facecam is a game and face recording app on the phone. You can use this program to record your gameplay videos with audio, came preview, comments, text, and logos. And this software is very easy to use, you just click the simple button that you can record you can create amazing gameplay and face video. When you finish recording your gameplay video, you can directly share online or with your friends.


  • Support adding face-cam commentary
  • Support recording game videos with audio
  • Supports adjusting the game video’s resolution, frame, and bit-rate
  • Support adding your personalized text and logos


To sum up, on this page, we are talking about the five best games and face recorders on Windows, Mac, and Phone. You can choose the best one according to your needs. If you are a Windows user, here we still suggest you choose EaseUS RecExperts. Because this software not only supports recording gameplay and face, recording video, audio, and more but also supports an advanced editing function, which you can use to edit your recording videos. So, in a word, EaseUS RecExperts is a worthy choice, and you do not miss it!

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