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[Free] How to Record Audio on PC Without Microphone

Crystal Chen Updated on Jul 16, 2021| min read

"Do you know how to record high-quality internal audio when you are in noisy places?"

Have you ever faced the above issue?  When you are recording the sound on a PC, the noises coming from the microphone affect the quality. To avoid that, you can turn off the external sound, the microphone. In this tutorial, effective methods are introduced to you on how to record audio on PC without microphone easily.

Are you looking for a method to capture audio when screen capturing? Read the below article!

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Capture Internal Sound With EaseUS RecExperts (Practical Method)

This is an intuitive tool for capturing audio from a PC, including sounds from the system and microphone. Its simple interface attracts plenty of users. With EaseUS RecExperts, you can freely capture internal sound, such as sounds from YouTube, the voice from online meetings, etc.

Moreover, this practical software allows you to capture sound while capturing the screen. If you want to make an audio video, it's definitely a decent choice. Not only for capturing audio and screen, but this tool can capture webcam and gameplay as well. Look at its more functions.

Main features provided by this audio recorder:

  • Capture system and microphone sound at the same time
  • Effectively record desktop audio
  • Change the audio output format, bitrate, sampling rate, etc.
  • Capture part of the screen to meet your special requirement
  • Offer the ability to record YouTube video

Now, download this tool before following the guide below.

Here is a list of simple steps for you to follow with:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts, and you can choose one of the four main functions on the main screen. Here you need to click on "Audio".

mainscreen of EaseUS RecExperts

Step 2. You can select the sound source by clicking on the bottom left button. It supports recording system sound, microphone voice, and both of them. The settings in "Options" helps you to adjust the volume.

choose system sound as output

Step 3. Click on the "REC" button to start recording. When you want to finish recording, click on the red square icon to stop it.   

edit audio files

Step 4. An audio player will pop up automatically, and you can view the recorded audio or trim it with a built-in tool.  

preview and cut

Capture System Sound Using Audacity

Audacity is a free sound recording software available for Windows and other operating systems. It captures it through the system, microphone, etc. With advanced techniques, this open-source software can capture audio at sample rates up to 192,000 Hz. It's a powerful tool that helps on how to record audio on pc without microphone. 

What's more, this tool can be used for editing audio. You can edit the sound by adding effects like cutting, copying, and pasting. If you use it, you can have high-quality audio with ease. 

Here, view its main advantages and disadvantages. After that, you can follow the steps below.

Key functions of this audio recorder:

  • Allow editing functions like trimming, normalization, etc.
  • Convert music tapes to MP3
  • Provide adjustments to the speed of audio

The limitations of using it:

  • Not allow importing or exporting WMA, AAC, AC3, etc.
  • Lack the real-time effects when recording
  • Not for beginners because it's a little complicated

audacity record sound

How to record sound from your computer without microphone with Audacity:

Step 1. Make sure you have downloaded Audacity.

You should set up its input as "Windows WASAPI" from "Audio Host" to capture system sound. It may vary based on the operating systems. 

Note: If you don't find this option, you should enable Stereo Mix. Click "Show Disabled Devices" in the sound recording option to enable it.

Step 2. Then, find the recording devices tab and select the default Speakers. Now, it starts capturing, and you can perform your live streaming audio.

Step 3. If you want to finish it, hit the black square button. 


Since you have learned about how to record audio on pc without microphone, you can choose the helpful method. Most people choose EaseUS RecExperts as it is a free solution for capturing streaming videos. Download it!

FAQs About How to Record Sound on PC Without Mic

Here are some popular issues from the public. See it if you have the same issue. 

1. How do I record audio on my computer without a microphone?

You can use a tool to help with that. Actually, it's not easy to find an efficient audio recorder to capture internal sound without a microphone. By using an efficient tool like EaseUS RecExperts, you can do it. See more details.

1. Open this voice recorder, and click the sound sign in the lower-left corner of the function interface.

2. Then, choose "Options" to turn the microphone off. Click "Ok" and choose "Audio". 

3. Select "REC" in this audio tool. Then, perform your desktop music as you like.

4. Click the stop button to finish it.

5. Find the work on its "Recordings".

2. Does Windows 10 have an audio recorder?

Yes, it has. Find one application named Microsoft Voice Recorder. You can go to Microsoft Store and type the name. It is used for external voice but not for internal sound capturing. Also, it allows you to edit audio.

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