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How to Make a Khan Academy Video Easily in 2021

Whiteboard screencast is growing more and more popular all around the world. Khan Academy, an American non-profit educational organization, gave many beneficial suggestions to people who want to record a tutorial with annotation on the whiteboard. From those suggestions, we can know that it's crucial to get an appropriate screen recorder.

This post will now talk about some of the best screen recorders and drawing tools you can use to make a Khan video. In addition to that, there is also a step-by-step guide on how to make a khan academy video.

How to Make a Khan Academy Video Effortlessly 

When planning to make a Khan Academy video, you need to plan the contents, prepare basic tools, and record the videos. Three tools are indispensable: a screen recorder, a drawing program, and an input device.

When it comes to the screen recording software for Windows, EaseUS RecExperts can be the most suitable one since it can satisfy nearly all your recording needs. This all-in-one screen recording tool offers users a lot of necessary functions. You can utilize it to record screen, audio, webcam, and game.

But what program does khan academy use to draw? A wonderful built-in drawing tool that enables you to make various annotations on the video you are recording. You can add text, lines, arrows, and other items to your video. If you need to emphasize some key points, it's possible to highlight the essential contents.

EaseUS RecExperts

How Does Khan Academy Make Videos on Windows:

Using the recorder we mentioned above, you can record an excellent educational video easily and conveniently.

Step 1. Select Recording Type

Launch EaseUS RecExperts and click the option "Record Screen" and continue. 

main screen make a khan video

Step 2. Record Your Screen 

Click the "Full" button to record your entire screen or customize the recording area freely. Then, click on "System & Mic" to record your voice or the system audio. 

Finally, hit "Rec" to start recording your screen. You can also choose to record the webcam if you need it.

record your screen make khan videos

Step 3. Find the Toolbar

Now, you can click the little icon that looks like a pen, then there will appear a toolbar on your right side. Choose the "Whiteboard" option to get prepared for drawing. 

find the toolbar make khan videos

Step 4. Draw and Record

There are many drawing tools that can help you make tutorial videos. For instance, you can add lines, texts, arrows, rectangles to the whiteboard. You are also capable of writing any desired marks, as well as numbering and highlighting contents.

draw and record make khan videos

Step 5. Finish and Save the Recording

After you record everything you want, click the red button again to stop recording. You will see an interface where you can view your recorded files.

finish and save make a khan videos

What Software Does Khan Academy Use to Record Videos 

If you want some other recording tools, some other video recording tools are also available. This part will introduce 4 competent recorders on Windows.

1. FlashBack Express

FlashBack Express is the lite version of FlashBack Pro, and it's also designed for screen capture. Like many other screen recorders, it has functions like recording computer screen and webcam. If you want to record the sound, you can choose to record the system sound or record your voice using a microphone. 

This simple recorder can support several common formats. For example, you can save your recordings in MP4, AVI, and WMV formats. After that, you can upload those videos directly to YouTube.

flashback express make a khan video


  • You can trim footage, make clips
  • Add audio commentary as you record
  • Record movies with no watermarks
  • No limits on movie length


  • Cannot follow the mouse to keep the focus on the action
  • No smooth and correct jerky cursor movements
  • Cannot add picture-in-picture video

Compatibility: Windows

Download: https://www.flashbackrecorder.com/express

2. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is a screen recorder with good compatibility. It can run on many systems, such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It can capture your computer screen, add a webcam, and record your voice for narration. When you need to take a screenshot on a computer, it can also help you. 

Besides that, there are some video editing features. You can zoom or trim your recordings. It's also possible for you to create your videos by adding music and pictures, animations, overlays, and more.

screen o matic make a khan video


  • Capable of making Khan Academy videos 
  • Secure and private online back-up
  • Hosting services allow users to share, collaborate and set privacy options for videos
  • Use images in the stock library to enhance videos
  • Publish videos directly to YouTube and other platforms


  • The length of recording time is limited 
  • There is a watermark on the recordings

Compatibility: Windows/Mac and iOS/Android/Chromebook

Download: https://screencast-o-matic.com/home

3. VLC Media Player

This open-source software becomes very famous in past years as a video player. However, it's powerful in that it allows people to use it as many things else, such as a format converter, video editor, and screen recorder. 

VLC runs on nearly all platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, iOS, Android. And it supports various formats of video and audio files and doesn't require any additional codecs. You can record your screen using this tool as well.

vlc media player make a khan video


  • Easy to download, and doesn't take much space in your computer
  • It doesn't require you to download additional add-ons
  • Play files while still downloading them
  • Free of viruses 


  • No audio recording options
  • It requires both source and receiver should be in LOS

Compatibility: Windows/Linux/Mac OS X/Unix/iOS/Android

Download: https://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html

4. ScreenApp

ScreenApp is an online screen recorder that requires no registration or payment at all. Since you don't have to download any software and extension, you can record what you need on your screen with a single click. Before the recording, you can select the area to capture, including a full screen, an application window, and a browser tab. 

You can preview the recorded video and trim it before downloading it. This will allow you to delete the unwanted sections of your video rather than recording all over again for a small mistake you made.

screen app make a khan video


  • Capable of making Khan Academy videos 
  • Record your screen quickly
  • Record a YouTube video and save it
  • Powerful video editing functions


  • Need use Chrome, Firefox, and Opera to record
  • The speed of exporting is slow

Website: https://screenapp.io/


How does Khan Academy make videos on Windows? Then what program does Khan Academy use to draw? What you need is a recorder with built-in drawing tools.

There are countless wonderful screen recorders on the market. However, most of them can only allow you to add annotations after recording. To show the whole process of drawing those marks, you can choose EaseUS RecExperts to make your educational videos.

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