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How to Record Xbox 360 Gameplay on PC with a Capture Card

Vanessa Chiang Updated on May 20, 2021|   min read

Many people would like to record gameplay when they are playing because they can show other people how to play the game, teach others how to advance missions, or share their happiness with others.

There are many ways to record Xbox 360 gameplay, and this guide takes a look at methods that let you capture your gameplay with a capture card. Keep reading if you are interested in this topic.

Part 1. How to Connect Xbox to PC Using a Capture Card and Record

Here are some of the items you need to record your games using a capture card:

  • A game capture card device
  • USB cable
  • HDMI cables

Once you have these items ready with you, follow the following steps to record your gaming sessions.

Step 1. Connecting the USB Cable

Your capture card comes with a USB cable that you need to use to connect the card to your computer. Plug the mini USB end of the cable into the output port on your capture card. The other end of the USB cable should plug into your computer.

Step 2. Plugging in the HDMI Cables

The next thing to do is to connect your HDMI cables. Plug the first HDMI cable into your Xbox 360 console and the capture. Use the second HDMI cable to connect your capture card to your computer.

connect xbox to pc

Step 3. Recording the Xbox 360 Gameplay with a Capture Card

Now that the connections are made, launch the software provided by your capture card company. You should find the option to record your games in this tool and use it to do your task.

There should be configurable options as well in this utility.

Step 4. Viewing Your Recorded Gaming Sessions

When you are done with your game recording using the capture card, you will find an option in the capture utility to access your recordings. Use this option, and you will be able to play all of the recordings you have made with the tool.

Part 2. How to Record Xbox 360 Gameplay With Third-party Recorder

If you want to record your Xbox 360 gameplay with a capture card and third-party recording software, this section is all that you need.

How to Record Gameplay on PC with EaseUS RecExperts

One of the numerous options you get on your PC is EaseUS RecExperts for Windows. If simplicity is what you are looking for, this is the software you should get for your game recordings. With this tool, you can basically capture everything that happens on your screen. 

First of all, you need to connect the Xbox to your PC with a capture card, and the gameplay on Xbox will be synchronized to your computer. You can configure various options, such as the keyboard shortcuts in recording, the resolution and frame rate of recorded videos, and the format of the video clips. You can also record game with face if there is a built-in or extra camera you can utilize.

Key Features:

  • Add a webcam overlay to your game recordings
  • Customize the quality of your recordings
  • Record LOL gameplay or other games on Windows
  • No lag and hassle-free
  • Record Webex meeting or other online sessions
  • The main interface is simple and elegant

This tool ensures that it uses only a few of your PC resources, allowing other apps to function parallelly. Download this recorder with good compatibility now!

How to Record Xbox 360 Gameplay on PC:

It is pretty easy to record anything with this tool, and the following steps should walk you through the entire recording process.

Step 1. Start your favorite game and launch EaseUS RecExperts. Choose "Full" or "Region" to select the recording area according on your game window.

Select recording area for your gameplay

Step 2. Select the frame rate you want to record, as well as the output format and video quality. 

Adjust settings

Step 3. Click the orange button "REC" and your recording will start. You will see a small bar, which shows the time of your record. If needed, you can take screenshots in recording, or set the specific time to stop the recording by clicking the "Clock" icon on the toolbar.

Start game recording

Step 4. Once done, you can edit the recorded footage with the built-in video editor. On the recorded video, you can trim the recordings as you want.

Finally, you can export the ready-to-use video clip in the appropriate video format.

View recorded gameplay

How to Record Xbox 360 Gameplay for Free with OBS Studio

Another software tool you can use is OBS which stands for Open Broadcaster Software.

Whether you are a beginner trying to record your first-ever gameplay or are an experienced user who has used such tools in the past, you will find it extremely easy to record your console gaming sessions. As long as you can get your Xbox 360's content to show up on your computer, you can use this app to make your recordings.


  • Capture from multiple streams at once
  • Free and open-source
  • Work across multiple computer platforms


  • The installation procedure is relatively long
  • The steep learning curve

How to Record Xbox 360 With Capture Card and OBS:

The following steps should help you record your gaming sessions with this program.

Step 1. Get Xbox 360 Screen to Appear on Your PC

The first thing you need to sort out is to connect your Xbox 360 to your PC and get the game content to appear on your computer. You can use an HDMI adapter to do this, and this should not take much effort.

obs studio interface

Step 2. Configure OBS to Record Xbox 360 Gameplay

Download and launch OBS on your PC. Then, click the "Add (+)" sign under the "Sources" box to add a new recording source. Choose "Display Capture" and click "OK" in the box that appears. Select the screen you will be using to make the recording and hit "OK" at the bottom.

obs studio record game

Step 3. Start and Stop Recording in OBS

Once you see your console's content on your screen, you are ready to start the recording. To do it, find the option that says "Start Recording" on the right of your screen and click on it. Your game recording will begin.

When you are done, click the "Stop Recording" button on the right to put an end to your current recording.

obs start recording

Step 4. View Your Game Recordings in OBS

When you have finished your game recording, you can find and access all your recordings in a couple of clicks. While OBS is still open on your PC, click the "File" menu at the top and select "Show Recordings."

This will open the folder on your PC where all your recordings are saved.

view recordings obs studio

As you can see, it is not much difficult to record Xbox 360 gameplay using OBS.



If you are an Xbox 360 gamer and this console happens to be your go-to gaming device, you might want to record your gaming sessions at some point.

If you want to do the recording with a capture card and third-party software, EaseUS RecExperts is a great choice as it provides all the necessary features. There is a method to record games using a capture card if you want to use it.

FAQs About How to Record Your Xbox 360 Screen 

If this is the first time you record something on your Xbox 360, the following should answer some of your frequently asked questions.

1. How do I record my Xbox 360 gameplay on my phone?

Unless you can find a way to bring your Xbox 360's screen content on your phone, there really is no way for you to record your Xbox 360 gameplay on your mobile device. This might change in the future, but as of this writing, there are no options available.

2. How to record Xbox 360 gameplay using USB?

You need to install an app called Snagit on your USB and then plug that USB into your Xbox 360 to record your gameplay. This method may not always work, but you can give it a try if you want.

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