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[Solved] How to Screenshot on Dell Desktop/Laptop

Crystal Chen Updated on Jul 16, 2021| min read

When you are required to share a snapshot of the documents or a window on your Dell desktop or laptop, finding a good method is necessary. Taking a screenshot from your computer is not difficult, but you need to find the most effective way to save time and increase your work efficiency. 

This article provides two methods to capture snapshots on your Dell, including using a helpful tool and the Print Screen key on the keyboard. For details on how to screenshot on Dell desktop, follow this tutorial. 

How to Take a Snapshot on Dell Without Print Screen Hotkey 

The limit of using a hotkey to capture a snapshot is that it's hard to remember the keyboard combos. Each time for screenshots, you may search the method on the Internet. It actually increases the time and reduces efficiency. To avoid complex steps, you can use a screenshot tool that allows easier and more convenient way. 

EaseUS RecExperts is one efficient tool that can help you capture any specific display area on your Dell desktop. Meanwhile, you will have more options on settings, such as allowing you to customize the screenshot hotkeys. For instance, you can change this snapshot hotkey to F1, F2, etc., making this operation easier. 

Apart from helping to take a picture on Windows, this tool allows screen recording function. You can capture it with a webcam and audio. If you need to save something on your PC, making a video is a better method than taking a snapshot because the video will contain more information. 

Main features of this functional screen recorder:

  • Easily capture any selected area of your computer display
  • Customize the hotkey for start and stop recording
  • Record drawing on screen
  • Schedule to make your mission start automatically
  • Save the video in multiple formats, such as MOV, MP4, etc.

Before looking at the step-by-step guide, you can download it for free!

Now, you should follow these steps to take a snapshot of your Dell. 

Step 1. Open this screen recorder. To take a snap for your screen, select "Region" from the main interface.

region step one

Step 2. Also, you can customize the hotkey of taking a screenshot. Click "Settings" to choose "Advanced". Then, change the hotkey from "Capture screenshot".

settings for hotkey

Step 3. Now, drag your mouse to select the desired screen area. Then, release the mouse and press the hotkey.

take a screenshot by pressing the hotkey

Step 4. After pressing the hotkey, the image is automatically saved on its "Recordings" and you can view it.

find the screenshot on recordings

How to Screenshot on Dell With Print Screen Hotkey 

Using the keyboard's Print Screen key on a Dell desktop is an easy method to take a snapshot. To find the key, you can see it on the upper right side of your Dell keyboard, and almost all Dell keyboards have it. However, the Print Screen key styles are different according to users' computers and could be PrntScrn, PrntScr, PrtScr, etc. In this below guide, we show you one example in PrtScr.

You are allowed to take a snapshot of the whole display or specific windows on Dell when using keyboard combos. Before using this function, you have to identify which Windows operating system is on your computer. After identifying your computer system, you can refer to the followed guide for the Dell screenshot.

How to Get the Single Activity Window

For Windows 8 and 10 and Windows 7, XP, and Vista, it's the same to press PrtScr and Alt at the same time.

single activity

How to Capture Snapshot of the Entire Display

If you are using Windows 8 or 10, check the below method to screenshot your Dell desktop or laptop. According to the size and range of your screen capture, you should follow the related way.

To operate this mission, press the key in the "Windows" logo and "PrtScr" simultaneously. 

entire screen

There will be a little difference from the above method if you are a Windows 7, XP, and Vista user. To get the entire display, you can hold down the "PrtScr" key on the keyboard.

press print screen

Where to Find the Saving Location

After pressing the related key for Windows 8 and 10 users, the image is automatically saved on your computer. You can go to the "Pictures folder" to find "Screenshots". 

While for Windows 7, XP, and Vista users, you can save your work with the help of the Paint application. Use the search box on your computer to find this application. Once you have opened Paint, hold on Ctrl+V to paste the image. And then, you can save it on Dell.


Make sure you have learned about the two helpful methods on how to screenshot on Dell. You cannot easily get a specific display area when using the Print Screen key to snapshot on Dell. The hotkey method will only help you get the whole display or a window. While EaseUS RecExperts can allow you to capture a specific snapshot of your Dell. Why not have a try?

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