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How to Record on Philo in a Few Simple Clicks

Vanessa Chiang Updated on Jul 23, 2021|   min read
I just got a subscription on Philo, but I basically want to record some of my favorite shows to watch them later. Can you tell me how to record on Philo?

Philo is a subscription-based live TV service that allows users to watch TV channels without a cable connection. Recording Philo videos is a significant measure since it should allow you to back up a certain kind of content that may disappear due to a copyright change. This feature is called DVR recording, and it's an important reason why people choose Philo. Moreover, other powerful recorders will also be mentioned in this post.

How to Use Philo TV DVR

Does Philo have DVR? Yes, the cloud DVR recording function is one of Philo's most attractive features, and you can directly use this default recorder instead of downloading any third-party recording software. No learning curve is required for using this tool as the operations of using it are quite simple. 

In addition to merely recording, it also enables you to back up the recordings on the cloud. And the number of the recording files is not limited, which means you can record and save any series you like. That is amazing! However, this function also comes with an inevitable disadvantage, i.e., it only allows you to keep those recordings for up to 30 days. That means you will lose the recorded videos exceeding this time limit.

How to DVR on Philo? This post will guide you to do that step by step:

Step 1. Open the Philo TV application on your computer system and log in with your account credentials. Then navigate to the "Guide" option.

Step 2. Open the exact show that you prepare to record. There is a "+" sign available on the screen. Click on that sign to start saving the episode.

save videos using philo dvr

Step 3. During the recording process, you will see an arrow on the interface like this. How long it would take to record the file is depending on your network state and device performance.

recording videos on philo

Step 4. Later, you can click on the "Saved" button on the top toolbar. The videos you captured are all saved here.

find the saved videos

As mentioned above, Philo will keep those recordings for only 30 days. But, what if you find a great video that you may want to keep for quite a long time? The best method to solve this problem is using a third-party recording tool, such as the one in the next part.

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How to Record on Philo Without Time Limit 

EaseUS RecExperts is a great Windows screen recorder that enjoys wild popularity on the market. It's impressive in many ways, but the best part is that it always knows how to satisfies users' demands.

This great and simple screen recorder enables you to record screen and Webcam simultaneously, and you can use it to record streaming video on Philo like a breeze, so you can really count on it. It has bountiful customized options, so both advanced users and beginners will be pleased with it. Please hit the button below to get on board today! 

Key Features:

  • Best screen and audio recorder for Windows
  • An excellent 4k screen recorder for capturing screen in high resolution
  • More than 10 formats, including MP4, MOV, AVI, etc.
  • Offer a built-in video trimmer to edit the recordings easily

If you need to download or record the Philo series, this powerful all-in-one recording software is the best choice. Click on the below button to download this recorder.

Now please follow the instruction to record Philo on PC:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts on your computer. The first option, "Full Screen", can help you capture everything on your screen. If you play the streaming video in full-screen mode, this is suitable for you.

main interface

Step 2. If you play the streaming video in a window, it would be better to select the "Region" option to record only the specific area.

Set the area of the recording screen

Step 3. Make sure that you are in "Region" mode. Then, click on the button in the bottom right-hand corner to select a suitable sound source and adjust the volume. After that, you can click on the "REC" button to start recording.

select recording area and audio

Step 4. There will be a floating toolbar on your screen when you are recording the video. The two buttons on it can help you pause or stop the recording.

Record streaming video

Step 5. If you click on the red stop button, the recording will be ended, and the captured video will be saved on your computer. When the built-in media player pops up, you can view the recording and use tools to trim it, extract audio from it, or add an opening and ending part.

Record streaming video on Windows 10
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Record Screen with Audio on Mac

In addition to recording Philo videos on Windows PC, it also enables you to record what you want on a MacBook. Click on this post to know more.

How to Record the Upcoming Shows on Philo [2 Ways]

To record upcoming shows from Philo, a task scheduler that can easily record the upcoming shows in Philo is indispensable.

This feature's mechanism is basically about a pre-set recorder that will automatically operate when users have ordered, even in their absence. Also, to record the upcoming shows, there are two ways to go.

1. Record Upcoming Shows on Philo with EaseUS RecExperts for Windows

This typical recorder can automatically create recording tasks and schedule multiple tasks simultaneously, citing its ability to record upcoming shows on Philo. This very function will allow you to record your favorite shows at a specific time.

So you just set a timer and leave the rest stuff to this video recorder. You can also save the recorded file in multiple formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, ASF, and others as per the requirement.

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How to Do a Schedule Recording Easily?

This post is about a step-by-step tutorial of this software's Task Scheduler. Click on it to know the detailed operations to start recording automatically whenever you want.

schedule recording

2. Record Upcoming Shows Within Philo

If you want to use the pre-install tool in Philo to capture the series, those operations can be useful. Follow this guide to save the videos you like now.

Step 1. Open Philo TV on the computer and log in to your account.

Step 2. Go to the search bar for your intended upcoming TV shows. The displayed list will show that they are going to air in the range of 2 weeks.

Step 3. To record them, there are two options. If you are looking forward to recording one episode, click on the Record New option. The 'Record All' option will help you record all the upcoming reruns of the shows.

Step 4. A red record sign will appear against the episode that you selected.

Step 5. Wait for the day the episode is expected to air. The same will be automatically recorded, and you can watch it in 30 days before it gets automatically deleted from the recorded list.


This passage solves the question - how to record on Philo by introducing two different approaches to record normal Philo programs and upcoming shows. Generally speaking, if you are looking to multitask while recording, EaseUS RecExperts is a perfect choice.

It offers more options than a default recorder in Philo - features like trimming, editing, and even recording games will surely satisfy all your demands over recording. 

FAQs About How to Record a Series on Philo

1. How do you record on Philo using DVR?

The Philo DVR works similarly to any of the other DVR options available. Users have to select a program that they wish to save then click on the record option to start the recording. Be aware that all the process has to run in an online condition.

2. Can you DVR Philo?

Yes, Philo does allow you to DVR your favorite episodes or shows. The online streaming program guarantees a minimum of 20 hours of DVR space to record the shows.

3. How many shows can you record at once on Philo?

Practically, there is no such limit to record the shows at once. With the option of 'Record All,' one can record a complete series of new episodes and all the subsequent reruns.

But since a space of 20 hours is offered for recording, the shows might get recorded when the space limit breaches.

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