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How to Record a Podcast for Beginners

Jane Zhou updated on Dec 11, 2020 to Screen Recording Utility | How-to Articles

The podcast is an important way to share your opinions and thoughts all over the world. With it, anyone can discuss and debate on the topics that they concern. But we noticed that most of you want to record a podcast, but not sure how? If you are one of them, you have come to the right place. Here we will show you four best podcast recording software and detail on how to record a podcast on Windows, Mac, and iPhone. After reading this post, you will find it is easier than you think! Now let's read it together. 

How to Record a Podcast on Windows 10

EaseUS RecExperts is a new podcast recording software for Windows users. It can help you record your podcast with s few clicks and edit the recording simply. Apart from a podcast recording program, it is also a powerful screen recorder. You can capture your screen, audio, webcam, gameplay, and live streaming video with high quality. For screen recording, it enables you to capture the full screen, a single window, or a selected area on your screen flexibly based on your needs. 

More stunning features:

  • Record system audio only, microphone only, or both at the same time
  • Add texts, lines, arrows, and do other real-time editing while recording
  • Enable you to set the start and stop time for your recording
  • Record various high-quality and popular games in 4K resolution
  • Export directly your recording to the popular social media platforms

Now download EaseUS RecExperts and follow steps to record your podcast.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts, you can choose one of the four main functions on the main screen. Here you need to click "Record Audio".

mainscreen of EaseUS RecExperts

Step 2. In the "System sound" setting, you can select the audio type you need to record, such as System sound, Microphone, System sound and microphone, and Record without audio. And then click the "REC" button to start recording.

select audio type

Step 3. When you finish recording, you will see your audio recording file in the video list, and then select the file and right-click it that you can compress, edit, share, and rename your audio file.

edit audio files

You also can click the "Open folder" button to find this audio file on your computer.

How to a Record Podcast on Mac

How to record a podcast on Mac? It is extremely easy to do the task with some podcast recording software. Here we will show you two freeware and teach you how to record a podcast on Mac.

1. Audacity

Audacity is a free and open-source podcast recording software that a lot of podcasters use for decades. Although it has an out-date user interface, it offers powerful functions. You can not only record a podcast with this freeware but edit the recording with many options. In addition, it provides many different output formats for exporting, and you can choose the best one according to your needs. 

How to record a podcast using Audacity

Step by step on how to record a podcast using Audacity:

Step 1. Download and launch Audacity. Click the button next to the microphone symbol and choose the Rode Podcaster option from the drop-down menu.

Step 2. When you are ready to record your podcast, just click the red button to begin the task. If you need a breather or forget what you are going to say, just select the pause button to pause your podcast. After done, just choose the stop button to end the recording.

Step 3. Then you can play your recorded podcast. If you are satisfied with it, you can click "File" > "Export Audio" to export your podcast. Here you can rename your file and choose its format.

2. Garageband

Garageband is one of the most popular and free podcast recording software on Mac. It is an intuitive and user-friendly software to record, edit, mix, and export podcast episodes with pro-level quality. Moreover, this software offers a complete sound library, including instruments, presets for guitar and voice, to make your podcast more dynamic so that you can surprise your listeners. 

How to record a podcast on Mac

Detailed tutorials to record a podcast with Garageband:

Step 1. Download and open Garageband. Then choose the "Empty Project" from the main screen. 

Step 2. When the main Garageband window opens, choose "microphone" and select the input your mic is connected to, then click "Create". You can see your track (default name "Audio 1") next to Garageband's Library section. If you want to make some adjustments, you can edit your microphone input settings under the Recording Settings tab.

Step 3. Adjust the Transport section. The default transport section display does not apply to podcast recording. To simplify it, you can click "Time" from the transport menu, and turn off the metronome and count-in features by clicking on them. Once done, click "File" > "Save as" to keep your recording template.

Step 4. Start recording a podcast. Click the record button in the transport and check your microphone settings. If everything goes well, you can begin to record your podcast.

Step 5. Once your recording is complete, you can edit it in Garageband. You can add some extra audio effects or apply sound effects to your podcast.

Step 6. Then you can preview the edited podcast. If you are happy with it, you can click "Share" > "Export Song to Disk" and choose the format and destination folder for the recorded podcast. 

How to Record a Podcast on iPhone

Anchor is a fantastic podcast recording application for iPhone users. No matter you are a pro or novice, you can use it to record a podcast without much effort. This app allows you to record from anywhere on any device. Using it, you can record and edit your podcast by adding transitions and sound effects from the audio library. Besides, you can distribute your recorded podcast to the most popular listening platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and many more.

How to record a podcast on iPhone

Here is how to record a podcast on iPhone

Step 1. Download and open the app on your iPhone. Create an account using Facebook or your email address.

Step 2. Click the "X" button at the top of your screen and you will see your first milestone at the top -0/5 Learns how to start your podcast. From your episode builder, hit the purple + to view your podcasting tools.

Step 3. Then you can tap "Record" to start recording a podcast and tap "X" to stop recording. Then preview the recording on the next screen.

Step 4. If you need, you can directly edit the podcast here. You can trim, add background music, or apply various themes to the podcast. After all done, tap the check mark to save your recording.

The Bottom Line

On this page, we have introduced you to four podcast recording software and shown you how to record a podcast with these tools. Each of them has its own feature and can record a high-quality podcast for you.

If you are a Mac user, you can try some freeware like Audacity and Garageband to record a podcast.

If you want to record a podcast on your iPhone, some apps like Anchor can help you.

If you work on Windows PC, EaseUS RecExperts is your best choice. Apart from recording a podcast, this all-in-one screen recorder can assist you in capturing screen, webcam, gameplay, and audio easily and quickly. It can also record streaming video.

After recording, it offers you options to edit the recording file simply. If you want more editing tools to modify your podcast, you can try EaseUS Video Editor.

FAQs About How to Record a Podcast

1. Can you record a podcast on your phone?

Yes, you can record a podcast on your iPhone or Android phone with some recording applications. The benefit with a phone is that you can record a podcast anywhere, anytime with smaller file sizes.

2. Can I use zoom to record a podcast?

Yes, you can use Zoom to record a podcast. Zoom can run using the microphone and speakers built right into your device. It can record your call easily, and provide you with the audio file right after you hang up

3. How can I record a podcast for free?

With some free podcast recording software, you can record it for free.

  • Audacity
  • Garageband
  • ...

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