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An easy-to-use screen recording utility to record and capture everything for any occasion.

  • Capture a full or a certain area from the screen
  • Record audio like system sound, microphone, or both
  • Record zoom meetings, YouTube videos, live streams, etc.

Best Ways to Take a Picture from a Video in a Few Clicks

For people who want to collect the most memorable parts of a video, one of the best ways is to create snapshots from video files. Fortunately, taking a screenshot is such a simple task that everyone can do without spending much time and energy.

Before we talk about the ways to capture still image from video Windows 10, there is still one thing nonnegligible: which is the best screencast software we can resort to? If you don't know how to choose the best screencast tool, keep reading this post, we will introduce several handy ones that suit your needs best on different systems. 

Now, let's have a look.

Best Way to Capture Still Image with EaseUS RecExperts (Our Recommend)

Some students have to watch the educational videos recorded by their teachers now and then in this special period.

Digital whiteboard is widely used in those videos. When your teacher wrote some essential annotations on the whiteboard, how can you record all those key points quickly? You can take a picture from that video and save it as the materials for your review. 

To solve your problem better, we strongly suggest you use EaseUS RecExperts.

It's really a powerful and rich-featured tool designed for people who are not good at creating screen recordings. Its functions can be mainly divided into four categories: they are Record Screen, Record Audio, Record Webcam, and Record Game. You can easily record streaming audiorecord game with face, and record green screen webcam with its help. 

Stunning Features of EaseUS RecExperts:

  • Lightweight, easy-to-use, and versatile
  • Task Scheduler allows you to set the time to record
  • Record system sound and voice from microphone simultaneously
  • Record Facebook video without much effort
  • Take a screenshot from the videos that are playing

Come on and try out this application!

Steps to Capture Still Image from Video Windows 10:

Here you can see the best way to take a photo from a video. 

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts, and choose the Record Screen mode. 

capture image from a video main interface

Step 2. Play the video. Then, choose the window of the media player as the recording region. 

take a picture record player window

Step 3. Click the red "REC" button to start the recording process. Then, click the camera icon to take a screenshot when you want to capture the image of the video. 

take a photo from video

Step 4. Click the little red square button to stop the recording after you captured all the pictures you need from the video. The captured photos can be found in the Screenshot list. 

save picture from a video video list

How to Take a Picture from a Video on Windows 10

Although capture a still image from a video is straightforward, some people want to choose a more convenient way.

Capture Still Image from Video Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is a pre-installed software for every Windows user. 

It has advanced features such as the ability to create playlists and synchronize with external devices. It also provides an interface where you can download free media and purchase media online. The audio and video library's intuitive navigation allows you to find the media files you need as quickly as possible.

After several updates, this media player got the ability of advanced encoding. Users can capture and encode media from devices like cameras by using Windows Media Player.          

For people who want to use it to capture a still image from a video, fortunately, the operation of taking a picture from a video is not complex. But there is also some disadvantage to it. For instance, you cannot select the size and the shape of your recording region, nor can you add annotations directly to your images. 

capture a image from a video windows media player


  • Simple and professional interface
  • Allows users to access online music services
  • Can display graphical file 

Steps to Take a Picture from a Video:

Step 1. Play a video in Windows Media Player. Play the video in fullscreen.

Step 2. Drag the slider to the frame that you would like to take a screenshot of.

Step 3. Press the PrtSc key on the keyboard to take a screenshot.

Capture Still Image from Video Using VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is an all-in-one, powerful software that can play almost every type of video, audio, and image file on your PC or stored in extractable devices. It's widely used across all electronic devices with any operating system.

Since VLC is open-source software, it's totally free to use, and you will never worry about the annoying advertisements. You can even add some plugins to get more functions. 

VLC allows you to record video in real-time. This is an advantage for those people who are huge fans of YouTube or other video platforms. This is also a great opportunity for people to collect important videos and then watch them as often as they like without an internet connection.

take a picture from a video vlc media player


  • Runs on all digital platforms
  • Support nearly all the formats of media files
  • No user tracking or spyware

Steps to Take Picture Snapshot of a Video:

Step 1. Play the video from which you want to take a snapshot in VLC. 

Step 2. When you reach the part of the video which you want to save as a picture, open the menu bar, and press Video > Snapshot to save a snapshot.

Step 3. On top of the player, the saved file location and filename will show you how to find your pictures. 

How to Take a Still Picture from a Video on Mac

If you need to save a single image of a video, QuickTime is a nice choice to seek help. 

This application is designed for Apple users, and it is capable of handling all kinds of digital video, picture, audio, and panoramic images.

Sometimes it can work as a video editor and sometimes as a media player. QuickTime can play video and audio files in various formats, and it can also convert those files into another format directly. 

One of its popular features is that it can be used to record everything on your screen. This function is helpful for us to take a picture from a video that is playing in QuickTime. 

take a picture from a video quicktime


  • It can be used to stream live
  • Upload to social networks directly
  • Trim, rotate, split, and merge several video clips

Steps to Take a Screen Capture:

Step 1. Make sure the video you want to capture is playing in QuickTime. 

Step 2. Pause the video on the frame you want to capture, then press "Command-C" (or select Edit > "Copy").

Step 3. Save the new file wherever you like. 

How to Capture a Photo from a Video with Online Tool

As to online screencast tools, Kapwing deserves to be mentioned. 

If you open the homepage of Kapwing, you will find that it can work as a video maker, meme generator, collage maker, and montage maker. 

The same as some other online video editing tools, Kapwing supports many formats, and it can be used as a converter. If you plan to capture a photo from a video, Kapwing can convert the video you upload to its site into sequential pictures in JEPG format, and then you can select your favorite one and save it to your computer. 

Before you capture the picture, you can add some filters to your material video to make it more colorful and impressive using the "Filter Video" tool on Kapwing. 

capture a picture from a video kapwing


  • Easily add audio or music to a video
  • Remove the background of a picture to make it a transparent PNG
  • Change the framing or aspect ratio of a video

Steps to Take Still Images from a Video:

Step 1. Prepare your video and open the page of the online tool.

Step 2. Upload your video to Kapwing. 

Step 3. Choose "JPEG" from the left-hand side of the window. When your video turns to be several JEPG pictures, move the cursor under the video to select the frame you want to capture. 

Step 4. Download the picture to your computer. 

Website: https://www.kapwing.com/tools/convert-video


Nowadays, videos play a significant role in our entertainment and leisure life.

When you want to save the most interesting video image, you can download the whole video if you have enough storage space to store it. Otherwise, you would better capture a picture of the frame you want to collect. Then you can review it whenever you want. 

Among all the tools we mentioned before, there is no doubt that EaseUS RecExperts is the most powerful one. Do not hesitate. Download it now. 

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