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[Solved] How to Record Windows Media Player Effortlessly

Vanessa Chiang Updated on Apr 20, 2021|   min read

How to record Windows Media Player(hereinafter WMP)? This is a question most likely raised by those who would like to replay or stream videos on their windows 7/8 or XP. And this post writes for addressing this problem.

Windows media player, which seems to witness a considerably fallen status, still claims its own user base. With it, you can do things like replaying videos, audio, and pictures on your PC, as well as speeding up/reversing videos. And more professionally, you can do disc burning, ripping, and playback, too. But how to find a proper way to record these events on Windows Media Player?

This passage will guide you through this problem by introducing 3 pragmatic methods to you. Let's look at the content navigation below.

How to Record Windows Media Player with the Game Bar Recorder

Xbox Game Bar is the default game recorder on Windows 10, it's said the inspiration for this software came from Xbox One S or X, which allows players to record their game clips during games. Xbox Game Bar gradually becomes a good choice for Non-gamer groups due to its stable and satisfying performance in recording ordinary activities on their desktop. So for us, we can rely on it to record Windows Media Player on Windows 10, too

Xbox Game Bar Features:

  • Record the last 30 seconds of your gameplay
  • Record with the game bar on the background
  • A 60 FPS parameter to help you record games fluently
  • 4 hours recording length
  • Not CPU-intensive at all

How to Record WMP with Xbox Game Bar:

Step 1. Call out your target videos or games in advance.

Step 2. Then press W + G to open the Xbox game bar on your PC. If it doesn't open, the troubleshooting function could be helpful.

xbox game bar records screen

Step 3. Configure the options for screen recording by clicking Start > Settings > Gaming > Game Bar, or Captures, or Game Mode.

xbox game bar settings for wmp

Step 4. Start and end the record with buttons or shortcuts. 

Step 5. When the whole process is done, you can click the Gallery on the control bar to check your recordings in MP4 format. 

Xbox Game Bar is a free, convenient screen recorder, but it is not a perfect solution for users. Reasons for this could be some of its deficiencies like, it can't record in full screen, can't record more than 4 hours, and it could frequently break down or grey out its recording button, which could cause problems in recording Windows Media Player's events. But the deficiencies, on the other side, reveal what a really good screen recorder should be like. Now let's look at another recorder that is good enough to substitute Xbox Game Bar.

How to Record Windows Media Player with EaseUS RecExperts for Windows

EaseUS RecExperts for Windows is definitely the right WMP video/audio recorder if you want to capture any content from your Windows media player. Unlike the Game Bar which is mentioned just now, RecExperts's got better performance thanks to its various merits:

  • It supports far more self-tailored options to improve the recording experience - such as hardware acceleration
  • It imposes no restrictions on recording length
  • It allows you to edit your recordings, you can decorate your videos with text, graphics, and drawings
  • It is a full-screen recorder
  • Also, given that WMP supports to play both downloaded videos offline and streaming videos, RecExperts matches with it perfectly to work both online and offline

Briefly speaking, if you don't mind the download and installation of this recorder, it will provide you with furthermore unexpected functions subsequently. 

RecExperts Features:

  • Record streaming video and audio
  • A Task Scheduler that allows automatic recording
  • Support online and offline recording
  • Dozens of formats to output, including GIF
  • Multiple annotation tools to decor your videos
  • Many platforms to share

How to Record Windows Media Player Videos with RecExperts:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts. There are two different options for screen recording, i.e., "Full Screen" and "Region". If you select "Full Screen", you will capture the whole screen.

mainscreen of EaseUS RecExperts

Step 2. If you select the "Region" option, this software will ask you to customize the recording area. Make sure that everything you want to capture is within the bounds of the select box.

record part of screen

Step 3.  Tap on the button at the bottom left side of the main interface, and there will be many options you can select. This recorder supports recording microphone and system sound separately or simultaneously. The "Options" button is for you to adjust the volume and microphone device.

full screen mode sound souce

Step 4. If you want to record the webcam simultaneously, click on the "Webcam" icon at the bottom of the interface. Tap on the button to enable the webcam recording, and there will be a drop-down menu to select the recording device. Click on "OK" to confirm your settings.

full screen mode and webcam

Step 5. When you turn back to the main interface, click on the "REC" button to start recording. A floating toolbar offers you buttons to pause or stop the recording during the recording process. In addition, the camera icon can be used to take screenshots, and the timer icon can help you stop recording automatically.

video list of EaseUS RecExperts

Step 6. The recorded video clips will be saved on your computer. When the media player appears, you will see a set of tools you can use to trim the recordings, extract audio, and add opening title & closing credits to the recorded video.

edit recorded video

How to Record Windows Media Player with OBS Studio

OBS Studio is an open-source screen recorder, which means it is accessible without any concerns about money. The reasons cited for this software's winning flavor of users is that it is free and professional - you may take this adjective carefully since one of OBS's biggest problems is that it's too professional to get handled.

Some users of OBS clearly express their inclinations of not trying it a second time, which is reasonable since it is not an easy recorder with out-of-box functions, you have to self-design all the features using resources, which in other words, is another long journey for you to proceed.

OBS Studio Features:

  • High-quality video capture
  • Low impact on budget systems
  • The broadcasting features
  • Multiple places are supported to share
  • The picture-in-picture recording mode

obs records wmp videos and audios

How to Record WMP with OBS Studio:

Step 1. Add a scene, and name the scene.

Step 2. Add sources. Right-click the blackboard at the center area and hover your cursor at 'add', then choose 'display capture'.

Step 3. Now call out your target videos and hit 'start recording' to record Windows Media Player.

Step 4. Stop Recording and click on Files on the left-top corner and select 'show the recordings', then you will find your recordings in a local folder.

It does earn welcome from the most advanced users, but if you are less in need of professional features or you just see for effectiveness and straightforward methods, OBS Studio may not fit you.

The Bottom Line

This post writes with a view of how to record Windows Media Player in a hassle-free way. Our choices today involve two free recorders - Xbox Game Bar, OBS Studio, and a more integrated recorder - EaseUS RecExperts. If you desire a fully-equipped recorder with easy-to-learn operations, RecExperts should be the ideal one for you.

How to Record Windows Media Player FAQs

Can I record with a Windows Media Player?

No, WMP has no relevant functions.

How to record windows media player videos with sound?

To record with intact system sound along with the videos, a capable screen recorder must be considered. Here I think EaseUS RecExperts is the optimum one, it delivers smooth videos that have perfect cohesion with its audios.

What's worth recording in WMP?

You can record videos/audios that are already on your PC with WMP.

You can also record the playback of online streaming videos/audios with WMP.

Last but not least, you can record the audio CDs, audio files, DVDs, and videos.

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