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How to Record a Webinar on Windows and Mac Easily

Jane Zhou Updated on Jul 14, 2021|   min read

Webinars can be used as an online conference with thousands of attendees, training courses, public discussions, or your workgroup team's remote meetings. The webinar participants can discuss, share desktop, invite other guests, or start polls in real-time. It's a good idea to record the webinar and view it later since the recording can store a lot of information. 

But how to record a webinar on Windows 10/8/7 or Mac? Some paid or free webinar recording software can help, and you can capture your whole screen with audio to record webinars using the most powerful ones. This post will tell you how to do that step by step. Follow the guide to record webinars you want to save.

How to Record a Webinar on Windows 10 PC 

When you want to record a webinar on pc, competent webinar recording software is indispensable. In this part, we will take EaseUS RecExperts for Windows, a versatile but user-friendly recorder, as an example.

This webinar recorder can be considered a rich-featured screen recording tool. You can capture anything on your screen with the webcam, and it will be useful if you want to record your own presentation in a webinar.

No matter you want to record the voice of your own or other people, it will be a simple task since this recorder can record computer audio, the audio from a microphone, or both of them. There is also an available built-in video trimming tool to shave away any part you don't need and only keep the essential clips. 

Main Features:

  • Customize the recording region freely
  • Support recording videos in 4K
  • Record streaming audio and video on various platforms
  • Adjust the target format of the output files freely

Download it and try them now. You can follow the steps below to record the webinar with ease.

How to Record a Webinar on PC:

Step 1. Start EaseUS RecExperts when you join the webinar. You can choose the recording area – a whole screen, only the webinar screen, or just the audio.

selecting recording area

Step 2. To set a suitable sound source, you need to click on the icon at the lower-left corner. This recorder allows you to record the system sound and microphone sound simultaneously or separately. Then, click on the "REC" button to start recording.

Choose system sound

Step 3. During the recording process, you can see a small toolbar. After capturing all the content you need, click on the red "Stop" button to save the video clip to your computer. If you need to pause recording for a while, the "Pause" button beside the "Stop" button is available. Besides that, you can also take a screenshot or schedule a recording task.

Record webinar with EaseUS RecExperts

Step 4. A media player window will pop up when the recording stops, and you can preview the video you captured and edit it by trimming. It also supports extracting audio from video and adding an opening & ending part.

Edit recorded webinar video

(Optional) Step 5. If you want to record the webinar repeatedly, click on the "Task Scheduler" button on the main interface and adjust the settings. It will help you start the recording automatically.

task recording options

How to Record Webinar on Mac 

There are two of the available webinar recording software on Mac, and we will introduce their functions and how to use them in this part.

How to Record a Webinar on a Mac with EaseUS RecExperts for Mac

As to recording a webinar on Mac, this recorder comes with several advantages. First of all, you can flexibly choose the recording area according to your actual demands instead of capturing the whole screen, which means you can record part of screen.

A task scheduler is also a wonderful tool in recording periodic events like online classes or webinars. You only need to click a small timer icon and set an appropriate screen recording duration to schedule recording. After it reaches the time limit, the recorder will stop recording automatically so that you don't need to wait for a long time.

Key Features:

  • Fully support high definition videos: 4K/1080P
  • Simple interface
  • Record iOS devices via Airplay
  • Support Webcam recording
  • Support both GIF and MP4 as the output formats
  • A competent screen recorder without watermark

Download and install this user-friendly webinar recorder now. Even beginners can use it easily.

How to Record Webinars on Mac: 

Step 1. Start or join an online meeting, then launch the recorder on your Mac computer. Click "Screen" under the Video tab. After that, click the "Size" option to select the recording area.

Open EaseUS RecExperts on your Mac computer

Step 2. Next, you can adjust the audio sources, quality, and voice volume of your video recording.

Adjust the recording area

(Optional) If you need to record the meeting at a specific time, you can create a scheduled recording task by clicking the Clock icon at the bottom.

create a scheduled recording task

Step 3. When the meeting begins, you can click the big red circle button, and the program will start recording. During the meeting, you can pause or stop the recording.

Step 4. Once done, you can preview the recorded video. And you can export it to an MP4 file or animated GIF.

Export the recorded video

How to Record a Webinar on Mac Using QuickTime Player

If you are a Mac computer fan, you can use GoToWebinar, Zoom, Webex, or other Mac-friendly webinar services. For a better recording of the webinar, you can try a free screen recorder – QuickTime Player.

Step 1.  Start QuickTime Player on your Mac. Click on File on the top bar and then choose New Screen Recording from the drop-down list.

step1 How to record a webinar on Mac

Step 2. You have to adjust the settings by clicking the small triangle button. During this step, you can attend the Webinar and prepare for the Webinar capturing on Mac.

How to capture a webinar on Mac

Step 3. When the webinar begins, you can click the red button "Record" to start recording webinar content. You can capture the entire screen or customized zone of it. 

Start record webinar on Mac

Step 4. Click the "Stop" button on the menu bar, and you'll have a recorded webinar file in the format *.MOV.

Save the recorded webinar video

How to Record a Webinar on Zoom 

The popular Zoom platform allows only paid plans for webinar organizing (a monthly or an annual subscription), and each plan enables the host to invite different numbers of participants. By default, only the host can initiate a local recording of the webinar. If another participant wants to record, the host will need to provide that participant's permission during the meeting. If you are the host, the recording in Zoom is easy and simple:

Step 1. Start your meeting as the host.

How to recorder a webinar on zoom

Step 2. Click the Record button

Start to record a webinar

Step 3. Choose between two record options - "Record on this Computer" (locally) or "Record to the Cloud." Saving to the cloud is the better option if multiple people are involved in the process. 

Choose option for recording a webinar on zoom

Step 4. To end a recording, click on the "Stop" button or click the red button "End Meeting." Then the video file will be converted and stored in the destination you chose.

finish recording a webinar on zoom


We have shown you the most reliable webinar recording software and provided you with the details on recording a webinar with these screen recorders. If you need to record a webinar, pick one of them based on your needs.

Both Windows users and Mac users will enjoy recording the great webinar with the comprehensive, multipurpose screen recording software EaseUS RecExperts. Have a try now.

FAQs About Webinar Recording 

If you have more questions about how to record webinars on Windows 10 and Mac, those answers below may help you.

1. How to record a webinar I am watching?

You have to download a screen recording software capable of recording both video and audio. Choose an appropriate application if you want more advanced editing and exporting features. Launch the webinar recorder while you are watching a webinar, then you can use it to record what you want to save to your computer.

2. How can I record a webinar for free?

There is a free webinar recording software that can be your choice, EaseUS RecExperts. After you download and install it, you can use its "Full Screen" mode to capture a video when watching a webinar. And this recorder supports various video and audio formats so that you can export the recording in the format you like.

3. How to record GoToWebinar?

To record a GoToWebinar meeting, there are some available screen recording programs. We recommend EaseUS RecExperts as this recorder offers enough tools that you may need in recording a webinar. You can use the task scheduler to arrange the recording time freely, and you can even trim the recorded webinar with a built-in editing tool.

4. Is it possible to record a webinar?

Usually, webinar platforms provide recording functions, but the webinar organizer holds control of this recording. The webinar attendees should rely on third-party recording software. 

5. How to save a webinar to my computer?

First of all, you need to find a screen recorder and launch it to capture the webinar you want to save. There are many optional recorders, such as OBS Studio. This open-source webinar recording tool can help you record things you need on your computer screen. After the recording, the recorded webinar will be exported in a suitable format, and you can save the recording to your computer.

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