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[2020] How to Record a Webinar Easily and Quickly

Jane Zhou updated on Oct 27, 2020 to Screen Recording Utility | How-to Articles

Webinars can be used as an online conference with thousands of attendees, training courses, public discussions, or remote meetings of your workgroup team. The webinar participants can discuss, share desktop, invite other guests, start polls, and do other activities with others in real-time. There is so much information to assimilate at such an event. So it's a good idea to record the webinar and later to view several times and understand the positions, arguments, documents and shared screens of the other attendees. 

But how to record a webinar on Windows or Mac computer? You can do the task with several webinar recording software. They can record the whole screen (video and audio) and this review is trying to show you step by step what to do. Also, you'll find how to use the Zoom' features for the same task.

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How to Record a Webinar on Windows 10 PC

Want to record a webinar without any efforts on your Windows computer? For Windows 10 users the best choice is to use the brand new application EaseUS RecExperts. 

EaseUS RecExperts can create recording tasks, capture a full screen or just the webinar screen, upload the captured video and/or audio files, shared them to YouTube, Vimeo, and other video platforms. Also, you can create screenshots with one click, edit your recorded webinar (crop, enhance the audio and video quality). You can select the appropriate parameters of the output video, including the video aspect ratio, the file format (it supports MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV,etc.), the audio format (MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA, FLAC,etc.), as well the screenshot output (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF,etc.).

EaseUS RecExperts is a comprehensive software, which allows you to:

  • Add to your recorded webinar texts, lines, arrows, watermarks, and other real-time editing works, explaining better the content
  • Export the recorded webinar to Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, Vimeo, FTP, and other platforms
  • Edit the recording, including trim the video, add Intro & Outro
  • Enlarge the recording content with the "zoom" function
  • Besides a webinar recording, you can use the special game mode to record your best gameplay

Want to know how to record a webinar with EaseUS RecExperts? Just check the following tutorials. 

Step 1. When you join the webinar, start the application EaseUS RecExperts. You can choose what to record – a whole screen, only the webinar screen, or just the audio.

Record screen

 Step 2. Choose system sound, if you're an only listener; or System sound and microphone if you're an active participant. Then just click the big Red button "REC", and the program will start recording. 

Choose system sound

Step 3. When the recording starts, you will see the webinar main screen, and a small bar, showing the recording time, an icon for the screenshot, the audio level. This toolbar can be hidden through EaseUS RecExperts settings

Record webinar with EaseUS RecExperts

Step 4. You can pause or stop the recording. The software generates a video file (in this case MP4), which you can preview, compress, edit, rename, delete. Then, you can trim the video, put a watermark, texts, or arrows, add Intro and Outro, using the advanced editor function.

Edit recorded webinar video

Step 5. Finally, you can export or share the edited webinar video to Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, or Vimeo account.

Share recorded videos

How to Record a Webinar on Mac

If you are a Mac computer fan, you can use GoToWebinar, Zoom, Webex, or other Mac-friendly webinar services. For better recording the webinar, you can try a free screen recorder– QuickTime Player.

Step 1.  Start QuickTime Player on your Mac. Click on File on the top bar and then choose New Screen Recording from the drop-down list.

step1 How to record a webinar on Mac

Step 2. You have to adjust the settings by clicking the small triangle button. During this step, you can attend the Webinar and prepare for the Webinar capturing on Mac.

How to capture a webinar on Mac

Step 3. When the webinar begins, you can click the red button "Record" to start recording webinar content. You can capture the entire screen or customized zone of it. 

Start record webinar on Mac

Step 4. Click the "Stop" button on the menu bar and you'll have a recorded webinar file in format *.MOV.

Save the recorded webinar video

How to Record a Webinar on Zoom

The popular Zoom platform allows only paid plans for webinar organizing (a monthly or an annual subscription), and each plan enables the host to invite different numbers of participants. By default, only the host can initiate a local recording of the webinar. If another participant would like to record, the host will need to provide permission to that participant during the meeting. If you are host, the recording in Zoom is easy and simple:

Step 1. Start your meeting as the host.

How to recorder a webinar on zoom

Step 2. Click the Record button

Start to record a webinar

Step 3. Choose between two record options - "Record on this Computer" (locally) or "Record to the Cloud". Saving to the cloud is the better option if multiple people are involved in the process. 

Choose option for recording a webinar on zoom

Step 4. To end a recording, click on the button "Stop" or simply click the red button "End Meeting". Then the video file will be converted and stored in the destination you chose.

finish recording a webinar on zoom


On this page, we have shown you five reliable webinar software and detail on how to record a webinar with these screen recorders. If you need to record a webinar, just pick one of them based on your needs.

A Windows 10 user will enjoy recording the great webinar with the comprehensive multipurpose screen recording software EaseUS RecExperts. You can capture the webinar screen, save the recorded files in different video and audio formats, upload them directly to YouTube. The software allows you to trim the video, add intro and Outro, as well as text, arrows, improve the audio quality, etc. 

How to Record a Webinar FAQs

1. Is it possible to record a webinar?

Usually, webinar platforms provide recording functions, but the webinar organizer holds control of this recording. The webinar attendees should rely on third-party recording software. 

2. How do I record a webinar I'm watching?

You have to download a screen recording software, capable to record both video and audio. Chose appropriate application, if you want more advanced editing and exporting features.

3. How can I record a webinar in Windows 10?

The webinar built-in recording does not work smoothly, you more comprehensive software like EaseUS RecExperts, supporting many video and audio formats.

4. How do I record a webcast on my computer?

As a webcast is a broadcast of audio or video feed from your meeting, you can use any screen recording application. The requirements are the same as recording a webinar.

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