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[Two Ways] How to Record Gameplay on PC

Jean updated on Jul 29, 2020 to Screen Recording Tips | How-to Articles

"I play LOL every day, thinking it might be a good idea to record the games I played. I prefer a free gaming recorder for Windows 10. Any suggestions?"

Do you know that Windows 10 Xbox application provides game players with the gameplay recording ability to record gameplay on PC? Having grasped the operation of how to record gameplay on PC will surely promote your gaming skills, let others watch your uploaded recordings on YouTube or other online social platforms, and follow suit.

Likewise, at this particular time of global coronavirus pandemic, more and more people are joining the gaming camp, safely staying at home and playing games. For professional players and those crazy fans, the gameplay recording solution is regarded as indispensable. By recording all matches they played, along with voice/sound/ commentary, they can upload to the public eyes or do it for the purpose of archiving on their local drive.

Here you can set start and learn how to record gameplay on PC for free with Windows 10 Xbox game recording software and third-party game screen capture software that records yourself gaming video along with voice and audio.

xbox record a gameplay on pc image

How to Record Gameplay on PC with Windows 10 Xbox Game Recording Software

For most people, the best gameplay recorder is nothing extraordinary but ensures a smooth and enduring recording without lagging the computer. So, any time when you want to record gameplay video or take a game screenshot in Windows 10, the Xbox app is enough. 

The overall steps are simple. First of all, you need to open the Xbox "Game Bar", which is part of the "Game DVR" feature. Next, try to get to know several hotkeys and the recording procedure will now become much easier.

Step 1. Open the Xbox App

You can directly type "Xbox" in the search box in Windows 10, and open the Xbox app by double-clicking the search result. Or, download the Xbox app for Windows 10.

open xbox to record gameplay on pc

Step 2. Open the Game Bar

Use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + G to open the Game Bar, it's the quickest way. Here, you'll see a pop up above the Xbox homepage/the game you're playing, asking if you really want to open the game bar for recording games. Click "Yes, it is a game", and then the game bar is evoked. 

confirm to record gameplay on pc

Step 3. Record Your Gameplay Video

There are four options available, including open an Xbox game, take a screenshot, record that, start record and open settings. Each option also matches with a keyboard shortcut. If you've made up mind to record a gameplay video, click the red button "Start Record" (Windows + Alt + R).

click start record to record gameplay on pc

A timer will appear at the top-right corner of your game window while it's recording. To stop recording the window, press Windows + G to bring up the Game Bar again and click the red stop button. Additionally, some people would not be able to find the Game Bar. Changing your game window to the windowed mode will make it show up normally.

To take a game screenshot, hit the second "Screenshot" button, or press Windows + Alt + PrtScn.

Step 4. Find your recorded gameplay video

The default location is your user account's Videos\Captures folder. This is where Windows 10 saves all your video recordings as well as screenshots. You can also access the recordings within the Xbox app by navigating to Start > Game DVR. Under the "On this PC" tab, you can locate, view and open the recordings here. You can also check the shared ones and community's next to the "On this PC".

find gameplay recording on this pc

How to Record Gameplay on PC with Third-party Game Screen Capture Software

Xbox Game Bar is for Windows 10 gameplay recording. It's indeed very user-friendly, rich-featured, and fluent. Nonetheless, it's not a unique solution.

For gamers who are with no Xbox ability to record gameplay, do not feel sad. There are many other third-party free screen recorders that facilitate the gameplay recording on PC. Among all the twenty pieces we've given a real test, we carefully select the top one that offers both online and downloaded options for all operating systems in recording gameplay of Xbox, Steam, etc.

It's EaseUS RecExperts that we're talking about. Besides doing the same recording job with Xbox, the third-party game recording software can let you edit the final video recordings as well, such as crop, trim, add mosaic, add fascinating effects of texts, elements, filters, and BGM.


  • Support recording video, audio, webcam, and game
  • Flexible Capture Any Area of Your Screen
  • Remove background noise and boost your audio

Here are the steps of recording the game using EaseUS RecExperts:

Step 1. Launch the game you're about to record and then the downloaded EaseUS RecExperts.

Step 2. Once you begin playing the game, click the "Record Game" button to get in the game recording.


Step 3. Select the region and click the "REC" button to start recording. And then you can choose to pause or stop the recording during the course of the gameplay.

game record

Step 4. After saving the recorded gameplay video, you can directly save the video to a local disk or upload it to cloud storage, YouTube, Vimeo, and many other platforms.

game recording file share


To sum up, on this page, we are talking about two methods to record games on Windows. You can choose the one according to your needs. But, here we suggest you choose EaseUS RecExperts. That because the function of this software is much than Xbox Game Recording Software in Windows 10, EaseUS RecExperts can satisfy most of your recording needs.

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