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Top 10 Best HD Screen Recorder for Windows 10 and Mac

Jane Zhou Updated on Jul 08, 2021| min read

“I was searching for an HD screen recorder but I am confused about choosing the right one. Can someone help me learn about the best HD screen capture or reach into a final selection for myself?”

There are many screen recorders available in the market now. People can get easily confused to choose the right HD screen recorder for them. That's why if you are also confused about this issue, you need to read this article to learn about the 10 best HD recorders for Windows 10 or Mac computers. All these HD screen capture software can be more than you can ever think of, so our goal is to let you know all the details about them and then reach a verdict for you. So let's jump into the details now.

#1. EaseUS RecExperts

Compatibility: Windows and macOS

As one of the best free screen recorder, RecExperts is also regarded as the best HD screen recorder amongst the top brands with proper control and functioning. It offers four types of recordings which comprise webcam recording, game recording, audio recording, and screen recording, thus ensuring a wider range of facilities. These features are worth-while and rewarding for those users who have a keen interest in gaming, making tutorials, recording high-quality system audio and webcam too, etc.      

EaseUS RecExperts

#2. EzVid

Compatibility: Windows

The EzVid is known for video editing but has built an HD screen recording feature, too. It comes with an editing tool and has easy processing and running unit. You can use it for both video recording and even audio recording on your microphone and on text speech options too. This tool is regarded for capturing instructional and informational content videos.

The recording mode can be used for recording games and any screen on the desktop. Besides, it has a built-in editor that comes with several unique features and technicalities. You can easily edit your recording with this Windows 10 HD screen capture software.                    

HD screen recorder - EzVid 


  • Easy to use
  • Allow merging the videos with some editing functions and capabilities
  • Enable to upload recordings on YouTube quickly


  • No full HD recording and slow video rendering features

#3. Camstudio

Compatibility: Windows

When it comes to the best free 1080p video capture software, Camstudio is also seen amongst the top brands. Allowing you to record all screen and audio activities on your computer or desktop, it also creates industry-standard video files and uses its built-in SWF producers.

It is highly recommended for HD screen recordings and provides you with a list of benefits options. Moreover, the application provides you with live streaming capabilities, basic video editing tools and VoIP with audio recording features too.                      

HD screen recorder - Camstudio


  • Unlimited amount of video recording time
  • Adding text comments to the video and automatic video shut services too
  • Support features like screen captions, picture to picture, and video annotation


  • Not friendly user interface
  • Only support AVI and flash formats

#4. liteCam HD

Compatibility: Windows

If you have a keen interest in gaming and you are looking for a high resolution screen capture software, then you can try LiteCam HD. It is a useful tool with the capability of exporting compressed files without any loss of quality and features. You can easily capture, edit, and record videos of gaming together with recording facilities too.

Moreover, the quality of maintaining quality even after the trimming and compression makes it look euphoric and worth-while. Therefore, if you are a gamer and looking for such a thing, then give this HD recorder a shot.

1080p screen recorder - Litecam HD


  • Support editing videos after recording
  • Capture high-quality videos and the quality remains the same even after the compression
  • Trim files using the preview option


  • Only available for windows

#5. ShareX

Compatibility: Windows

If you are looking for some open source HD screen capture software, then you can try ShareX, which comes with a lot of benefits and qualities. You can record audio with a microphone or speech in text option too.

The best part of ShareX comes as a workflow where all input and output sources are saved predefined for HD screen recording. This application has high configurable profile builders which can be used for any recordings.                     

HD video recorder - ShareX


  • Include hotkeys to start and stop the recording process rapidly
  • Scan QR code and recognizes text services thus providing a wider option for login
  • Support scrolling capture, auto-capture, and text capture practices too


  • Not friendly to novices

#6. OBS Studio

Compatibility: Mac

If you are a Mac user and have problems finding a high quality screen recorder, OBS Studio is a good option. This HD video recorder is a free and open-source software for both recording and capturing live streams. 

It has shown remarkable success in terms of customers with high profile video editor for capture tasks. In any case of annoying noises, the software provides your audio mixer, suppress, gain and filter for squeezing noise, etc.                     

HD video recorder - OBS Studio


  • Support the live broadcast of games over platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook
  • Tweak for performance and quality too with given weekly notifications
  • Equipped with studio mode which would let you preview your scenes and sources


  • Complicated interface that will confuse beginners
  • Some of the features include gimmicks

#7. Movavi Screen Recorder

Compatibility:  Windows and Mac

Movavi screen recorder is one of the finest and reckoning HD screen capture tools. It is a reliable screen desktop recorder that can capture any video, game, or webcam easily.

In addition. you can use it to perform some special tricks like capture online calls in addition to videos. Once done, you can easily trim or compress the captured video and upload it on any platform with it.                      

HD screen recording software - Movavi


  • Equipped with an adjustable capture area with multiple capture streams present in it
  • Make it easy to share on platforms like YouTube and Google drive
  • Enable users to create high profile quality screencasts


  • Limited features in the free version

#8. TinyTake

Compatibility: Windows

TinyTake is a free HD screen capture for Windows 10. Not only is a lightweight software allowing you to capture images and record macOS screen but it also provides an annotation to share your capture on instant links.

Once you are done with the login process, you will be introduced with a vertical view of all your videos, images, audios, and YouTube uploads too. Make sure to set to configure System audio and microphone before you start recording.                       

HD screen recording software - TingTake


  • Capture video from Webcams and bulk file sharing option too
  • Built-in online viewer for captured images and videos
  • Has cloud-based sharing for quick sharing, capturing, and uploading the files or audio formats


  • It is limited to 5 minutes of recording only, and video files are shared up to 4mbs only
  • Limited editing features

#9. Monosnap

Compatibility: Windows and Mac

Want to capture images or videos from your computer and demonstrate it to your colleagues and friends? Now, you can do so with the help of Monosnap.

It is reliable, fine, and flourishing software for capturing screenshots, audio recording, and many more facilities. Also, it allows you to capture images, edit them with high profile editor tools, and then share them on good platforms. It can also share simultaneously from your computer camera and let you have a view to see both your screen and face.                     

HD video recorder - Monosnap


  • The magnifier feature lets you choose your recorded areas
  • It has a simple but varied type of tools and features
  • A free utility that performs a function in capturing reliable and high-quality images and much more


  • The window button of Monosnap is hard to see and recognize
  • Some storage options not available or restricted to only premium account subscriptions

#10. QuickTime Player

Compatibility: Mac

If you are an Apple user and have a problem finding in specific but reliable HD screening tool, then you can have an experience of QuickTime Player. It not only plays videos but also captures high-quality videos, audios, and screening for gaming, etc. It is rather simple in recording videos as it is more effective than audio recording features.

Moreover, it supports webcam recording, thus making it even more versatile and compatible as compared to other sources. The Quick Time Player can be used as video-sharing platforms to YouTube and many more.                      

HD screen recorder - QyickTime


  • Allow you to edit, play, and share the video recording as per your expectations
  • Record in H.264 video and 44100 Hz AAC audio
  • Display the current size in the file according to space and has other recording features too


  • Has no feature of the recording MP4 format
  • The video editor has basic techniques and does not support any enhancements


After reading all the details about the best HD screen recorders for Windows 10 or Mac computer, you now can reach a clear verdict. Any of these tools can be a great help to you if you want to record your screen. But if you want to know our opinion, we have tested all these tools and we think that no other tool is as good as EaseUS RecExperts. So start using this software without any hesitation.

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