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[Full Guide] How to Record a ClickMeeting Webinar

Jane Zhou updated on Jan 13, 2021 to Screen Recording Utility | How-to Articles

ClickMeeting is one of the most popular webinar software used by lots of people. It is a great video conference program for you to hold online meetings, share online classes and training sessions, etc.. Sometimes you need to record ClickMeeting webinars for later reviewing or checking, but you may not know how to complete the task. If you are, you can get full guides in this article. On this page, you will learn four effective ways to record ClickMeeting meetings on Windows and Mac with ease.  

Part 1. How to Record ClickMeeting Within The App

If you are an organizer and want to record the ClickMeeting webinar, you can get the work done within the app. ClickMeeting is integrated with a screen recorder that can help you do simple screen recordings. However, it is only for the organizer and will notice other people that you are doing screen recording work.  

Record ClickMeeting

Here is the tutorial on recording a webinar on ClickMeeting:

Step 1. Launch ClickMeeting on your computer, then sign in your account to start or join a meeting or webinar. If you need to capture yourself and your voice, you'd better enable the microphone and webcam options.

Step 2. When you are ready, you can click on the red "REC" button at the top to begin the recording. The recording will stop automatically as soon as the webinar is complete.

Tips: There are different layouts you can apply to your recordings, like Presentation, Presentation & video, and many more.

Step 3. Once done, click "Account Panel" to navigate the recordings you have made. If you are happy with it, you can download the recorded video to your computer in MP4 format.

You may want more recording options like adding annotations, capturing a locked window, however the built-in function cannot meet your needs. Thus, you can try the third-party software below.

Part 2. How to Record a ClickMeeting Webinar on Windows

EaseUS RecExperts for Windows is an excellent webinar recorder program, and it can assist you in recording various video conference calls in a few simple steps.

Working with it, you can capture the ClickMeeting webinar in seconds. This screen recording software enables you to capture the screen, webcam, and audio, respectively or simultaneously. While recording, you can take screenshots, add some annotations to the recording like text, lines, etc., or use some Spotlight or Zoom function to highlight the important information. Besides, it supports creating schedule recording with a timer, which means it will auto start or stop recording a ClickMeeting webinar.

Once done, this webinar recorder will save the recording in MP4 automatically, and you can change the output format in the Setting option. Well, you can also share or upload your satisfying recording to medial social sites like YouTube via this software directly.

More stunning features:

  • Intuitive and straightforward workflow, and best for beginners
  • Allow do real-time editing works while recording
  • Record ClickMeeting webinar in a full or custom area
  • Support basic editing tools like trimming, compressing, and many more
  • Save the recordings in more than 10 formats

Click the below button to start your ClickMeeting webinar recording now.

Step 1. Configure the Screen Recording Options

Open EaseUS RecExperts on your computer and click "Record Screen". On the following screen, click "Custom" and choose the area on your screen that you want to capture. Then, select an audio source from the "System & Mic" option. Click the "Webcam" option and add an overlay of your webcam footage to your screencast.

Choose recording options

Step 2. Specify Recording Settings

Once you have configured the basic screencast options, you might want to configure the advanced options. Click the cog icon at the top to open the settings menu. On the following screen, select a format for your screencast and specify other options as you feel appropriate.

When you are done, click "OK" at the bottom to save your settings.

Adjust recording settings

Step 3. Start and Stop Making a Recording

You should now be back to the main interface. Open up the screen that you want to make a screencast, and then click "Rec" in the software. The software will start recording everything that is displayed on your screen.

When you are done with the recording, click the stop button to stop and save the recording to your computer.

Make a screencast with EaseUS RecExperts

Step 4. View All Your Recordings

This software keeps all your screencasts at a single location for you to view. From the main software interface, click the option that says "Video list" to view all of the screen recordings that you have ever made with this program.

View screen recording files

Part 3. How to Record ClickMeeting on Mac

Here you can learn two easy-to-use webinar recording software. One is QuickTime Player, and the other is EaseUS RecExperts for Mac.

1. QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is a defaulted screen recorder on your Mac computer, which can help you do simple screen recording tasks. For recording ClickMeeting webinar, you can choose to capture a full screen or a selected region freely. However, if you want to capture Mac's sound, you need to install some audio capture software like Soundflower.

Key features:

  • Completely free and safe
  • Record your Mac screen flexibly
  • Pre-installed on your Mac computer

Record clickmeeting webinar with QuickTime Player

Now let's take a look at the detailed tutorials to record ClickMeeting webinar with QuickTime Player.

Step 1. Launch QuickTime Player and ClickMeeting on Mac, and start or join a webinar,

Step 2. Go back to QuickTime Player and click File > New Screen Recording, and here you can click on the downward arrow to select the recording options.

Step 3. Click the Record button to begin your recording. To stop the recording, click "Stop" button, which is to the left of the WiFi icon.

Step 4. Click File > Save to name and save the recording on your Mac computer.

2. EaseUS RecExperts for Mac

QuickTime Player is a basic screen recorder that only lets you capture sound from your microphone. If you want to record both sounds from microphone and computer when having a ClickMeeting webinar on Mac, you cannot miss EaseUS RecExperts for Mac.

As a screen recorder without watermark, this Mac screen capture enables you to record ClickMeeting webinar with no watermark on the recordings. In addition, it becomes easier to record internal audio on Mac without downloading any other applications. It is extremely easy to do screen recording activities in your work and study.


  • Record internal audio on Mac
  • No watermark on the recorded footage
  • Support setting hotkeys to your liking
  • A great GIF recorder to save recordings in GIF format
  • Capture iOS screen wireless via AirPlay

Before recording your webinar on ClickMeeting, install this full-featured screen recorder first.

Step 1. Start or join an online meeting, then launch the recorder on your Mac computer. Click "Screen" under the Video tab. After that, click the "Size" option to select the recording area.

Open EaseUS RecExperts on your Mac computer

Step 2. Next, you can adjust the audio sources, quality, and voice volume of your video recording.

Adjust the recording area

(Optional) If you need to record the meeting at a specific time, you can create a scheduled recording task by clicking the Clock icon at the bottom.

create a scheduled recording task

Step 3. When the meeting begins, you can click the big red circle button, and the program will start recording. During the meeting, you can pause or stop the recording.

Step 4. Once done, you can preview the recorded video. And you can export it to an MP4 file or animated GIF.

Export the recorded video

The Bottom Line

We have shared with you four effective ways to record ClickMeeting webinars on this page, and you can choose anyone according to your preference.

  • If you are an organizer who needs to do simple recording, the built-in screen recorder of ClickMeeting is your best choice.
  • If you need to add some annotations or do some editing works, you can try EaseUS RecExperts. Besides basic recording features, it offers quick ways to edit recordings and share them to social media platforms. It is worthy of trying.

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