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How to Record Audio on Windows 8 PC for Free

Jane Zhou Updated on Jul 07, 2021| min read

The audio recording software became a popular tool not only for professionals like journalists and music producers but common people. It's a hot topic among teachers, online lecturers, gamers, or streamers. If you frequently take part in a fascinated webinar, Skype discussion, or Facebook call, and your PC is running under Windows 8, you will need some kind of good audio recorders. This article is focused on the top 5 free audio recording software which is compatible with Windows 8. Just keep on reading to find more information.

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# 1. EaseUS RecExperts

It is one of the best Windows 8 audio recorders on the market. With its help, you can flexibly choose to record computer audio, capture microphone sound, or other audio from external sound devices. And you can export the audio recording in MP3, AAC, FLAC, OGG, WAV, or other popular audio formats as you want. 

Beyond an audio recorder, it is also an excellent screen recorder, which allows you to capture screen, webcam, games, and take screenshots on your computer within simple steps. Once recorded, you are also able to edit recorded files simply with some basic editing tools.


  • Auto start, stop, and split your recordings 
  • Record audio from YouTube or other media platforms easily 
  • Take screenshots on your Windows 7/8/10/11 PC
  • Export recordings in various formats
  • Extract audio from recording automatically with one click

Let's see how easy it is to record audio with EaseUS RecExperts:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts, and you can choose one of the four main functions on the main screen. Here you need to click on "Audio".

mainscreen of EaseUS RecExperts

Step 2. You can select the sound source by clicking on the bottom left button. It supports recording system sound, microphone voice, and both of them. The settings in "Options" helps you to adjust the volume.

choose system sound as output

Step 3. Click on the "REC" button to start recording. When you want to finish recording, click on the red square icon to stop it.   

edit audio files

Step 4. An audio player will pop up automatically, and you can view the recorded audio or trim it with a built-in tool.  

preview and cut

# 2. Audacity

Audacity is a popular open-source digital audio workstation. It allows you to record audio files without much of a hassle. It's truly compatible with Windows 8, and it serves as a digital audio workstation. So you can also convert tapes and records into digital recordings. Besides, you can edit your files and perform a lot of post-processing tasks, including effects, leveling, noise reduction. 

Record audio on Windows 8 with Audacity


  • It's a free application and supports 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit samples.
  • As open-source software, it boasts community support, lots of help documents.
  • Sample rates and formats are converted using high-quality resampling and dithering.
  • Tracks with different sample rates or formats are converted automatically in real-time 
  • A cross-platform, you can work on your project on Windows and Mac


  • Pretty messy dashboard
  • Real-time audio effects are not automatically applied
  • Some functions require expensive third-party plugins

Quick steps to the audio recording:

Step 1. To start an audio recording, you have to press the Record button on the toolbar

Step 2. Use shortcut "Shift + R" to start recording in a new track at either the current cursor position or at the beginning of the current selection.

Step 3. Apply Noise Reduction, which reduces constant background sounds such as hum, whistle, whine, buzz, fan noise, or FM/webcast carrier noise.

Step 4. Export audio and save it on your computer.

# 3. Bandicam

Bandicam is an easy-to-use (partly free) screen and audio recorder for Windows 8. It allows you to capture any area of your screen both as a screenshot and as a video file. Users can record anything in quite different scenarios – from lectures to webinars and games and Skype calls. Then you can share the recorded video/ audio to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.

How to record audio in Windows 8


  • A user-friendly interface Mix your own voice with webcam recording
  • A webcam recorder uses DirectX/OpenGL graphics to record HD video sessions
  • Mouse effects to highlight your tutorials 


  • There is a version only for Windows
  • No editing tools No live streaming to share video with others
  • The free version has a watermark

Quick steps to record audio on Windows 8:

Step 1. To record a "computer sound", choose "(Default Sound Device)" as the Primary Sound Device.

Step 2. To record your voice, you have to choose the "Microphone" device in the Sound settings window.

Step 3. To record "computer sound" and "your voice" at the same time, choose "(Default Sound Device)" and "Microphone", and then check the "Two Sound Mixing" option.

# 4. OcenAudio

OcenAudio is a free audio editing tool available for all major operating systems: Windows, macOS, and Linux. All versions of the application have a uniform set of features and the same graphical interface. It works well both with files from your computer or laptop and stored in a public cloud. Compared to many free audio editing tools, this software provides a preview in real-time. Besides offering an incredible waveform view of your audio files, OcenAudio has a powerful and complete spectrogram view. In this view, you can analyze the spectral content of your audio signal with maximum clarity.

Windows 8 audio recorder


  • There are different effects, you can apply to your audio
  • So you can hear the result, before applying, and try other effects, including filters, gain, and equalizer
  • Powerful application for beginners, as they can edit online audio files
  • You can hear the applied effects immediately


  • Not available for mobile devices
  • No support of multi-track Irregular updates

Quick steps to capture audio on Windows 8:

Step 1. Start the audio source and just press the small "Record" button.

Step 2. When you finished the recording, you can apply noise reduction.

Step 3. Save the audio file in a different format (there are tons of supported ones).

Step 4. Start the analyzing tool to view a full detailed picture of your recorded call.

# 5. OBS Studio

This is an intuitive audio mixer with per-source filters such as noise gate, noise suppression, and gain. It's free and open-source software. It's a tool, often related to tasks like live streaming, so it's perfect for gamers. Live streaming videos can be shown through YouTube and Twitch, or other platforms.

Record audio on Windows 8


  • Create scenes made up of multiple sources
  • Various setting options to meet different recording needs on Windows 8
  • Powerful and easy to use configuration options
  • Add new Sources, duplicate existing ones, and adjust their properties


  • No editing tools available to use
  • It is a little bit complicated to use, especially for beginners

Quick steps to record audio with OBS Studio:

Step 1. Start OBS Studio, and you'll see the Auto-Configuration Wizard. This wizard automatically tests your system and attempts to find settings that your PC can handle.

Step 2. Set up your audio devices (by default OBS is set to capture your system default desktop audio device and microphone).

Step 3. Select up to two Desktop Audio devices and up to three Microphone/Auxiliary Device (Settings -> Audio and select the devices manually).

Step 4. In the output Mode, select Advanced- > Audio Tab. By default, OBS selects 160 kbps for stereo.


If you are using a tablet or laptop, running under Windows 8, but still you're struggling with its user interface, you'll need third-party applications. The best way to record an audio tutorial or capture your Skype call is to use a free audio recorder.

This guide shows 5 of the most popular audio recording software. You can download the appropriate version of the software, then start the application and adjust the recording settings. And the best choice for beginners, as well for professional users, is EaseUS RecExperts. It provides many additional features like screen recording, game recording, advanced editing functions, and it supports a lot of video and audio formats. This wonderful screen recorder will never disappoint you.

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